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Dream of Eternity
  1.     To say my story began weirdly is... something of an understatement.
  3.     It's a rare hero's story that begins with one's death, after all!
  5.    But yes, It began... with my death.
  7.    No, it wasn't Truck-kun, a.k.a the worst driver in the Omniverse history.
  9.     To this day, I am still somewhat suspicious that a certain sado-maso I would eventually meet is behind that one...
  11.     It seems... fitting, for her, to use such a means to throw Chaos across Reality.
  13.     But, I disgress.
  15.     I died. A disease, of all things, did me in.
  17.     It was... not as good a way to go as Truck-kun.
  19.     Quite the irony, all things considered.
  21.     Why irony? Well, that would be because of what currently had a grip on my soul.
  23.     I could... F̈́̋͑̽̆̄͆̀E̗̱̣̰͔̬̼ͦ̃̓ͩ̇Ḛ͓̜̙ͨ̾̊ͫͪL͗̽̑̍ͣ͏̩͕ the name of it.
  25.     A name I recognized.
  27.     One that, even without a body, made me shiver in dread.
  29.     [̗̟͚̓̅̀ͭ̀T̴͙̙͉̼̓̌̐ͪẖ̵̱e̩̜͓͈ ͓̥̮̮̦͎̬̓̍̐̏M͇͚̘̣̥̱̋̄̾͋͆́ͅo̰̣̓ͦ͂͡o̝̟͎̻̞ͩ̀̊̾͐̄ͅň̫̝͓͕̏ͤͅ ̦̱͇̣̱̇͐̐ͦ̈́͑͐P̵͚̓ṛ̩̮̽͘é̗̜̪̦̳̏ͅsͯ́̍҉̬̠̟̲̳̲ḙ̮̓ͭ̈ͦ̐̍̒͝n̲̫͚͚ͬͣc̗̘̘̱͙̳̭ͧ͘e̖͔ͭ͐ͥ́͒͒]ͤ̇͏͙̺̜̻
  31.     Bloodborne, I thought in horror.
  33.     Have you ever had a moment in your life, where the world seemingly slow down around you? As if your brain knew that, now more than ever, you needed time to think your way through a problem?
  35.     This, was me. Right Here. Right now.
  37.     And in that single second of Time, before I was thrown into a world of Blood and Madness... I remembered something.
  39.     Great ones are sympathetic in spirits.
  41.     So if that was the case... And with the knowledge of [̗̟͚̓̅̀ͭ̀T̴͙̙͉̼̓̌̐ͪẖ̵̱e̩̜͓͈ ͓̥̮̮̦͎̬̓̍̐̏M͇͚̘̣̥̱̋̄̾͋͆́ͅo̰̣̓ͦ͂͡o̝̟͎̻̞ͩ̀̊̾͐̄ͅň̫̝͓͕̏ͤͅ ̦̱͇̣̱̇͐̐ͦ̈́͑͐P̵͚̓ṛ̩̮̽͘é̗̜̪̦̳̏ͅsͯ́̍҉̬̠̟̲̳̲ḙ̮̓ͭ̈ͦ̐̍̒͝n̲̫͚͚ͬͣc̗̘̘̱͙̳̭ͧ͘e̖͔ͭ͐ͥ́͒͒]ͤ̇͏͙̺̜̻ desire for as good an Hunter as It could get...
  43.     (Proposal) I thought/scream into the void!
  45.     The pulling on my soul stopped.
  47.     I could F̈́̋͑̽̆̄͆̀E̗̱̣̰͔̬̼ͦ̃̓ͩ̇Ḛ͓̜̙ͨ̾̊ͫͪL͗̽̑̍ͣ͏̩͕ the attention of the Great one falling fully into me, and my soul trembled before it's gaze... but somehow, someway, I held firm.
  49.    (PROPOSAL) I firmly offered again, in a way that was both speech and thoughts- I no longer had a body, after all.
  51.    But since when such things stopped a Great One from (UNDERSTANDING)?
  53.    For a moment that could well have been an eternity... I remained there, waiting.
  55.    If it worked, I would have the tools of my Salvation. Of my path to Greatness...
  57.    If it didn't? Well, I would be doomed either way.
  59.     (APPROVAL) It replied at last.
  61.     if I could sigh in relief, I would have.
  63.     if I could collapse in relief, I would have.
  65.     But I could not, so instead, I carefully held back the glee I felt... and focused on what now stood before me.
  68.     Y/N.​
  70.     I "clicked" yes, and the Jump document opened.
  72.     I had to hold back the urge to cackle at the sight of it.
  74.     Truly... praise be to Eldritch gods who had no understanding of mortals.
  76.     They were so easy to fool, after all. A fact that would have made me feel guilty... if I didn't know exactly how this "Jump" would end.
  78.    Try and enslave me as the eternal caretaker of the Hunter's Dream now, you bastard, I thought viciously with a smirk.
  80.     I had lived a simple, uninteresting life before. But now? Well.
  82.     One way or another, I shall reach for greatness... And Greatness!
  84.     I did wonder if the Doll is as cute as she appears in the game though... Only one way to find out!
  86.     ****************************************************
  88.     "Oh yes... Paleblood. Well, you've come to the right place. Yharnam is the home of blood ministration. You need only to unravel it's mystery. But where's an Outsider like yourself to begin? Easy, with a bit of Yharnam blood of your own... But first, you'll need a contract."
  90.     I stared at the rather disturbing man before me, before taking up the quill and... I stopped.
  92.     Sure, I could sign it with my name, but... well, I died. And this was, technically, a new life.
  94.     I stared at the yellow papers for a moment... before signing it under the name "Aeon".
  96.     A dream and an oath both.
  98.     Hopefully, I would prove myself worthy of it. The long Night of the Hunt would test me, I was certain of it.
  100.     Oh, if only I knew...
  102.     "Good. All signed and sealed. Now, let's begin the transfusion. Oh, don't you worry. Whatever happens... you may think it all a mere bad dream..."
  104.     And of course, he began laughing creepily.
  106.     Great.
  108.     I turned my head to the side of the medical bed I was laying in... only to see a Beast rises from a puddle of Blood.
  110.     The beast? Disgusting to look at in the game.
  112.     TERRIFYING to look at in the eyes.
  114.     Thanks goodness for Gamer's Mind! I couldn't but think with rather wide eyes at the abomination before me.
  116.     The fact it was reaching for me was NOT helping!
  118.     And then it burst out in fire.
  120.     I looked at it trashing around for a moment before falling to the ground.
  122.     Wait... has the puddle of blood grown?
  124.     Fancy what the humain brain can focus on when in shock... In as much as I could be with Gamer's Mind.
  126.    And then the Little Ones showed up.
  128.    They were... that is to say...
  130.    Well. I was quite happy to know that they were, in fact, friendly.
  132.    Especially when they got up to my face.
  134.    "Those are rather big mouths you've got there... Please don't bring them to my face? Please?... And you're not listening. Great-"
  136.    "Ahh, you've found yourself a hunter..."
  137.    ...
  138.    ...
  139.    ...
  141.    10/10, would listen to sexy voice again.
  143.    ********************************
  145.    I woke up, rising from the medical bed.
  147.    I was, thankfully, alone.
  149.    Mostly because I almost fell off the bed.
  151.    Behold, Ladies and Gentlemen! The Good Hunter, terror of Beasts and Gods alike! Truly, All shall know of my name and tremble... I thought wryly.
  153.    I stood up, looking at the, frankly, wreaked room around me.
  155.    Yup, that was Yharnam alright.
  157.    If it looked like the Apocalypse happened, that's because it did.
  159.     And I was right in the middle of it.
  161.     I stepped forward, reaching for a paper on a chair.
  163.     Seek Paleblood to transcend the Hunt.
  165.     I smirked at it.
  167.     "So I shall..." I wispered.
  169.     But first...
  171.     "[Status]!" I declared.
  173.     And I smiled widely at what was now floating before me.
  175.     I had went all out when I made my (proposal).
  177.     After all, at the difference of a Jump-chan, my... Benefactor wasn't worried about me being overpowered.
  179.    Quite the opposite.
  181.    So I not only was able to become a gamer independently from my Jumper perks, but I was able to get three free perks as starting Jumper ON TOP of those for the Bloodborne jump!
  183.    What did I use those three perks, you ask? Well, this was Bloodborne.
  185.    So I used it all on how to NOT go mad. Sure, Gamer's Mind basically protected me from Frenzy and Madness in general, but still!
  187.     Especially important since I planned to BECOME the incarnation of Eldritch-ness!
  189.     First perk? (Blue and Orange).
  191.     That way, I won't lose my morality. Or angst over taking lives as long as I saw it as a neccessity. Which, this being BLOODBORNE, was extremely important.
  193.    Secondly, (Mad Scholar).
  195.    Considering what I was about to deal with, that certainly seemed useful.
  197.    And thirdly, (To truly live).
  199.    The part about remaining true to myself seems very appropriate... to say nothing of being able to better handle living in Yharnam during the time of the Hunt.
  201.    And then, of course, there are the Bloodborne ones:
  203.    I naturally took all the free perks and items, such as (Rally), (Blood Bullets), (Gifts from the Little Ones), (Bag of Quicksilver bullets), (Bag of Blood vials) and (Hunter)- though to be fair, that last one was mandatory.
  205.    As for the others, I took for the one free Tier 1 perk (Little Things), followed by the half-priced (150) (Workshop Artisan), the half-priced (300) (Blood Saint), the full-priced (300) (Hunter Intuition) and (100) (Discovery).
  207.    Oh, and I took (Shining coins) too.
  209.    Just to make sure I would have the full 1000cp spent... And as a future memento, I suppose.
  211.    Either way, I was pretty happy with what I had. Especially since, with the fact that I was the Good Hunter, I did not need to fear losing my connection to the Dream... Amongst other things.
  213.    There were different things that I could have gotten, but most of them I was pretty sure only required hard work to get- or just coming across them throughout the Hunt.
  215.    Considering my long-term goals, I was definitely going to become a Vileblood, for example.
  217.    Now then, there was two things I needed to do.
  219.    First, I took one of the many bottles around and stared REALLY hard at it!
  221.    ... What? I was a Gamer! I needed the (Observe) Skill!
  223.    After a moment of what had to be the greatest staring match with a bottle in all of human history, I heard a "ding" and smiled.
  225.    Here we go-
  226.    ...
  227.    ...
  229.    What do you mean, the (Insight) Skill has been created?!
  231.    ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  233.    AN: Alright, so this is my first (full) story. I occasionally wrote omakes in the past (some getting pretty close to 10k long...) but never a FULL story.
  235.    There are a couple of warnings I'd like to give- First, I'm going to play fast and lose with Gamer/jumper "rules".
  237.    There won't be that much of an emphasis on powers/levels/Perks later on. It will still be here, but, well, considering what I have in mind for the second Jump...
  239.     Aeon is going to be VERY OP as fuck starting from the end of Bloodborne.
  241.     Especially since I am going to use the Love Azathoth CYOA sooner or later...
  243.     On the other hand? Bloodborne? Yeah, that one is going to be somewhat HARDER than in the game.
  245.     I always personally felt that the Gods of the setting weren't as powerful as they could be.
  247.    So expect the ones in THIS story to have the actual level of BULLSHIT expected of a God/Great One.
  249.    Aeon, even WITH all his skills/abilities, will really have to earn that Godhood...
  251.    Oh, and this is QQ. So expect Harem shenanigans... eventually.
  253.    Obviously, the first lover he will have, and one of those character that WILL stay there for every universes he will go to, is the Plain Doll.
  255.    Because The Good Hunter/Plain Doll is the one true OTP of Bloodborne.
  257.    And I'll see about creating an Informational about the Good Hunter... eventually. (First time using the threadmark system, bear with me plz!)
  259.     Oh, and if someone has a better idea for the three free perks protecting me from Eldritch madness, I am willing to listen. Keep in mind, however, that Gamer's mind, by itself, prevent Madness- so a lot of the worst of Eldritch nonsense is already deal with through that.
  261.    That's all for now! Hope you all enjoyed! (And for those that didn't, genuine critism is always appreciated!)
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  277.     Second chapter was brought to you thanks to my desk. Considering the number of time I hit it with my head while trying to write Aeon's stats sheet, it feels appropriate...
  278.    Oh, and warning for Eldritch nonsense and gore. Then again, this is Bloodborne, why the hell am I warning people about that...
  279. ---
  280.    I stared at the floating screen, thoroughly confused.
  282.    Everything I knew about the Bloodborne game told me there shouldn't be an (Insight) skill, but instead a number.
  284.     I checked my (Status), and-
  286.     Wait, I already had (1) [Insight]?!
  287.     I frowned. The (un)expected perks for reaching (50) and (100) in stats were certainly nice, but right now I was more curious about the mystery before me. Not only did I have an (Insight) skill, but also a number of actual Insight- currently at (1), too!
  289.     I tried to remember what I knew of [Insight] from the game. From what I remembered, [Insight] is a stat in Bloodborne. It governs the amount of inhuman knowledge you have acquired by exploring the game and defeating enemies. It also had various side-efects, such as
  291.         Each additional Insight reduces the Beasthood stat. Spending Insight alternatively increases the Beasthood stat. (Fortunately, Gamer's Mind effectively hard-stopped everything that the Beast within could use to grow stronger. Well, except some specific skills which increased it by uses.)
  292.        Each additional Insight reduces the Frenzy resistance (though Gamer's Mind took care of that too.)
  294.     Oh, and Insight cannot exceed a limit of 99.
  296.     I... did have the suspicion that I gained the (1) Insight stat through my (COMMUNION) with [̗̟͚̓̅̀ͭ̀T̴͙̙͉̼̓̌̐ͪẖ̵̱e̩̜͓͈ ͓̥̮̮̦͎̬̓̍̐̏M͇͚̘̣̥̱̋̄̾͋͆́ͅo̰̣̓ͦ͂͡o̝̟͎̻̞ͩ̀̊̾͐̄ͅň̫̝͓͕̏ͤͅ ̦̱͇̣̱̇͐̐ͦ̈́͑͐P̵͚̓ṛ̩̮̽͘é̗̜̪̦̳̏ͅsͯ́̍҉̬̠̟̲̳̲ḙ̮̓ͭ̈ͦ̐̍̒͝n̲̫͚͚ͬͣc̗̘̘̱͙̳̭ͧ͘e̖͔ͭ͐ͥ́͒͒]ͤ̇͏͙̺̜̻. That certainly felt appropriate, honestly.
  298.     The real question, however, was the (Insight) Skill.
  300.     As far as I knew, [Insight] would result in someone having e̡͊̌̿̇̑̿y̭̦̅̅ͮͨ͐̏ͩͅe̘̓̃͌ͭ̍ͪ̕s̛̙ͤ ̈́͊o͙̎̄͜n̦̙͇͑̊͂͊̚ ̛͐̂̉ͥ͗t͕̫̣̘̬h̛̜̠̎̔̽ẹ̰ͤͧ ̟̩̗͕̱͛̒͜ͅi̺͍͕͂̅̔͝n̝̣̖̜ͅs̥͈̪̲̭͍̦ͭͥ̓i͈͈͆̍͋͗ͪ̚d̬̪͔̖̳̗̝̀̏e̛͉̫͕̦͔. Or, in other words, eŷ͙̪͖̺͔͋e̛̳̼̳͈͉͚̥ͨ̐̋s͕̊ͪ̄͂̇̑̎ ̰ͨ̎͗̔l̦̊͆̋̔̈̒i͎̦ͬͭ͟n͇̺̤͎̮͋͆͌̃̂ͬ̔i̡̯͎͍̽̐̋̇ͥͬn͍̹͖̥ͅg̢̻̼͓̉̇̿ͩ̏̊ ̸̮̗͕̠͉͖̹̄͌̑ͫt̓̉ͫ̏̔̿ͯh̴͙͔͐̒̅ê͚̻̖̗̹͓̞ͮ̂̃͌̅ͭ ̩̼̣͈͓̬̜̿b̝̰̗͆̑͊́r̬͔͕̯̱̦̉ͣͥͫ̃͗ͤ̕ȁi̵̺͕̖̝̣̹n̝̦̲͂̿͊͒͐̽ͩ.̡͉̝̦͔͔̖̏ͯ̆ͬ̚
  302.     Now, the real question becomes- what differs between the [Insight] stat and the (Insight) skill?
  304.     ...
  306.     ...
  308.     ... Wait... Was it a question of Quantity and Quality? if you consider the brain like a computer, then the [Insight] stat might very well be how powerful your computer was, how capable it was at receiving vast amount of data, while the (Insight) skill might very well be how good your internet connexion was? How little interference and how fast said data could be downloaded? Meaning my [Insight] stat was about how much information my mind could receive while my (insight) skill was about how much of it I could understand/comprehend?
  310.     CONGRATULATION! for INTELLIGENT AND INSIGHTFUL DEDUCTION ON THE NATURE OF THE [?ͬ̿̿̋ͮͪ͂̃̉͛̐̂ͩͧͯ̑͒͞҉̼̘͓͉̖͓̟̱̠̠̥̤̲̦̹̟̯̗ͅD̵̨̳͎̘͔̹̥̤͖͚̠͇̳̭̯̹͌̋́̂̌͊̔ͧ̍̊̆ͩ͊̾̈͘͟͟R̵̵̤̰͖̯̮̈́͑̓ͮ͛̊̌ͦͯ̑̀̚͢͟£̴̷̧̾ͧͬ͊ͥͩ̌̄ͫ̀̋ͦ͆ͦͧ͗̽͡҉͕̠̙̦̤̘̥̤͎̜̮̟̹̫T̶̶̨̧͑̈̓͌̈ͣ̄̅̉̅͑̒͗̌̆̿̃ͤ̚҉̱͉̜͈͈͕̺̖̺̬̹̥͇̝̤̞̞̲̜/̴̲̗͓͗ͫͭ̒͌̂̔ͧ̋ͤ͑͑͝ͅ¤̖̟̟̣̪̜̳͕͙ͫ̏͌̌ͧ͌̊ͨ̇̈́ͤ́̈͗̂ͤ͢͟͡͝ ̠͉͕̠̥̲̤̰̫̰̝͖̝̜̾̄̋ͮ͒͗̉̒̔ͧ̋̽͋ͪͭ̿̒̽̎͢Tͩͧ̄͗̅ͩ̒͋̋͂҉͎̖̗̥͔̲͔͕̠̯̲̀ù̈́̉ͧͤ̃̓̓̊̎̅͝͏͏̼̤͓͓̥͍̫̼̘͍̗͖̜̮̳͙͉ͅ$̷̶̈ͮ̈́̉̓͒́҉͇͈̱͕͇̳̲̙̰͖̳̫̤̦͖̗̖͖%̸̶̤̙̤̲̰̟̓͑̑̈̔ͬͯ͋̐̓͞H̵̫̠͍̣̪͓͈̱͖͈̮̼͚͂̓̆͗̍̐̓͒̈́͗̊̌̃̀̀͜͡], YOU GAIN (10) int POINTS AND (1) INSIGHT!
  311.     ​
  313.     ... Well then. Hooray for the power of logical deduction!
  315.     I rubbed the bridge of my nose, before freezing as I, finally, noticed that I no longer wore glasses!
  317.     And that I saw the world better than ever!
  319.     I took a moment to grin like an idiot at the fact that I no longer needed glasses after having need of them for most of my (former) life, enjoying how beautiful the world was in real-life HD, before my attention was drawn back to the gamer screen by a "ding!" sound.
  321.     ​
  323.     ​
  325.     I deadpanned at the screen.
  327.     "Really, game? Really?!"
  329.     **********************************************************
  331.     Finally, I was ready. Sure, that was after glaring at the screen for it's snark, and then remembering to put the message about Paleblood in my Inventory (which I may or may not have played around with by enjoying putting my hand in and out of for a minute or two... or three...) but finally, I was ready!
  333.    Thus, after looking around the room I was in for anything of interest, I then opened the surprisingly heavy doors of the room before going down the stairs.
  335.    I remembered that, in the game, there were some messagers of the D̘̬̼ͨ̾ͫ̾r̰̲̳̳̥͂͊͢e̩̺͍͕̲̣ͨ̑͌ͨ͢ͅå̙ͥm̗͈̻̫ͦ̾̈ͥ̓ͅ waiting down the stairs with messages about gameplay mechanics, so I wasn't really surprised by the lack of them here and now.
  337.     Unfortunately, what WAS there was the 60% dead beast currently feasting on a corpse right by the doors to exit the building. The level TWENTY 60% dead beast, with even higher physical stats than mine, that is. (Thank you, (Insight) skill!)
  339.     ... Shit.
  341.     Needless to say, my good mood took a dive for the worst when the fact that I was about to die, the bloody and brutal way this time, became apparent.
  343.     And that not even an hour into my new life.
  345.     Sure, I could maybe run straight through... except that I remembered the closed doors awaiting up the stairs beyond the Beast.
  347.     And the ones AFTER that. Running was doomed to failure- the time needed to throw those doors open would be more than enough for the beast to reach me.
  349.     Bloodborne speedrunners could use the immunity to damage while the doors opening animation was activated to make running fast a viable tactic... but even as [The Gamer], I very likely couldn't.
  351.    Therefore... Bloody and painful death it was.
  353.    Again, I couldn't help but be happy for (Gamer's Mind). That was the only reason that I wasn't shaking in my boots right now.
  355.     So. Presented with the fact that the only way to kill this thing is to have weapons, and the only way to have weapons is to go to the H̖̲̲̫̓̉ͫu̬̰̬͙̔̒̀n̫͚̫̮͉̫̉̐̌̈́͐̈̚t̳͑̇̇ͦ̚ẽ͖̩̪̇̉̈́̓̽ͧr̗̳͚͙̥̦̝̅ͩͨ̚'̝̤̰̺̟̆̈̑͡s̤̯̥͡ ̮Ḑ̙̞̠̠ͅr̡̙̱̖̼͛ͨ̇e̫̲͙̲̤̓ͭ̀͐ͬa̰̤̟͈͒ͮ̀̿̕m̺̩̩͎̩͢, I came to the only logical conclusion about the appropriate course of action to take.
  357.    That is to say, I charged the damn thing with a scream of Defiance and punched it in the face as hard as I could.
  359.    Let it be forever known that I actually made some of it's bones crack!
  361.     ... At least until it's claws came up and disemboweled me, slashing at my flesh over and over again until my HP reached (0), (Pain) turning to (AGONY) all too quickly as I could do naught but choke on my own blood as my broken body hit the ground with a wet thud.
  363.    And then the bastard started to feast on MY guts while looking straight into my dying eyes!
  365.    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I died the second time.
  367.    With the excrutiating memory of a Beast eating and chewing my guts while looking with vicious smugness straight into my eyes to forever stay with me.
  369.    Forever and ever.
  371.    ...
  373.    ...
  375.    ... Personally, I feels that it is only natural that I would have something of a G̩͛ͪͭͯ͛R̰̐̈ͥͦ̋ͪ͆U̺̦̭̓ͥ̃͆ͭͪD̝̗̣͈̖͉ͣ͒ͬ̅̆̓G̛ͦ̉̿̋̃Ë̷͖̻̳̬̤̞̝́͊̚ ̺͔͈̺̺̞ against [B̫̻̜͈̭̫̲͍ͬ̔́͢ͅE̢̩͈̔̔̂̐A͑ͥ̎̋͛̅̌̚͏̸͙͈Ş̻̜͖͓̞͕̺̗̖ͪ̆̍́ͫ̉͜T̙͉̭̙̙̘̹͊ͩ̈̈́ͭͭ̐͘ͅS̴̜ͥ̈ͫͨ̇ͦ͝.̺͉̠̠̘͒ͫ͢͜͞] after that.
  377.    **************************************
  379.    I woke up.
  381.    The air smelled of flowers.
  383.    The ground was soft and warm.
  385.    A feeling of [Tranquility] permated the land.
  387.    [Peace] surrounded me.
  389.    I got up and took in the [Beauty] of the H̖̲̲̫̓̉ͫu̬̰̬͙̔̒̀n̫͚̫̮͉̫̉̐̌̈́͐̈̚t̳͑̇̇ͦ̚ẽ͖̩̪̇̉̈́̓̽ͧr̗̳͚͙̥̦̝̅ͩͨ̚'̝̤̰̺̟̆̈̑͡s̤̯̥͡ ̮Ḑ̙̞̠̠ͅr̡̙̱̖̼͛ͨ̇e̫̲͙̲̤̓ͭ̀͐ͬa̰̤̟͈͒ͮ̀̿̕m̺̩̩͎̩͢.
  391.     And then I looked at my (Gamer) screen, at all the negative mental status effects being blocked by (Gamer's Mind), looked at my new Trait called [H̶̯̙̻̣̜͎̄ͯ̍̅̚ͅA̺̝̺̘̰̮ͯ̇͌͘T̖̰̻̝͖͐̏R̠̳̭̭̦̰̺͐ͮ̈̿Ȇ̪̖̟͓̞̎̊̐̉͢D̯ͦ͜ ̻̼͉̹̬̻͇̃͠Ö̞̥́ͪ̒̋̑F̡̘̦̑ͧ̑̎ ͖͍̹̘͎͞B͖̽E̗͈̪͇ͭȂ̰̖̫͑͛͊ͣ̐S͚͖ͯ̓̎T̴͉͈̪̟͎̭ͯ͛S̟̯͖̻̹̼̎̆̐ͪͬ].
  393.    And I smiled.
  395.    "I am going to s̢̝͉͔̥̝̋͛͛l̬̞̣͓͙̜ą̩͚̬̗͔u̲̩͎͈͖ͥ̃ͯ̈́̆̕g̷̠̱͙̥̯͉̹͛ͮ͌ͦ̂h̨̻̤͕̻̝̳́͗ͦ̑ͥ̚̚t̝̜̼̝̖̪͘ę̱̐̔̀̿̿r̝̞̉ that Ḇ̹͔̬ͣ͂ͩ̓ͭË̡̗̗̩͍̯̜̻̣́̃̌ͧ̄ͣAͮͦ̏̏̓̊͏̸̩̣̣͕͔̤S̷̤̲̤̪̙͎̼͌ͤ̄͂̇ͧ͒̒͜ͅT̴̸̟̤͔͇̲̝̞̝̬͋ͯͮͮ́ͦ̾ͤ͞.̸̡̡̘ͯ̉ͦ̌ͤͨ̾ͅ "
  396.    ​
  399.    My smile grew.
  401.    It is said that revenge is best served cold.
  403.    I understood now.
  405.    Because I wanted that Ḇ̹͔̬ͣ͂ͩ̓ͭË̡̗̗̩͍̯̜̻̣́̃̌ͧ̄ͣAͮͦ̏̏̓̊͏̸̩̣̣͕͔̤S̷̤̲̤̪̙͎̼͌ͤ̄͂̇ͧ͒̒͜ͅT̴̸̟̤͔͇̲̝̞̝̬͋ͯͮͮ́ͦ̾ͤ͞ dead corpse at my feet!
  407.    I took a deep breath.
  409.    Exhaled. Let (Gamer's Mind) do it's work.
  411.    Then I properly took in my surroundings, and my smile turned soft.
  413.    The sight before me...
  415.    This truly was a wonderful place, despite some of it's grim content.
  417.     I found myself standing amongst old graves and short iron fences, a building resting at the end of a short path. A large tree towered over it, it's branches reaching overhead like a curtain. The land itself was an impossible island, surrounded by incredibly tall pillars seemingly reaching for the moon above, one unnaturally close and bright and whose light shined over all. Said pillars poked out of a thick curtain of fog, which appeared to be rapidly ever-shifting despite the utter and complete lack of wind. Not a single gust of it could be felt, leaving the bushes that lined the graves as still as the bodies buried beneath, while beautiful white flowers glowed merrily under the moonlight.
  419.    Everywhere I looked, everything seemed... otherwordly, almost ethereal in nature, and so, so alluring, like a magnificent, wonderful Ḑ̙̞̠̠ͅr̡̙̱̖̼͛ͨ̇e̫̲͙̲̤̓ͭ̀͐ͬa̰̤̟͈͒ͮ̀̿̕m̺̩̩͎̩͢ soothing any and all pain...
  421.    I stepped closer to one of the white, shining flower, which I was pretty sure were Lunar Tears, falling to one knee to carefully touch it with the tip of my fingers, my soft smile turning even more gentle.
  423.    "How... lovely. Heavenly, even..."
  425.    "They are, aren't they?"
  427.    I froze, before carefully standing up and turning around.
  429.    Not because I was afraid, but because-
  431.    I blinked, looked up... and then forgot how to breath.
  433.    "Beautiful..." I whispered.
  435.    There, standing before me, was The Plain Doll.
  437.    Which I could now certify was possibly the worst possible name of them all, because there was NOTHING "plain" about the woman staring at me kindly.
  439.    "Hello, Good Hunter. I am a Doll, here in this Ḑ̙̞̠̠ͅr̡̙̱̖̼͛ͨ̇e̫̲͙̲̤̓ͭ̀͐ͬa̰̤̟͈͒ͮ̀̿̕m̺̩̩͎̩͢ to look after you. Honorable Hunter, please pursue the Echoes of Blood, and I will channel them into your strength. You will hunt Beasts, and I will be here for you, to embolden your sickly spirit."
  441.    I smiled. "Greetings to you, too. You are one of the... inhabitant of this place, I take it?"
  443.    The Doll (no way I would ever call her "Plain"!) nodded.
  445.    "I am, Good Hunter. As I said, I am here, in this Ḑ̙̞̠̠ͅr̡̙̱̖̼͛ͨ̇e̫̲͙̲̤̓ͭ̀͐ͬa̰̤̟͈͒ͮ̀̿̕m̺̩̩͎̩͢, to look after you. Please, do not hesitate to seek my help whenever you require it. I will always try my best to support you."
  447.    She looked to the side, and I could swear the look in her eyes became even more gentle.
  449.    "Here." she said, stepping forth towards several groups of Messengers.
  451.    "This is for you, Good Hunter. Gifts from the Little ones. Look at them, aren't they cute?" she gestured towards them.
  453.    I walked to her side, kneeling before one of the group of Messengers. They were holding up weapons, Hunter's weapons, and I gently came closer to inspect them.
  455.     The Little Ones were still watching me, reverence and awe obvious in their body language.
  457.     I put my right hand close to them, and they first hesitantly, then gently put their hands on some of my fingers, their [reverence] and [awe] increasing.
  459.     Carefully, I began moving my fingers, gently playing with them.
  461.     They were... kind. Friendly. Helpful. Some of the very few things in all of Bloodborne that were genuinely on your side.
  463.     ...
  465.     ...
  467.     ... Either this place was getting to me, or there were more reasons that I liked Bloodborne that I thought, because I did, in fact, thought them as... adorable?
  469.     Potential Revelations about myself aside, there were others Messengers, each which were watching with both obvious awe and envy, so eventually I stood up again, the Messengers that I was playing with visibly wilting in disappointment.
  471.     "Sorry, Little guys." I chuckled, "But there are others who wants the same. Sharing is caring, as the saying goes."
  473.     I took some time to make a choice, honestly, but eventually I decided to start simple and picked up the Hunter's axe, the fact that it was the weapon with the most Attack damage convincing me.
  475.    It felt... surprisingly natural to hold it, and I couldn't help but suspect my (Workshop Artisan) perk was working in the background- it may not grant me knowledge on how to use it in battle, but otherwise? As long as I simply held it, I would have an artisan's skill while holding it.
  477.    Or perhaps it was the DEX stat helping. Either one or the other.
  479.    Then I went to the other group, passing a minute ot two playing with them first.
  481.    Why not? They were friendly, and I was going to need all the help that I could get.
  483.    Before I went for the gun of my choice, I put the Axe in my inventory- I wouldn't need it right now.
  485.     There was a soft gasp behind me, and I turned to look at the Doll staring, fascinated, at the spot where the Axe disappeared.
  487.     I chuckled. "Never saw that before, I take it?"
  489.     "Indeed not, Good Hunter. Many have passed through the Ḑ̙̞̠̠ͅr̡̙̱̖̼͛ͨ̇e̫̲͙̲̤̓ͭ̀͐ͬa̰̤̟͈͒ͮ̀̿̕m̺̩̩͎̩͢, but it is the first time I see such a thing. It was like a... window in the air." she replied, turning to look at me, curiosity obviously peaked.
  491.     I smiled. "That, was my (Inventory). Unless I'm wrong, this is a small pocket dimension in which I can store things into. Useful, to say the least, as you just saw."
  493.     She nodded. "Indeed Good Hunter. Such will serve you well in the Hunt. But please, do not worry about my curiosity. The Little Ones still awaits your choice, after all. We should not make them wait."
  495.     "Aeon."
  497.     She blinked. "I'm sorry, Good Hunter. What did you say?"
  499.     I smiled at her. "Aeon. That is my name... or at least, such it has become since I arrived in Yharnam."
  501.     The Doll inclined her head.
  503.     "Very well. It is good to meet you, Good Hunter Aeon."
  505.     I huffed a laugh, shaking my head slighty. "You aren't even knowingly doing it, are you?"
  507.     She blinked. "Doing what, Good Hunter Aeon?"
  509.     I grinned, shaking my head in amusement.
  511.     "Don't worry about it, Good Doll." I declared with a smirk "It's nothing to worry about."
  513.     She nodded. "Very well."
  515.     Turning, I made my choice, and picked up the Hunter Blunderbuss, noticing once again that I knew exactly how to hold or repair it.
  517.     Then more Messengers appeared, and after playing with them too I picked up a Beckoning Bell, a notebook/diary, a bag of (20) Quicksilver bullets, a bag of (20) Blood vials and put both gun and items in my inventory.
  519.     More messengers came, and this time it was a bag of... (Shining coins)?
  521.     Oh, right! I did take that. I took a moment to grab some, and smiled widely at the literally shining gold coins.
  523.     I had gold coins! A full bag of it! In my hands! That was, like, the most adventurer thing ever!
  525.     Needless to say, my inner geek was jumping up and down in joy right now.
  527.     Finally putting the bag of (gold!) coins in my inventory, I then looked around, and after a moment I decided to explore.
  529.     "Would you like to come with me? I'd like to explore the H̖̲̲̫̓̉ͫu̬̰̬͙̔̒̀n̫͚̫̮͉̫̉̐̌̈́͐̈̚t̳͑̇̇ͦ̚ẽ͖̩̪̇̉̈́̓̽ͧr̗̳͚͙̥̦̝̅ͩͨ̚'̝̤̰̺̟̆̈̑͡s̤̯̥͡ ̮Ḑ̙̞̠̠ͅr̡̙̱̖̼͛ͨ̇e̫̲͙̲̤̓ͭ̀͐ͬa̰̤̟͈͒ͮ̀̿̕m̺̩̩͎̩͢, and I could use a guide." I ask the Doll, who bowed.
  531.     "Of course, Good Hunter Aeon. Please, follow me."
  533.     We stepped towards the bath messengers, and she waved toward it.
  535.     "This, is the bath messengers. There, you can acquire various useful items in exchange for a certain amount of Echoes of Blood."
  537.     I nodded, passing some time playing with those messengers too.
  539.     Then we stepped towards the dirt road in the Ḑ̙̞̠̠ͅr̡̙̱̖̼͛ͨ̇e̫̲͙̲̤̓ͭ̀͐ͬa̰̤̟͈͒ͮ̀̿̕m̺̩̩͎̩͢.
  541.     There were some messengers on the way, and I stopped to take the message they gave me, which said-
  543.     (G̭͇͎̹̉̂ͩ̾ͅͅe̫̯̰͕ͬ̆͗͐͋̀s͓̞̖̪̭ͬ̋ͭͭt̛̼͕͖̺̩͚̔̈́ͤ͐u̵̩̪ͪ͗r̖͖ͯ̍̓̓̌̈̚͞e̗̭ͮś̴͔̩̻̰̤ͬͅ)
  545.     I blinked, and then suddenly I had several gestures available in the game flooding my mind.
  547.     Well, that's... a thing?
  549.    Then I kept following the Doll, who showed me some closed iron doors- and an area I recognized well.
  551.    The endgame area.
  553.    "This is the garden and cemetery part of the H̖̲̲̫̓̉ͫu̬̰̬͙̔̒̀n̫͚̫̮͉̫̉̐̌̈́͐̈̚t̳͑̇̇ͦ̚ẽ͖̩̪̇̉̈́̓̽ͧr̗̳͚͙̥̦̝̅ͩͨ̚'̝̤̰̺̟̆̈̑͡s̤̯̥͡ ̮Ḑ̙̞̠̠ͅr̡̙̱̖̼͛ͨ̇e̫̲͙̲̤̓ͭ̀͐ͬa̰̤̟͈͒ͮ̀̿̕m̺̩̩͎̩͢. Unfortunately, it is currently closed."
  555.    I nodded, looking through the metallic bars to what was beyond.
  557.    I took a few seconds to properly burn the sight before me in my mind.
  559.    Not yet... one day, though. One day... this is where it will all end, and where it will all begin anew... Greater than ever before. I vowed to myself.
  561.    We then kept exploring, the Doll showing me the various paths while I took mental notes of everything.
  563.    This was to be my home, after all. And I WOULD be it's sole owner.
  565.    I glanced at the Doll, walking beside me through the H̖̲̲̫̓̉ͫu̬̰̬͙̔̒̀n̫͚̫̮͉̫̉̐̌̈́͐̈̚t̳͑̇̇ͦ̚ẽ͖̩̪̇̉̈́̓̽ͧr̗̳͚͙̥̦̝̅ͩͨ̚'̝̤̰̺̟̆̈̑͡s̤̯̥͡ ̮Ḑ̙̞̠̠ͅr̡̙̱̖̼͛ͨ̇e̫̲͙̲̤̓ͭ̀͐ͬa̰̤̟͈͒ͮ̀̿̕m̺̩̩͎̩͢.
  567.    Well... maybe co-owner. There's room enough for two in this beautiful Dream...
  569.    "The flowers... these are Lunars Tears, are they not?" I questioned eventually.
  571.    She nodded. "You know of them?"
  573.    I stared at a close by one, for a moment silently appreciating it's beauty.
  575.    "I have heard and seen pictures of them, but never before had I the luck to see one with my own eyes. They are as beautiful as I had thought them to be."
  577.    For a moment, we both watched the flowers... and then the Doll stepped forth, gently plucking one and holding it up for me.
  579.    I blinked in shock, staring at her with wide eyes.
  581.    "Is that...?"
  583.    She nodded.
  585.    "Here, take it. May it gives you strength throughout the Hunt. Gives you comfort in the long Night ahead."
  587.    I hesitated, looking between her and the glowing flower.
  589.    "Are you sure?"
  591.    For a moment, I could swear her porcelain face smiled.
  593.    "Yes, Good Hunter Aeon. I... You have shown kindness to the Little ones. As I have mentioned, many have passed through the H̖̲̲̫̓̉ͫu̬̰̬͙̔̒̀n̫͚̫̮͉̫̉̐̌̈́͐̈̚t̳͑̇̇ͦ̚ẽ͖̩̪̇̉̈́̓̽ͧr̗̳͚͙̥̦̝̅ͩͨ̚'̝̤̰̺̟̆̈̑͡s̤̯̥͡ ̮Ḑ̙̞̠̠ͅr̡̙̱̖̼͛ͨ̇e̫̲͙̲̤̓ͭ̀͐ͬa̰̤̟͈͒ͮ̀̿̕m̺̩̩͎̩͢. Few, however, have shown anywhere near as much thoughtfulness and consideration as you've already shown to them. So please, take this. As thanks- both for them, and for me."
  595.    I carefully took it, then took a long whiff of it's scent- it was as alluring as the flower itself.
  597.    I chuckled. Appropriate, I couldn't help but think while glancing from the flower to the Doll, who looked... happy.
  599.    I looked at the flower in my hand for a few seconds more, then I put it in my (inventory).
  601.    "Time is frozen within it." I explained to the Doll, "So It will remains as fresh and healthy as ever whenever I take it out."
  603.    Again, the image of a smile appeared on her features, even when her mouth remained unmoving.
  605.    Eventually, we arrived back at the foot of the Hunter's Workshop, and the Doll pointed to it's door.
  607.    "There waits Gherman. He is the caretaker of the Ḑ̙̞̠̠ͅr̡̙̱̖̼͛ͨ̇e̫̲͙̲̤̓ͭ̀͐ͬa̰̤̟͈͒ͮ̀̿̕m̺̩̩͎̩͢. He will inform you of the rest."
  609.    I raised an eyebrow at her, a small grin on my face.
  611.    "My apologies, but are you not just as much the caretaker of this Ḑ̙̞̠̠ͅr̡̙̱̖̼͛ͨ̇e̫̲͙̲̤̓ͭ̀͐ͬa̰̤̟͈͒ͮ̀̿̕m̺̩̩͎̩͢? You certainly seems to know it well and took good care of it."
  613.    She chuckled, but shook her head.
  615.    "No, Good Hunter Aeon. I am only a Doll, here to look after you. He is the true caretaker of the Ḑ̙̞̠̠ͅr̡̙̱̖̼͛ͨ̇e̫̲͙̲̤̓ͭ̀͐ͬa̰̤̟͈͒ͮ̀̿̕m̺̩̩͎̩͢."
  617.    I nodded, and then smiled wrily.
  619.    "You know, you can call me by my name alone, right?"
  621.    She blinked, so I explained further. "if you want to call me Good Hunter, I'm fine with that, but you can just call me *Aeon*, you know."
  623.    For a moment, she just stared at me, and then she nodded.
  625.    "Of course, Good Hunter."
  627.    I gave her a look, before sighing and walking towards where Gherman awaited.
  629.    ...
  631.    ...
  633.    "I look forward to seeing your journey... Aeon."
  635.    I almost froze, catching the softly-spoken words just at the limits of my hearing, before I kept walking.
  637.    And if there was a small, happy grin on my face and a skip to my step, well, that was for me alone to know.
  639.    **************************************
  641.    I entered the Hunter's workshop, my eyes immediately focusing on the man in the wheelchair.
  643.     Gherman, The First Hunter
  644.     Lvl-?
  646.     I didn't react to the rather lackluster information my (insight) granted me, instead choosing to look at the man straight in the eyes.
  648.    He smiled, a small, sardonic thing.
  650.    "Ah-hah, you must be the new hunter. Welcome to the H̖̲̲̫̓̉ͫu̬̰̬͙̔̒̀n̫͚̫̮͉̫̉̐̌̈́͐̈̚t̳͑̇̇ͦ̚ẽ͖̩̪̇̉̈́̓̽ͧr̗̳͚͙̥̦̝̅ͩͨ̚'̝̤̰̺̟̆̈̑͡s̤̯̥͡ ̮Ḑ̙̞̠̠ͅr̡̙̱̖̼͛ͨ̇e̫̲͙̲̤̓ͭ̀͐ͬa̰̤̟͈͒ͮ̀̿̕m̺̩̩͎̩͢. This will be your home, for now. I am... Gherman, friend to you hunters. You're sure to be in a fine haze about now, but don't think too hard about all of this. Just go out and hunt a few beasts. It's for your own good. You know, it's just what hunters do! You'll get used to it..."
  652.    I gave him a look- a very different one that those I gave the Doll.
  654.    "Am I really supposed to calmly accept the whole *floating island* thing? Without a single question? Or, I don't know, how about the fact a beast KILLED ME before I showed up here? Because this doesn't really look like any form of afterlife I've ever heard about. And, no offence, but if YOU are supposed to be an heavenly being, I want a full refund on Religion on behalf of all Mankind."
  656.    Gherman snorted, before cackling for a few seconds.
  658.    "Ah! Sorry to disappoint, but this place is no heavenly afterlife and I'm certainly no heavenly being!" he chortled for a moment more, before shaking his head. "This place was once a safe haven for hunters. A Workshop where hunters used blood to enhance their weapons and flesh. We don't have as many tools as we once did, but... you're welcome to use whatever you find." he leaned forward, a sly grin on his face, and his voice turned into a whisper. "Even the Doll, should it please you..."
  660.    I deadpanned at him. I knew it was coming, but still!
  662.    The old creeper leaned back, chortling, and I held back a sigh.
  664.    "Don't think I haven't noticed you avoiding the questions, old man." I grin. "Still, I take it that I can count on your assistance, then, about anything concerning the Hunt? I'm sure that you can teach me a lot, after all- if you had the will."
  666.    It was Gherman's turn to give me a look.
  668.    "And what, pray tell, makes you think that I can do that?"
  670.    My grin widened.
  672.    "I don't know, why don't you tell me, Gherman, the First Hunter?"
  674.    He froze, giving me a much more penetrating look this time.
  676.    "Well, now, that's interesting. Not all that many recognize me for what I am nowadays... and I'm pretty sure you aren't of Yharnam. So how do you know me?"
  678.    I pointed up above, my grin turning small but fierce.
  680.    "At the differences of others that ended up here... I made a personal deal with our Moonlight benefactor... one which granted me some advantages most don't have. So tell me, Ô First Hunter... will you help me?"
  682.    He stared at me for a long moment, his eyes suddenly reflecting his long, long life as the Greatest Hunter that had ever lived.
  684.    I looked back without fear. Without flinching. For after all...
  686.    I didn't plan to try and reach close to his level.
  688.    I didn't plan to try and reach his level.
  690.    No, I planned to become GREATER. I planned to take the title of "The Greatest Hunter" from his cold, dead hands.
  692.    And... to free him from his own endless Nightmare that way.
  694.    The man before me had commited many sins, I wasn't blind to that fact... but no one deserved to suffer in endless limbo as he did for so long.
  696.    The only peace that I could grant him was the peace of Death.
  698.    So I would. Gherman, The First Hunter... will die free.
  700.    I would make sure of it.
  702.    Finally, he relaxed, his stare softening slighty.
  704.    "Then go. Hunt beasts. Kill them. Prove yourself... and I may yet teach you a thing or two if you prove yourself worthy."
  706.    I nodded.
  708.    "I will." I declared firmly.
  710.    A Hunter must Hunt, after all... and it will soon be time for the Good Hunter to Join The Hunt.
  712.    *************************************************
  714.    After that, I took some time checking the rest of the Workshop, picked up, read, and put into my (inventory) the message in the corner of the room about killing the source of the scourge of beasts if one wanted to be free from the Ḑ̙̞̠̠ͅr̡̙̱̖̼͛ͨ̇e̫̲͙̲̤̓ͭ̀͐ͬa̰̤̟͈͒ͮ̀̿̕m̺̩̩͎̩͢, and went looking at the Insight messenger bath while playing a little with the messengers there.
  716.    I took a deep breath, sitting cross-legged on the ground on the elevation above the Bath messengers, which granted me a wonderful view of the H̖̲̲̫̓̉ͫu̬̰̬͙̔̒̀n̫͚̫̮͉̫̉̐̌̈́͐̈̚t̳͑̇̇ͦ̚ẽ͖̩̪̇̉̈́̓̽ͧr̗̳͚͙̥̦̝̅ͩͨ̚'̝̤̰̺̟̆̈̑͡s̤̯̥͡ ̮Ḑ̙̞̠̠ͅr̡̙̱̖̼͛ͨ̇e̫̲͙̲̤̓ͭ̀͐ͬa̰̤̟͈͒ͮ̀̿̕m̺̩̩͎̩͢, while the Moon shone brightly above my head.
  718.    One of the first thing any Gamer worth the name do is (Meditate). The sheer bonuses granted by it were well-worth it, after all.
  720.    Time for me to do the same.
  722.    Thankfully, it did not take long- the advantages brought by (Gamer's Mind) mixed with the peaceful nature of the Ḑ̙̞̠̠ͅr̡̙̱̖̼͛ͨ̇e̫̲͙̲̤̓ͭ̀͐ͬa̰̤̟͈͒ͮ̀̿̕m̺̩̩͎̩͢ made it easy to fall into the proper frame of mind.
  724.    For a moment, I simply basked in the feeling of the sheer [Serenity] that I was in- I've never felt such genuine (inner peace) before.
  726.    Then again, I was a very purposeless individual... before.
  728.    Few Friends, a family which loved me but had their own lives to focus own, the fact that I had never found any field of work which interested me, which meant that I had no idea what to do with my life...
  730.    ... no girlfriend...
  732.    Point was, I found myself weirdly... happy, to be here.
  734.    In Bloodborne.
  736.    How long that state of affairs was going to last, I had no idea, but at least for now I could simply enjoy the feeling of having actual purpose for the first time in my... lives.
  738.    Because when one had nothing? Or at least felt that way? They dreamed of everything. They dreamed of better, brighter tomorrow. They Dreamed of what Paradise could look like- their personal paradise.
  740.    And I had years to dream. To wonder.
  742.    To ask "What if?"
  744.    And now... now, I had the greatest blessing of them all- I had the perfect opportunity for greatness.
  746.    And the tools to seize it with both hands and never, ever let go.
  748.    There was a reason, after all, that I chosen to name myself after a word that quite litterally translated to
  750.    Eternal.
  752.    With all that being said, I finally opened my eyes, and took in the various Gamer messages that I had chosen to ignore before now.
  754.    The first, of course, was about the skill (Calm Hatred) that I had gained.
  756.    From what I could tell, it gave me bonuses against any Beings I mentally categorized as (Beasts).
  758.    I strongly suspected the sheer lack of maluses of this skill to be because of the first word of it: "Calm".
  760.    Since (Gamer's Mind) literally stopped me from losing my cool, especially in battle, I simply couldn't become overly focused on killing my enemies at any and all cost- so instead I simply got bonuses to help make me more deadly against (Beasts).
  762.    Honestly, the only possible reason that I managed to get a skill like this in the first place was that I died. That probably kind of screwed up the Gamer's system (and Gamer's Mind), especially since I was such a new Gamer, and this was the compromise that resulted from it all.
  764.    That, or it was Eldritch nonsense at works. Entirely possible.
  766.    The next message was about-
  768.    ...about...
  770.    Huh.
  772.    So apparently, the Doll really liked that I played with the Messengers.
  774.    Because in the (Relation tracker) part of my menus, I saw that I had not only the first (10) granted to me by my Cha: (50) perk, but also a further (15) for my kindness towards the Messengers.
  776.    Oh, and there was a very mysterious (+???) on top of all that.
  778.    Which led to a total of (25+???/100) with her.
  780.    Well, that was certainly interesting. And nice.
  782.    I was officially friend with the Doll.
  784.    I grinned. Hooray! GG Aeon! You've become the envy of countless gamers from Earth and it hasn't even been a day in your new life!
  786.    Go on, Drink those bitters tears of rage from frustrated gamers! They shall give you strength!
  788.    ...
  790.    ...
  792.    That weird moment aside, Gherman was where I expected him to be- a whooping (20/100).
  794.    Again, (10) from the perk and (10) from... well, being a weird Outsider that somehow managed to make a deal with... our Moonlight benefactor... and then had the balls to effectively ask for apprenticeship with THE Gherman, The First Hunter.
  796.    Yeah, the only reason it probably wasn't a bit higher was that he probably didn't know what to make of me.
  798.    So he basically decided to throw me at Yharnam and it's beasts to see how well I would handle that and then go from there.
  800.    Fair enough.
  802.    Speaking of him, I apparently gained the (Humorist) skill by making him laugh. Considering how little he must be used to laughing, I wasn't surprised.
  804.    Oh, and I had quests, too!
  806.    One that required me to play with all the messengers in the H̖̲̲̫̓̉ͫu̬̰̬͙̔̒̀n̫͚̫̮͉̫̉̐̌̈́͐̈̚t̳͑̇̇ͦ̚ẽ͖̩̪̇̉̈́̓̽ͧr̗̳͚͙̥̦̝̅ͩͨ̚'̝̤̰̺̟̆̈̑͡s̤̯̥͡ ̮Ḑ̙̞̠̠ͅr̡̙̱̖̼͛ͨ̇e̫̲͙̲̤̓ͭ̀͐ͬa̰̤̟͈͒ͮ̀̿̕m̺̩̩͎̩͢, which I had almost finished (if not for the fact that the last gathering point of Messengers wouldn't be unlocked for some time yet);
  808.    One that basically asked me to (MAX) my relations with both the Doll and Gherman (which was certainly going to take some time, but I wasn't worried- the Long Night of the Hunt would give me everything I need to fulfill the quest);
  810.    One from Gherman/the Hunter's Worshop, which asked me to "Make the Hunter's Workshop Great Again"- I see what you did there, Game, I'M UNTO YOU!- and required me to get all the tools of the Workshop;
  812.     Again, one from Gherman, which was basically "prove myself";
  814.     And, of course... the one about becoming strong enough to kill Gherman and free him from the Ḑ̙̞̠̠ͅr̡̙̱̖̼͛ͨ̇e̫̲͙̲̤̓ͭ̀͐ͬa̰̤̟͈͒ͮ̀̿̕m̺̩̩͎̩͢ and the one which asked me to put an end to the Hunt/Jump... by becoming a God/Great One.
  816.     (Oh, and the one about seducing and becoming the official Lover of the Doll, but shhhhh, that one is secret.)
  818.     I, naturally, accepted them all.
  820.     (Yes, even the secret one.)
  822.     With that said, it was time to do something that I was looking forward to.
  824.     That is to say, poke and probe my perks to find out how best to abuse the hell out of them against my enemies!
  826.     So I poked the perks.
  828.     And then mentally boggled at the sheer deluge of information that I had subconsciously held at bay all this time until I was ready to accept it all slammed into my mind.
  830.     This... was going to take some time.
  832.     *************************************************
  834.     So. After some headaches careful studies, I came to two, firm conclusions on what was going on.
  836.     First, I discovered that (Mad Scholar) was bullshit. VERY BULLSHIT.
  838.     See, (Mad Scholar) basically granted me knowledge of anything connected to the supernatural.
  840.     And the whole setting of Bloodborne was shock-full of it. I quite literally now had a discount Bloodborne wiki.
  842.     In my mind.
  844.     An example: The reason that I could speak the local language? (Mad Scholar). After all, how else was I supposed to know the words for the various local mystical "artifacts" and the like? To say nothing of the fact that some of the words of the local language were... rather interesting.
  846.     I was no linguist, but I suspected heavily Eldritch shenanigans being involved...
  848.     But that wasn't the end of it. Oh no- there was the second level of Bullshit, which could be summed up with two words:
  850.    Perks. Mixing.
  852.    I was, without a doubt, the deadliest S.O.B in this entire world.
  854.    Or at least, I had the potential to VERY quickly becomes so.
  856.    The reason why? Because I accidentally created a discount Path to Victory with only an handful of perks.
  858.    See, (Mad Scholar) gave me the equivalent of a very detailed bestiary of all the foes of Bloodborne.
  860.    And my other perks? (Hunter's Intuition) and (Little Things)? They work well together. They work VERY well together!
  862.     So I had a full mental map of my foes thanks to (Mad Scholar). And (Hunter's Intuition) working with (Little Things) were basically working overtime to grant me the best possible ways to spot their weaknesses and counter their strength!
  864.    I had already seen that at work, in fact- when I punched that Ḇ̹͔̬ͣ͂ͩ̓ͭË̡̗̗̩͍̯̜̻̣́̃̌ͧ̄ͣAͮͦ̏̏̓̊͏̸̩̣̣͕͔̤S̷̤̲̤̪̙͎̼͌ͤ̄͂̇ͧ͒̒͜ͅT̴̸̟̤͔͇̲̝̞̝̬͋ͯͮͮ́ͦ̾ͤ͞, I heard and felt bones crack.
  866.    The truth was, I had subconsciously hit it perfectly where it was already injured and where my attack would make the most damage possible!
  868.    Because all three of my perks had worked together to make it so- (Mad Scholar) had granted me the knowledge of it's body, while (Hunter's Intuition) working with (Little Things) had directed my strike where I had noticed it was most wounded!
  870.    And the best part? The more of a type of enemy I would face, the better able at killing them I would become. The same for singular opponents, too!
  872.    And since (Gamer's Mind) would be keeping me calm at all time in battle, I would never miss any details in the chaos of the battlefield! And the fact that I was bound to the Ḑ̙̞̠̠ͅr̡̙̱̖̼͛ͨ̇e̫̲͙̲̤̓ͭ̀͐ͬa̰̤̟͈͒ͮ̀̿̕m̺̩̩͎̩͢ meant that I would always have the time to get the information I need to eventually win, since death would only slow me down!
  874.     ... I had the strongest urge to cackle madly. Thankfully, I held back through tremendous Willpower and (Gamer's Mind).
  876.    There was one critical weakness in all of this, however-
  878.    My Stats.
  880.    All the knowledge in the world didn't matter if I simply didn't have the strength and speed to make use of it.
  882.    And I wasn't blind- my physical stats may have been in the (100), but that didn't matter. EVERYONE had (Eldritch Blood) here. Which meant the only thing the bonuses from it did was give me a fighting chance with the bottom of the barrel in term of the great and powerful of this world.
  884.    Still, even then I had one more advantage that I was counting on- Gamer's logic.
  886.     I got a LOT of bonuses to learning with my current stats. Hopefully, that meant that I would become really skilled really quickly. And since skills give additional damages to attacks...
  888.     ... Now that I thought of it, (Mad Scholar) also gave me a solid understanding on the theory of Arcane powers in general... that should give me a boost to learn new Arcane spells whenever I came across them.
  890.     There were a few other things, too- the full library of knowledge from (Workshop Artisan), but also the fact that the Charisma stat worked with (Little Things) to allow me to be "read" people better, that kind of things.
  892.     ... That was probably how I was able to "read" the Little Ones emotions so easily, in fact...
  894.     Alright. so with all that done, I then looked up to the last messages that I had- these ones about various stats gain.
  896.     I had, of course, gained (1) insight and (11) int before... arriving in the Ḑ̙̞̠̠ͅr̡̙̱̖̼͛ͨ̇e̫̲͙̲̤̓ͭ̀͐ͬa̰̤̟͈͒ͮ̀̿̕m̺̩̩͎̩͢, followed by... (10) CHA for making a good first impression with the Doll and getting the interest of The First Hunter himself.
  898.     I then gained... (5) WIS for good introspection?
  900.     ... Huh. I hadn't even noticed that was what I ended up doing once I started (meditating), but in, heh, hindsight...
  902.    Okay then!
  904.    And we finish by a (10) INT for good understanding of perks interactions and limitations.
  906.    Good to know!
  908.    Which left me with:
  909.    ​
  911.    Alright! So with all that done...
  913.    I took a deep breath.
  915.    Today... the Good Hunter Joins The Hunt!
  917.    ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  919.    AN: And done! What I would categorize as the two introduction chapters are done and over with.
  921.    Honestly, I could have done it faster... if creating a Stats sheet for Aeon hadn't been so hard! Bloody hell, I put so many hours into that alone, and I'm still not satisfied it is as good as it could be...
  923.    Either way, a few things of note:
  925.    First, the death scene was hopefully as quick and brutal as I hope it to be. This is Bloodborne- death comes fast and hard whenever it comes, and it's not the last time that will happen.
  927.     As for the skill Aeon gained because of it... there are a few reasons I decided on it- first, I wanted at least some consequences from being in Bloodborne. The best way to induce that into the MC was at the start- before, as Gherman said, "he get used to it". To the Hunt, the Blood, the deaths... etc. Secondly, I do have vague plans for future Jumps already... And just imagine the Doom Slayer and the Good Hunter fighting side by side with both using focused barbarity and cruelty against demons! Or, for that matter, how useful a skill against Beasts would be in Fate: Grand Order...
  929.     After that... well. I did warn that the Good Hunter x The Doll was the one true OTP... so expect Fluff. Lot of fluff...
  931.     About the Lunar Tears, I'm actually not sure that they are in the canon Hunter's Dream. But they fit so well, I couldn't help but put them there- that, and I have a soft spot for the things ever since Nier: Atomata and that very special location...
  933.    And poor Gherman is currently wondering how the hell an Outsider of Yharnam managed to (COMMUNE) with his Moonlight benefactor... needless to say, he is confused... and curious.
  935.    Lastly, I hope that you liked my take on what a few perks used creatively in the right situation are capable of. It's not instant victory by any means, and Aeon will definitively struggle at points, but by the End of the long Night of the Hunt he will be fully deserving of the title of [The Greatest Hunter].
  937.     And there are other ways the perks will show their worth in due time. In ways both obvious and subtle...
  939.     I hope you all enjoyed this update! Next time, The Good Hunter joins the Hunt... and blood will flow. But will it be the beasts... or his own?
  941.     ​
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  957.     Third Chapter has arrived! The Hunt Begins, and Aeon discover the soulsborne way of the Git Gud, Scrub...
  958.     SPOILER: It involves a lot of pain and crushed dignity...
  959. ---
  960.     I walked toward the tombstone which would sent me back to Yharnam, a feeling of... anticipation coursing through me.
  962.     The battles ahead were going to be long and hard... and no doubt quite painful. A single mistake would spell my death, I knew- and I now knew quite well how painful being killed by Beasts truly was.
  964.     And yet... And yet.
  966.     Godhood.
  968.     In the name of such a Dream, was any sacrifice not worth it?
  970.     The answer should have been yes... but the very problems of Yharnam were caused by such thinking. The End justify the Means, the leaders of the Healing Church believed.
  972.     But wasn't I meant to be better? To be the Good Hunter?
  974.    Personal sacrifice was one thing... but I knew that the Hunt would require more from me than that. That my Dream would require more from me than that.
  976.    How much innocent Blood was I willing to have on my hand for the sake of my personal ambitions?
  978.    And how different would I really be from those I was meant to fight against by the end of it all?
  980.    I sighed. There would be no easy answer- and really, I did not expect any.
  982.    Certainly not in Bloodborne.
  984.    The Doll stood close by from the Tombstone, and I smiled at her.
  986.    She nodded back.
  988.    "Good Hunter. Did your talk with Gherman go well?"
  990.    I nodded. "It did, actually." I tilted my head, looking at her curiously. "Tell me, what do you know of him?" I asked.
  992.    True, I already knew the answer to that... but my knowledge of Bloodborne was something that I no intention of revealing. That was one rabbit hole of a topic that just gave me headaches just thinking about it.
  994.    My best theory on the matter, considering the now obvious existence of the Omniverse, was some kind of "Bleed effect" between realities.
  996.    Anything beyond that was way beyond my understanding.
  998.    "Gherman?" she asked. "He was a Hunter long, long ago. But now serves only to advise them. He is obscure, unseen in the Dreaming World. Still, he stays here, in This Dream. Such his is purpose."
  1000.    I hummed. "I actually asked him to teach me... though he wants me to prove myself first. Which, well, fair enough."
  1002.    She blinked. "I see. I hope you succeed- I am certain that you would learn a lot under his tutelage."
  1004.    I nodded in agreement... and then looked at a group of Little ones not far from us.
  1006.    "Could you tell me more of the Messengers, too?"
  1008.    "The Little Ones?" she asked, and I noted the happiness in her voice at the question. "Of course! They are inhabitants of the Dream. They find Hunters like yourself, worship and serve them. Speak words, they do not, but still, aren't they sweet?"
  1010.    I chuckled, nodding. "They are. Helpful, too, considering what you told me I could use their Baths for."
  1012.    She nodded happily. "Indeed. Grant them Echoes of Blood, and they will gladly grant you aid in whatever way they can."
  1014.    I nodded, then looked back at the tombstone before me.
  1016.    Taking a deep breath, I draw out my weapons from my Inventory- the Doll staring once again in fascination at the sight- and then looked with determination towards that which will send me to Yharnam- and the Hunt.
  1018.    "See you later, Doll- I am afraid that, as charming as your company may be... The Hunt calls."
  1020.    The Doll bowed. "The pleasure was mine, Good Hunter. May you find your worth in the Waking World."
  1022.    And with that, I stepped forward, focused on the Tombstone... and then felt a pull sending my body forward.
  1024.    Let the Hunt begins, I thought with a smirk.
  1026.    ***********************************************
  1028.    I stood up from the floor, a Lantern lit and surrounded by Messengers close by.
  1030.    I immediately turned and walked up the stairs, to where I knew Iosefka's was waiting at the door.
  1032.    Iosefka... that is going to be a mess and a half, I couldn't help but think with a frown.
  1034.    "Are you... out on the Hunt?" I nodded "Then I'm very sorry, but I cannot open this door. I am Iosefka. The patients here in my clinic must not be exposed to infection. I know that you hunt for us, for our town, but I'm sorry. Please. This is all that I can do."
  1036.    She passed me a blood vial through a broken window.
  1038.    "Now, go. And good hunting."
  1040.    I sighed.
  1042.    "Thank you. And... I'm sorry."
  1044.    "No need to apologize. I understand that you Hunters need all the help that you can get. Sadly, I have nothing else to offer. I can only pray for a fruitful hunt."
  1046.    I walked away, my heart heavy.
  1048.    I hadn't apologized because of the Blood vial.
  1050.     I did it because I knew what was going to happen to her.
  1052.     Could I save her? I didn't know, but I doubted it- I would need to constantly watch over her to be there when the imposter-to-be would make her move.
  1054.    More than that, though... The imposter would help give me one third of a Cord. One that I had every intention of claiming from her corpse.
  1056.    So in the end... I would profit from her suffering. And as good a person as I liked to think myself as... Godhood.
  1058.    My only hope was that I could make amends somehow- some of my long term plans might allow me to give her a second chance.
  1060.    A better life to live, too.
  1062.    But that... was not for a long, long time- and I was thinking in term of godly standards, here.
  1064.    Not even a day in Yharnam and already I'm thinking of people as sacrifices to my ambitions, I couldn't help but scoff. What a hero I'm turning out to be.
  1066.     Then again, that was the problem, wasn't it? I wasn't here only to help people- I was here to claim Godhood.
  1068.     To claim Greatness.
  1070.     No matter the cost.
  1072.     So let's get on with it.
  1074.    ***********************************************
  1076.    I stared at the BEAST before me.
  1078.    The one which KILLED me.
  1080.    Once again, it was eating a corpse, and this time the sight of it ENRAGED me.
  1082.    True, it wasn't MY corpse- but all things considered, it quite literally could have been!
  1084.     Still, (Gamer's Mind) help me keep focused, so I carefully sneaked behind it, raised my axe- which was in it's "extended" form- over the head of the DAMN thing- and then smashed it against it's skull!
  1086.    And again.
  1088.    And AGAIN.
  1090.    And a fourth time for good measure.
  1092.    Then I stared at the corpse, calmly dismissing the messages about creating the "Stealth" skill and the "Sneak attack" skill, and took a deep breath.
  1094.    Exhaled.
  1096.    And then let out a string of cursed words that would make a Beast blush.
  1098.    "F****** **** it, that was ******* satisfying as ****, you *** ** * ***** ******* ********!"
  1100.    ... What? I'm French!
  1102.     Exhaling again, a feeling of utter satisfaction coursing through me, I took note of my six level up from killing a beast two dozen levels above me- even if one already badly wounded- and hesitated for a moment, wondering where to put the thirty stats points I just gained... before putting it all in Inteligence.
  1104.     I was going to need all the cunning I could get, after all. That, and-
  1105.     *Ding!*
  1106.     Your Intelligence is now (101)!
  1107.     for having an intelligence of (100+), you gain a new trait!​
  1109.     int (100): You now have a stronger affinity to Mana/Arcane! You have a natural ability to clearly perceive the world through forms of Extrasensory Perception. Takes the form of enhanced visual acuity and perception beyond the limits of normal eyesight, as well as optical interpretation of information. 20% Increase in Mana Recovery Rate. 20% Increase in total MP. 20% Increase to Magic/Arcane Attack damages. 20% Increase to Magic/Arcane damage resistance. 50% learning speed increase to MP related skills.​
  1111.     I blinked, then blinked again.
  1113.     if before my vision was good, then now it was excellent- I could perfectly see the spider moving in it's web at the opposite corner of the room that I stood in, see it's individual legs and-
  1115.     And-
  1117.     ... I turned away.
  1119.     Note to self- don't look at spiders to closely. They are really, REALLY disturbing to look at with a vision as good as mine now was.
  1121.    That vision of horror beside, it would certainly comes in handy. Especially once I actually find some arcane Spells to learn/use...
  1123.    Oh, and I gained three blood vials from killing the beast, which I put into my inventory.
  1125.    I shook my head, walking up the stairs to go beyond the building. Enough marveling at Gamers powers, I had Beasts to kill!
  1127.    I kept moving forward- though not before picking up the two blood vials from the dead body in the next room- until I reached the doors to the outside.
  1129.    Opening those, I walked out- and I finally had a good look of Yharnam.
  1131.    It was... honestly breathtaking, I had to admit- if rather intimidating.
  1133.    The city was BIG, after all, and I knew that meant there were a LOT of Beasts crawling all over it.
  1135.    And I was the one meant to kill them all.
  1137.    This was... certainly more responsability that I ever had- hell, more than anybody from my world ever had, since I was meant to kill gods to succeed at my mission of giving humanity a chance to actually survive what it had foolishly brought unto itself.
  1139.    I exhaled, taking in the city around me- the scent of Blood, the faraway screams of Beasts, the sheer tension in the air, which almost felt like I could cut it with a knife- yes, this was what I expected.
  1141.    Welcome to Hell, Aeon, I thought to myself. Will you rise to Greatness, or will you remain forever a prisoner of this accursed place? Only one way to find out.
  1143.    All journeys begin with but a single step... and now, here is mine. Let there be Glory... Or Death.
  1145.    I stepped forth.
  1147.    ******************************
  1149.    As I expected, it did not take long before my first foe appeared.
  1151.    A single mad man, a torch in one hand and an axe in the other, which immediately started to rise threateningly when it's owner saw me.
  1153.     The man roared, bloodlust in his eyes, and threw his all in an overhead strike.
  1155.     I immediately side-stepped and brought my own axe to his neck, using his unbalanced state against him.
  1157.     My axe met flesh and Blood, cutting through it like a knife in butter, and in a second more I was staring at the decapited corpse of a man at my feet.
  1159.     Despite (Gamer's Mind), I couldn't help but pause- sure, I had killed a Beast before, but this was a man- or at least, he looked like one.
  1161.     And I killed him. In a second.
  1163.     Just like that.
  1165.     Then (Blue and Orange) kicked in, and I shook my head- he was trying to kill me. He was a madman, one that was already part of the Lost and the Damned of this world.
  1167.     And my time in Yharnam will require me to kill any and all such beings standing in my way.
  1169.     So I kept on moving forward without so much as a backward glance.
  1171.     Two more madmen died soon after, the two having been on the ground, seemingly asleep for... some reason, and I ended up with six molotov cocktails and some blood vials which ended up in Inventory.
  1173.     I then activated the mechanism for the ladder to go on the city level above (the gates for the proper path to it being closed), got up and found myself before a Lamp, which I quickly activated, waving at the Messengers which soon appeared around it.
  1175.     Some incenses was lit next to one of the barred window, and I came closer.
  1177.     "Hello there! Can your hear me?" I called out.
  1179.     "Oh, you must be a Hunter. And... not one from around here, either. I'm Gilbert. A fellow outsider. You must have a fine time of it. Yharnam has a special way of treating guests... Well, I don't think I could stand if I wanted to... But I'm willing to help, if there's anything that can be done."
  1181.     He coughed.
  1183.     "This town is cursed. Whatever the reasons might be, you should plan a swift exit. Whatever can be gained from this place, it will do more harm than good..."
  1185.     He coughed harder.
  1187.     "Have you heard of Paleblood?" I asked.
  1189.     "Paleblood, you say? Hmm... never heard of it. But if it is Blood you're interested in, you should try the Healing Church. The Church controls all knowledge of Blood ministration, and all varieties of Blood. Across the valley to the East of Yharnam lies the town of the Healing Church, known as the Cathedral Ward. And deep within the Cathedral Ward is the old grand cathedral... The birthplace of the Healing Church's special blood, or so they say." he coughed, before explaining more. "Yharnamites don't share much with outsiders. Normally, they wouldn't let you near the place, but... The Hunt is on tonight. This might be your chance..."
  1191.     He went quiet, before coughing hard again and I grimaced before nodding.
  1193.     "Thank for the help, I appreciate it. Now, if you will excuse me, I must be going. Keep safe, alright?"
  1195.     It took a bit of time, but he eventually recovered.
  1197.     "You too, Hunter. Have a good hunt tonight..."
  1199.     I thanked him and then stepped away- there was work to be done.
  1201.     After walking down the path (and finding some big pebbles looking like eyes that were present in the game), I encountered some more madmen.
  1203.     The first two were easily taken care of (The first came screaming and swinging his weapon everywhere without even trying to hit me, while the second was just staring blankly ahead while sitting on the ground) but the third had a makeshift shield, and just kept blocking my attacks.
  1205.     Then he charged me, and I narrowly avoided a shield bash in the face.
  1207.     Deciding that enough was enough, I charged the madman myself, before kicking his wooden shield hard, to the point he barely kept himself from flying backward- but he certainly couldn't avoid my axe smashing his skull in.
  1209.    I nodded, going further down the path- before stopping and stepping back, noticing the four mad Yharnamites walking down the street below me.
  1211.    I let them pass, then walked down the path they were coming from- before opening the closed gates that led to the first part of the city.
  1213.    Glancing at a side-passage from the gate, I stared at the massive hulk of a man with an equally massive axe who stood there, his back to me, while pursing my lips in thought.
  1215.    I knew that in the game, the Executioner could be killed, even with a starting character like I effectively was. But should I try?
  1217.    True, he would give me quite a bit of exp, especially since (Insight) was telling me he was level 20, but even so...
  1219.    I took a deep breath, and then walked towards him.
  1221.    I was the Good Hunter. "Taking Risks" was an entirely acceptable course of action for an immortal like me.
  1223.    Didn't mean I was looking forward to what would happen if I screwed up, though...
  1225.     I came closer, holding my extended axe over my head and mentally praying my (stealth) skill was going to hold... before striking as hard as could.
  1227.     Yes! I screamed in my mind as the massive man stumbled forward, a gasp of pain leaving his lips.
  1229.     I stepped forward, eager to kill him and to get my- wait DANGER!-
  1231.     I went flying back, a gasp of pain leaving my own lips as the wide, sweeping strike caught me in the chest, before a second gasp left me when I collided with the wall behind me.
  1233.     I barely had time to check my (status)- and boggle at how closely that single strike came to killing me- before my enemy came charging in, a wide, heavy overhead strike hitting the ground that I barely rolled away from, the blow hard enough to leave a crater in where I was.
  1235.     Scowling, I used his overextension to give me the time to smash my axe on his right knee, his leg flying away. His bellow of pain had barely left his mouth as he collapsed before I stepped on him and brought my axe down on his head.
  1237.     That killed him, and I let out a deep sigh- before blinking, as for the first time I actually noticed the blood echoes flying from his corpse to me.
  1239.     What-?
  1241.     Oh! The int(100) perk! It did mention Extrasensory Perception allowing me to see things normal people couldn't...
  1243.    I shrugged. That was nice, but ultimately not really as helpful as better vision in general.
  1245.    Still, I was pretty happy- I got several levels from that kill, plus the blood echoes, two Tempering Blood Gemstones and some blood vials.
  1247.    Speaking of which, I looked at my status, seeing my health regenerate thanks to (Blood Saint), until eventually I was "full" again.
  1249.    I nodded- Blood vials were useful, but only in long battles- otherwise, my personal healing could handle things on it's own.
  1251.     With all that said, I went back from the path I came from, before quickly going up the stairs I had originally come from when I saw the four patrolling madmen coming down the street.
  1253.     Waiting for them to pass me by, I then silently sneaked behind the two at the back.
  1255.     The first warning the four got that something was wrong was when my axe slammed on the skull of the madman I had sneaked up on, while my gun fired and killed the second one at the back on their four-men team formation.
  1257.     The two remaining one immediately turned around, but by then it was too late- my axe first slammed into the madman on the right, before taking the legs-followed by the head- of the last.
  1259.     I breathed deeply, satisfied by how smoothly things had gone, before reloading my gun and continuing up the street- and killing quickly the one who thought he could hide behind a carriage- before staring at the many madmen gathered around a dead beast that they had stringed up and were in the process of burning.
  1261.     Yeah, I was going to focus on them later. First, I got up the stairs on my right, killed the moron who tried to hide- except his hat could still be seen moving above the small wall he was behind- got up the stairs some more, heading toward the corpse I remembered had some loot, followed by putting my gun underneath the jaw of the madman who jumped out of the corner, both of us freezing at the same time.
  1263.     I smiled, he paled- I shot.
  1265.     Then I looted the bodies. Oooh, three blood stone shards!
  1267.     Mine!
  1269.     Then I returned looking at the gathering of madmen, reloaded my gun, and exhaled.
  1271.     Here we go, I thought.
  1273.     I killed the first one on the right path, then a second one at the end of said path... and then turned around to see all the madmen staring straight at me.
  1275.     Shit.
  1277.     The first came at me with an axe, and I used mine in it's extended form as a makeshift spear to stab him.
  1279.    The second one had a sword, and deflected my first thrust, but after a bit of back and forth I got him in the right shoulder- and then his neck.
  1281.    So far so good,
  1283.    The next one had an axe, and I readied myself-
  1285.    *Bang!* "Ow!"
  1287.    I stumbled, quickly spotting the man with a gun who just shot me on the other side of the street. before frantically looking back at the madman with his axe before me-
  1289.    The axe came down.
  1291.    **********************************
  1293.    I woke up.
  1295.    The serenity of the Dream surrounded me.
  1297.    "Fuck." I declared angrily.
  1299.    I closed my eyes, took a deep breath.
  1301.    Then I exhaled and relaxed.
  1303.    "Well, that could have gone better..." I muttered,
  1305.    I brought up my status and-
  1307.    "Wait, where are my points?!"
  1309.    I had leveled up several times, now being a much more respectable level 15, but I had neither blood Echoes or points to spent-
  1311.    Wait.
  1313.    Oh, Damn it all... my stats points were back where I died alongside my Blood Echoes, weren't they?
  1315.     A *Ding!* confirmed my thoughts- and I even got (5) int points for learning yet another part of being a [Gamer].
  1317.     Well, at least I didn't ACTUALLY lost them for good. That would have SUCKED.
  1319.    I got up, said hello to the Doll, returned at the Lantern of Central Yharnam, killed the same enemies, gathered back my blood Echoes and stats points, and THIS time made sure to not alert the bulk of the madmen of my presence while doing all this.
  1321.    Hiding in a corner, I looked thoughtfully at my (Status)- killing the Executioner again got me to level 18, which meant...
  1323.    I put all my points into WIS.
  1324.    *Ding!*
  1325.    Your Wisdom is now (110)!
  1326.    For having wisdom of (100+), you gain a new trait!​
  1327.    WIS (100): Higher W̨̅̉̆̐̚o̟̱̫̠̹̼ͭ͐̇̕r͐ͩ̽ͤ̅̑̒͏ĺ̶̪̘͙̝͙̞ḍ̷͓̪͎̞̄̍ Affinity. You are wiser than the majority of people in the way of the W̨̅̉̆̐̚o̟̱̫̠̹̼ͭ͐̇̕r͐ͩ̽ͤ̅̑̒͏ĺ̶̪̘͙̝͙̞ḍ̷͓̪͎̞̄̍. 20% Increase in Mana Recovery Rate. 20% Increase in total MP. 40% Increase to Elemental Attack. 40% Increase to Elemental damage resistance. 40% Increase to learning speed for (Science) and (Mystical) related subjects.
  1329.    Well, that was nice, but again I hardly had an arcane build yet. Still, that was two Stats at/above (100), and I was looking forward to seeing them all at such height- and beyond, in Time...
  1331.    I took a deep breath, and then walked firmly towards the gathering of madmen.
  1333.    Surely, my newly enhanced mental Stats would help me win this time?
  1335.    ***************************************
  1337.    I woke up.
  1339.    For a moment, I just stared at the sky of the Hunter's Dream.
  1341.     Then I violently shuddered, before mumbling several praises to (Gamer's Mind) and (Gamer's Body).
  1343.     Note to self: Being burned alive HURT. From now on, don't die by fire.
  1345.    Oh merciful Great Ones, the smell of my burning body will never leave me...
  1347.    *****************************************
  1349.    I woke up.
  1351.    I let out a deep sigh.
  1353.    Then I raised my right hand's middle finger to the Heavens, before loudly declaring
  1355.     "Fuck dogs. I always knew I was more of a cat person anyways!"
  1357.     *****************************************
  1359.     I slammed my axe in the dog's face, face twisted in a scowl that quickly turned into a vicious smirk as I saw all the corpses surrounding me.
  1361.    "I did it! I fucking did it! Hahahaha! Take that, you bastards!"
  1363.    It took me a few tries, but eventually I successfully killed them all!
  1365.    Sure, there was a few embarrassing moments- like that time where I tried to use pebbles to lure a few madmen, and everyone promptly came to investigate where the damn thing had come from- but I did it!
  1367.    I stood, bloodied but victorious, before looking at my (status).
  1369.    At least I was now level 23- the strongest enemy around was level 20, so even several times of killing the same guys quickly dried up just how fast I could level up myself.
  1371.    I quickly put my 25 stats points into Luck- I wanted that All (100), and Luck seemed better than Charisma right now- before looting everything I could around me.
  1373.    Some bullets, some blood vials, several Coldblood dews, and a few more stuff beside.
  1375.    I took some time to knock on the doors who had incenses burning, but...
  1377.    "Hahahahahaaaaaaaaa!"
  1379.    "Damned outsider! Got caught out on a night of the Hunt, did you? Good! Now go away!"
  1381.    "Get lost!"
  1383.    ... They weren't anywhere near as friendly as Gilbert was.
  1385.     In any case, I kept going, encountering more madmen and even more dogs, until eventually I opened the massive doors close by to the Lantern in central Yharnam- that'll be useful to go directly from the Lantern to the Bridge.
  1387.    Oh, and I ended up finding another forebonding message. In my Inventory it went.
  1389.    I eventually came across two Brick Trolls, but... well, they were so dumb it was easy enough to kill one from behind and then throw a molotov cocktail at the other.
  1391.    Got some loot here and there, too, until I finally came across another house with incenses burning. If I wasn't mistaken...
  1393.     I knocked.
  1395.     "Oh, you're a Hunter, aren't ya? Then, well, do you know of any safe place? Because I heard, I have. Shutting up indoors isn't always enough. If you Hunters got off your arses, we wouldn't be in this mess! You're obligated to help me, you hear me?! So what'll it be? Are you gonna tell me or not?"
  1397.     I grimaced, then hummed. I technically haven't been there yet, but...
  1399.    "I haven't been there personally, but I heard of a place called Oedon Chapel. if you know where that is, you could always go there?"
  1401.    "Well, whaddya know? An Outsider worth a lick of salt. Well don't just stand there! Don't you have work to do? Go slit some throats, get this mess done with!"
  1403.    I rolled my eyes and walked away. Job's done, as far as I am concerned.
  1405.    With that done, I went back on my steps, walked up the stairs of the house I found the message in, killed the two madmen waiting there, walked up more stairs...
  1407.    And there it was. The Bridge.
  1409.    Where the first Boss awaited.
  1411.    First thing first, I took a sharp left and stared at the several massive, bloodthirsty crows surrounding a Brick Troll without a care in the world.
  1413.    I just... why weren't they trying to kill one another? Why?!
  1415.    Deciding not to question the insane in Yharnam- that way lay only madness- I took a pebble, threw it at one of the bird, waited for it to drag himself to me (thank goodness they couldn't fly!), bit back a curse when the damn thing JUMPED several meters straight at me with murder in it's eyes, and then quickly put my axe in it's head the moment it was back on the ground.
  1417.    Rinse and repeat, following by sneaking up on the big guy, and I now had more Blood echoes than before.
  1419.    Then I took a good, long look at the end of the Bridge, before turning on my heels with a "Nope!" leaving my mouth.
  1421.    No way in the Hell I was stuck in that I would challenge a Bloodborne boss without spending my Blood Echoes first!
  1423.    So I walked back all the way to the Lantern- which thankfully wasn't far thanks to the doors I previously opened- and then knelt before it.
  1425.    A second later, and the Hunter's Dream stood before me in all of it's beauty. No howl of Beasts, no distant screams, no scent of disturbingly alluring Blood...
  1427.    I smiled, relaxing at last.
  1429.    I'm starting to really like this place...
  1431.    **********************************
  1433.    I looked at my screen, frowning in thought.
  1435.    There were several messages that I took note of- skills like (Axe wielding mastery) or (Pain tolerance), stuff like that.
  1437.    I was now level 25... though by the amount of exp I now needed to get to level up more, it was definitively a good time to go to more, higher level zones.
  1439.    Though to be fair, I was about to fight a Boss...
  1441.    I walked toward the Doll. There was one last thing that I wanted to do before the Boss- use my Blood Echoes.
  1443.    "Welcome home, Good Hunter. What is it you desire?"
  1445.    "You told me that you could strengthen me through Blood Echoes, correct?" I asked.
  1447.    She nodded. "That is correct. do you wish me to do so now?"
  1449.    "Yes, please."
  1451.    "Very well. Let the Echoes become your strength. Let me stand close. Now shut your eyes."
  1453.    I closed my eyes, feeling the Doll taking my right hand, and then I could... FEEL where the Blood Echoes I had could be used.
  1455.    I- mentally- blinked. Sure, the Blood Echoes could be used to strengthen my stats- for around a (1000) Blood Echoes I could gain (1) stats point for a stat in the (100+), and I had (4000) Blood Echoes right now...
  1457.    But the real surprise was my skills. I had noticed that, at the difference of Bloodborne, I didn't have a [Skill] Stat, only various (skills) created by my actions.
  1459.    But apparently, I could upgrade a (skill) for (1) Level per (100) Blood echoes if they were in the (10+) level, (200) for a skill in (20+), etc.
  1461.    I... hesitated, but eventually decided to level up my (Axe Wielding Mastery). It was currently at lvl 15, and with four thousands Blood Echoes...
  1463.    I boggled when it stopped at level 31, over twice my precious level!
  1465.    Sure, the number of Blood Echoes necessary to upgrade a (Skill) at the higher levels would explode into ever closer to a thousand by level the more skilled I become... and it was just my skill with Axes, so technically I was getting shafted hard compared to having a catch-all [Skill] stat... but still!
  1467.    [Gamer]+ The Doll OP, Plz don't nerf!
  1469.    I happily thanked the Doll, took a deep breath... then returned to Yharnam.
  1471.    Time to kill a Bloodborne Boss!
  1473.    ********************************************
  1475.    I stood before an archway, beyond which was the last part of the Bridge leading to where the Boss Battle will take place.
  1477.    Once again, I checked to make sure I had everything- bullets, blood vials, gun loaded and ready...
  1479.    I took a deep breath, released it... and stepped forth.
  1481.    And with a Scream, The Cleric Beast jumped unto the Bridge in all it's unholy glory and madness, the mere sight of it giving me a sharp headache, before looking straight at me, howling loudly enough that I genuinely wondered if all of Yharnam heard it.
  1482.    BOSS BATTLE
  1483.    CLERIC BEAST​
  1485.    I took one look at it with (Insight) and gulped.
  1487.    Cleric Beast
  1488.    Lvl 50
  1490.    I was level 25! This thing was twice my level and had much better physical stats than me!
  1492.    ... I was totally going to die painfully, again, wasn't I?
  1494.    A flash of memory, of the first beast I encountered, of the one who gutted me and feasted upon me with dark, vicious glee in it's eyes went through my mind.
  1496.    My hands tightened on the handles of my weapons, my gaze burning a hole in it's misshapen head with the sheer hatred and contempt I held for this Abomination.
  1498.    Fine, then! If it is my Blood you seek, come and get it- but make no mistake, one way or another, I shall be the one to have the final laugh!
  1500.    And with that thought, I charged.
  1502.    The Beast jumped, slamming both of it's fists right where I was. I rolled to the side, quickly getting on my feet before my axe cut a gash in it's right leg, hot blood pouring out.
  1504.    The Beast tried a backward sweep of it's right hand, but I jumped back before charging again, and yet another gash was open on it's leg. I was trying to get at it's tendons- If I could take away the mobility of the Beast, victory would be mine.
  1506.    It howled, the sound so loud the very air almost vibrated, and I glady took the opportunity to keep slashing and slashing.
  1508.    Then my instincts screamed, and I threw myself back as hard as I could- just before both of it's fists came down on the ground again.
  1510.    I ran towards it, well aware than one of the rule of a good hunter was attack, attack, attack, and I managed to get behind it and stab my axe deep in it's injured leg.
  1512.    The Beast howled again, before literally trying to kick me- an attack which missed me by an hair's breadth, before I kept attacking, kept slashing-
  1514.    It jumped away from me, quickly turning to look at me with eyes full of hate and bloodthirst. It began to glow red, and I grimaced- I could see with my perfect vision it's wounds closing.
  1516.    For a moment, we both stood there, Beast and Hunter... the two of us taking each other measure... before the Beast charged.
  1518.    I stood ready to greet it- until it screeched to a halt, took one of the statue decorating the bridge in it's inhuman, mutated left hand and then proceed to throw the damn thing at me!
  1520.    Eyes wide, I barely managed to dodge the flying stone statue-
  1522.    And then it's left hand came crashing down on me.
  1524.    **************************************
  1526.    I woke up.
  1528.    Looked at the sky blankly for a moment.
  1530.    And then started cursing.
  1532.    "That'll teach me to rely too much on what I remember from the game... Seriously though, since when did the Fucking Cleric Beast learnt to throw goddam STATUES at people?!"​
  1534.    *******************************************
  1536.    I returned to the Bridge. Started fighting the Cleric Beast again.
  1538.    Everything went well, then it threw a statue at me again.
  1540.    I rolled, rolled again to avoid it's left fist, turned around and stood ready to charge-
  1542.     And then the bastard let out a Beast Roar so powerful it sent me flying up and beyond the Bridge.
  1544.     At least falling to my doom was a surprisingly clean and swift death...
  1546.     ***********************************************
  1548.     I went at it again.
  1550.     Dodged the statue.
  1552.     Dodged the fist.
  1554.     Avoided being sent flying.
  1556.     And then got trampled to death when the antlered-headed Beast literally charged at me like some kind of maddened deer.
  1558.     **************************************************
  1560.     I went at it again.
  1562.     Dodged the statue.
  1564.     Dodged the fist.
  1566.     Avoided being sent flying.
  1568.     Dodged being trampled to death.
  1570.     Charged the Beast-
  1572.     And then died when it basically threw a temper tantrum and started hitting the ground over and over again like an angry three-years old spoiled brat being told "No".
  1574.     Ow, my dignity...
  1576.     ***************************************************
  1578.     Again, I slashed his leg, jumped back at the backward strike of it's right hand (I was getting really good at spotting those) and then charged again.
  1580.    The Beast tried to kick me, but a shot of my gun made it quickly retract it's limb.
  1582.     One more slash at it's leg-
  1584.    It went flying.
  1586.    The Beast collapsed with a scream.
  1588.    I barely dodged it's falling body, too shocked at finally making proper progress, and then I grinned widely.
  1590.     It tried to hold itself upright on three limbs, but I charged, got close to it's chest- and then I performed my very first visceral attack on that asshole.
  1592.    It felt incredibly satisfying, made even more so by it's scream of agony, to the point I barely noticed how drenched in it's blood I became.
  1594.    Not that I really cared.
  1596.    It collapsed again, weakly twitching on the ground-
  1598.    Until my axe slammed on it's head.
  1600.     for a moment, neither of us moved... and then it exploded in Silver Light and Mist, it's Blood Echoes flying into me.
  1602.    4000 worth, plus three Insights for it's death- I was now at (6).
  1604.     I also got the Sword Hunter Badge and... Huh.
  1606.     A (25) stats points disk for Strength. Yoink!
  1608.     Oh, and I was now level 32! Yey!
  1610.     for a moment, I breathed deeply, satisfaction coursing through me.
  1611.     I grinned widely at the (Gamer) message.
  1613.     Yes. Yes, indeed- the first prey of many.
  1615.     I would make sure of that.​
  1617.     I then activated the Lantern which had appeared in the middle of the Bridge and returned in the Hunter's Dream.
  1619.    Home sweet Home.
  1621.    *********************************************
  1623.    I stared at my (Status) with approval.
  1624.    I was six levels away from having All (100), which was pretty good.
  1626.    I also gained a Trait: Novice Hunter, which basically allowed me to do 10% more damage in general.
  1628.    Figures it took killing a Cleric Beast to be considered a Novice Hunter by the (Gamer System)... That is, until you consider the enemies which awaited me.
  1630.    In comparison to what was coming, the Cleric Beast wasn't even that bad- it was big, strong, had quite a few HP... but it was much slower than what I expected Father Gascoigne to be like, for example.
  1632.     I grimaced. Now, that was one Boss I wasn't looking forward to fighting... for more than a few reasons.
  1634.    I let out a sigh,
  1636.    Well, at least I know enough to know how to protect his two daughters...
  1638.    That was one tragedy- and two deaths- I did not need on my conscience.
  1640.    Iosefka's fate was more than enough as it is. (Blue and Orange) was useful, but only in that it allowed me to manipulate my own morals to better handle Yhanarm and all the death and killings I did/would do.
  1642.     It did not, however, help when you did something you knew was wrong but did it anyway. A fact I was actually thankful for- My Humanity was going to be ground into the dust enough as is, in no small part deliberatly on my part, but there were limits to how Inhuman I was willing to become.
  1644.     The day I knowingly tainted my hands with innocent blood and did it with no remorse whatsoever- or worse, with joy- was the Day I needed to be put down as a Beast myself.
  1646.     May that day never comes, I prayed.
  1648.     Beyond that, I took in the sight of the Hunter's Dream, enjoyed it's beauty and calm (No screams of Beasts or madmen! You never know what true peace feel like until you've experienced those and then the utter lack of them!) and-
  1650.    I blinked. Actually, didn't I receive a notebook from the Messengers?
  1652.     I checked. Yup, I did.
  1654.     I took it out of my Inventory and looked at it thoughtfully... before I started writing in it.
  1656.     Then I stopped, looked at my Gamer menus... and then blinked when I saw the Option for music/soundtrack.
  1658.     I grinned, and soon after the Hunter's Dream theme music washed over me. Somehow, the place became even more soothing than before. Then I refocused on the Notebook and started writing.
  1660.    And that's how I passed the next hour, relaxing while writing my thoughts and experiences since my arrival in Yharnam in my Notebook, the light of the Moon above more than enough to write easily.
  1662.     It was surprisingly cathartic, even if the things I wrote about were all about Blood, Madness and Death.
  1664.     Note to self: keep doing it throughout the long Night of the Hunt. Every little bits help, right?
  1666.     Once that was over, I made my way to Gherman. I wanted to talk to him, after all- about the Cleric Beast... and about all the Blood stone chunks and the like I got my hands on.
  1668.     Time to hopefully learn a few things from the First Hunter himself...
  1670.     ------------------------------------------------------------------------------/
  1671.     A.N: Alright! Here was the next chapter, this one about the beginning of the Hunt and the fight against the Cleric Beast.
  1672.     On the matter of Aeon's rather impressive levels up- from level 1 to level 32 in one chapter- keep in mind, he quite literally is just a Novice Hunter right now.
  1673.    I am basically going to go with this:
  1674.    Level 10+ are regular armed Yharnamites civilians;
  1675.    Level 20+ are weak beasts and trained civilians;
  1676.    Level 30+ are Novice Hunters; (Aeon right now)
  1677.    Level 40+ are Regular Hunters;
  1678.    Level 50+ are Experienced Hunters;
  1679.    Level 65+ are Veterans Hunters. (Think Eileen the Crow)
  1680.    Level 80+ are Master Hunters;
  1681.    Level 90+ are Legendary Hunters. (Think Lady Maria)
  1682.    Level 100 are Mythic Hunters (That's Gherman).
  1684.     From now on, his level up are going to be much harder- especially the higher a level he reaches. The only exceptions will be with Bosses, who for obvious reasons will allow him to gain several levels once he wins.
  1685.     The only thing I'm still uncertain on, is the limit for the Stats. I'm thinking of having (499) as the max, with anything further being locked for Gods only.
  1686.     It'll also means I won't really have to worry about (500) Stats traits, which is nice too.
  1687.     In any case, I hope you all enjoyed this update! Next time, Aeon keep exploring Central Yharnam... And get ever closer to one of the most tragic Boss of Bloodborne.
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  1703.     Here is the fourth chapter! This one is dedicated to kleenex. Poor Aeon really needs some by the end of it...
  1704.     After all, no one had ever said that being a Hunter was a happy lifestyle. Quite the opposite...
  1705. ---
  1706.     I walked to the Hunter's workshop, finding Gherman where I last saw him.
  1708.    "Good Hunter. How goes the Hunt?" he asked, leaning forward.
  1710.    I smiled. "It goes pretty well, I believe."
  1712.    I described some of what I faced, Gherman listening intently, before I mentioned the Cleric Beast that I had just slained.
  1714.    He grimaced. "Ah yes, those beasts... Clerics who fall to beasthood make for the worst of Beasts. Stronger, bigger, more bloodthirsty... Whatever the reason for it, those of the Healing Church who fall to the beast within always turn into some of the worst of that which us Hunters hunt."
  1716.    He nodded approvingly at me.
  1718.    "You did well slaying it, even if it did take you several tries. The Dream truly is convenient, is it not?" he grinned, though said grin vanished in seconds, a scowl replacing it. "Don't take it for granted, however. This Dream is a tool, a tool for you hunters, but like any tool it is meant to enhance your strength, not become the whole of it. Sharpen your skills, learn of your preys strengths and weaknesses, devise strategies and tactics out of what you you know you can do and your foes known capabilities."
  1720.    He grinned sharply.
  1722.    "I don't need to tell you that dying hurt, do I?" he asked mockingly.
  1724.    I winced, flashbacks of my various deaths so far passing through my mind.
  1726.    I shook my head silently.
  1728.    He nodded.
  1730.    "Good. That aside, is there anything else you require?"
  1732.    I nodded, before reaching out in my Inventory for a Blood stone shard.
  1734.    Gherman's eyes widened at the sight of my hand seemingly vanishing in the middle of nowhere, before narrowing when it came out holding the loot.
  1736.     Now that I thought about it... he never saw my Inventory before, did he?
  1738.     "Interesting power you've got there..." he declared, looking from the spot where my hand had vanished to where it now was, Blood stone chunk held within.
  1740.     I grinned. "I call it my Inventory. It's like a personal pocket space where I can put stuff in. No need to worry about anything breaking or being lost that way- and I can store a pretty large amount of stuff in it, too, so that's useful."
  1742.     Gherman looked at me with interest.
  1744.     "How much CAN it hold? Is there some sort of limit?"
  1746.     I frowned. Now that he mentionned it...
  1748.     "I don't think so? It certainly doesn't feel like there is. Well, except that I still need to be able to hold whatever I wish to put in it. I can't put a house in my Inventory or anything."
  1750.     "Fascinating..." he muses. Then his eyes settled on what I was holding.
  1752.     "I presume you wish to know more about these?" he said, waving his right hand in the blood stone chunk direction.
  1754.     "Yes." I agreed. "I know some about Hunter's weapons, but not much about how to use those Blood stone chunks and the like."
  1756.     He looked at me for a moment, before nodding.
  1758.     "Very well then." He moved to the workshop desk. "Then comes, Good Hunter- let this be my first lesson to you."
  1760.     With a wide grin, I followed, drawing my Hunter's Axe from my Inventory and putting it on the desk.
  1762.    Gherman looked at it with a critical look for a moment, before leaning forward.
  1764.    "Alright, so first, take a few more Blood stone chunks out, and then-"
  1766.    And that was when my first lesson with Gherman, the First Hunter, happened.
  1768.    He taught me about the various kinds of Blood I was likely to come across, about how to recognize and use each one, about their uses and effects, and even how to create my own blood vials.
  1770.    Gherman was a patient but strict teacher, refusing to consider anything as properly taught until I could recite or do what he taught me without a single second of hesitation.
  1772.    It took what I am pretty sure were many hours to properly teach me everything he wanted to teach me to his satisfaction, but by the end of it we were both satisfied by the progress made.
  1774.    And really, what value had Time when in a Dream? Whether hours or days, it mattered not for either of us.
  1776.    Only results did.
  1778.    And results, there unquestionably were.
  1780.    Eventually, we both relaxed, my newly improved Hunter's Axe (+1) in my hands.
  1782.     Gherman nodded approvingly at it.
  1784.     "You learned pretty quickly. Good. It can definitively be improved further, but for your first work with Blood, it's well done."
  1786.     I smiled.
  1788.     "Thanks to your help, Gherman. I couldn't have learned everything I did today without you." My smile turned into a grin. "Should I call you *Master Gherman* from now on?"
  1790.     Gherman stared at me for a long moment, before harrumphing loudly.
  1792.     "We'll see. You learned quickly, I'll give you that much, but there is more to a Hunter than just knowing how to upgrade one's weapon. Beside, there is more about the Blood and it's uses that I shall have to teach you- you learned and mastered the basics, eventually you'll have to truly learn how to master the use of all variants of Blood. Still, that can be done later. For now, I suppose your work was... adequate."
  1794.     I grinned.
  1796.     "High praises from one like you, First Hunter." I teased. Gherman scoffed, but before he could reply I gave him a Hunter's bow.
  1798.    "Thank you for teaching me, Gherman. I really do appreciate it."
  1800.    He looked at me for a moment, before nodding sharply.
  1802.    "Thank me by going out and hunting more beasts, Good Hunter. The Long Night of the Hunt has only just begun- you'll have plenty of opportunities to put what I taught you to good use."
  1804.    I nodded back.
  1806.    "I shall."
  1808.    And with that, I walked out of the Hunter's Workshop, newly improved Hunter's Axe returning to my Inventory.
  1810.    Then I finally took a look at the messages from the Game.
  1812.    And almost did a picture-perfect spit-take at the first message.
  1814.    "A bonus of learning speed of 1000% while under Gherman's tutellage?! That's-"
  1816.    I stopped. That was a bonus of 10X my normal learning speed. Bullshit, oh yes, but I was learning under THE Gherman, The First Hunter himself.
  1818.    Crazy bonusses were to be expected when one learned from a literally mythical figure and legendary individual.
  1820.    Still, Mythical teacher + Gamer logic = OP, Plz don't nerf.
  1822.    The second message was that I had gained (+5) of reputation with Gherman. Apparently, killing a Cleric Beast and being a good student made him see me a bit better than before.
  1824.    I was a bit disappointed it wasn't more, but I couldn't find it in myself to be surprised that the First Hunter had very high standards.
  1826.    The next message informed me that I had gained (+15) Int from my lessons on the Blood and it's uses. Useful.
  1828.    Then I looked at the last message, which-
  1830.    ...
  1832.    ...
  1834.    Ah! Luck was truly on my side, because one of my theory was just proven correct!
  1836.    See, I made some of the choices I made when selecting my perks out of the belief that I could simply acquire some of them directly while in the Jump. And I was right!
  1838.    I learned (Blood Artisan) from Gherman!
  1840.    It really was there, the same perk than on the jump document!
  1842.    Which meant that I could eventually learn (Blood Artisan Plus), and all the others Perks that could be acquired through learning or getting an item or something (Like, for example, The Art of Quickening).
  1844.    Quite happy with that revelation, I went and decided to talk with the Doll some more.
  1846.    "Good Hunter. do you require my help?" she asked as I came closer.
  1848.    I opened my mouth... then closed it, looked at my [Status], and nodded.
  1850.    I did have the Cleric Beast's Blood echoes still in me, after all.
  1852.    "Could you strengthen me again?"
  1854.    She smiled.
  1856.    "Of course, Good Hunter. Please, stand close... and close your eyes."
  1858.    I did as instructed, feeling her taking my right hand, before the by now familiar feelings of the Doll doing... whatever it was she was doing began.
  1860.    Gun Wielding Mastery, I thought.
  1862.    I had leveled my Axe wielding skill last time, but now my gun wielding skill was lacking behind. and since I was likely to keep using a gun for the entirety of the Hunt ahead... It was only natural to improve that skill.
  1864.    I was currently level (20) in it, so with (4000) blood echoes...
  1866.    I smiled when it finished at level (34).
  1868.    My fight with the Cleric Beast had allowed my (Axe wielding Mastery) to reach level (35), so all told I was effectively reaching the level of a hunter who knew how to use his weapons without killing himself with them.
  1870.    And was even somewhat capable of hitting his enemies!
  1872.    ... Okay, sarcasm aside, it was damn impressive- I basically never held a weapon in my entire (former) life, and now I was actually reaching basic competence.
  1874.    And it's only been... what, a few hours?
  1876.    By all the Great Ones, being a Gamer/Jumper combo + having the Doll's assistance was AWESOME.
  1878.    In any case, with me now being done with my Blood echoes, I opened my eyes.
  1880.    "Thank you, Good Doll." I said brightly.
  1882.    "It is my pleasure, Good Hunter." she replied serenely, a small smile on her face.
  1884.    I looked at her for a moment... then smiled hopefully.
  1886.    "Would you be interested in hearing about my... adventures, in Yharnam? I fear not much in my tale is going to be nice to hear, but..."
  1888.    She smiled.
  1890.    "Of course, Good Hunter. Please, do not hesitate. Many a hunter have passed through this Dream, and..." she trailed off, looking sad for a moment, before perking up again. "while not all cared to share their tales with me, I have come to greatly enjoy those stories I did have the honor to listen to. The Waking World is so very fascinating, after all. So very different from this beautiful and peaceful Dream..."
  1892.    I grinned widely, though I had to hold back a frown at the thought of those hunters who didn't even bother to really talk to the Doll. Honestly, what was wrong with those fools?!
  1894.    Well, their mistake. Though it made me feel angry and sad on the Doll's behalf - to have been so rudely ignored as she implied must have hurt.
  1896.    Still, both of us sat on the small stone wall by the side of the path going up into the Hunter's Workshop, and I began recounting my experiences once again.
  1898.    Though this time, where with Gherman I focused and the beasts and my victories and failures against them, this time I focused on my feelings over... everything.
  1900.    I told her of the Blood minister, of my vision/hallucination, of my awakening, of... of my first death by THAT Beast, of how good it felt when I returned and killed it, of my various deaths and struggles during the Hunt...
  1902.    And of my desire to try and help Humanity survive the Beasts.
  1904.    "Something needs to be done." I explained. "I haven't been in Yharnam for long, but it's obvious the situation is going from bad to worse. The streets are shock-full of madmen and beasts, and even those still in their houses sounds more mad than sane. if nothing is done..." I trailed off.
  1906.    The Doll nodded slowly.
  1908.    "And you wish to help them. But you make it sounds like you wish for more than just slaying the beasts and madmen?" she asked.
  1910.    I nodded. "I don't know what can be done... but this scourge of Beasts need more to be stopped than simply killing the beasts whenever they appear. If there is a source to this madness afflicting Humanity..." I fell silent for a moment. Then-
  1912.    "I will find it and kill it. No matter the reason for all of this... this is going too far. So... I shall put an end to it. To it all. To the death, the madness, the living nightmares in our very streets. I shall end it."
  1914.    The Doll stayed silent, watching me for a long moment.
  1916.    Then she smiled.
  1918.    "You are choosing to shoulder a great burden, Good Hunter. The path ahead of you will without a doubt not be easy... but I... I have faith in you. As long as you keep your convictions strong, I believe that you may yet prevail, in the end. So please, do not let yourself forget why you fight during the Hunt. Keep those desires close to your heart, so that they may guide your actions in the Long Night to come. And... if it ever become too much, remember the flower I gave you. Or simply return here, in this Dream, and I promise that I will do my best to soothe your sickly spirit... Aeon."
  1920.    I blinked, staring at her with wide eyes.
  1922.    The Doll merely smiled kindly back.
  1924.    She really is beautiful when she smiles... just as she is far too good for this wretched world, I couldn't help but think.
  1926.     I personally wasn't much one for overt, physical display of affection, being a rather reserved person myself, but...
  1928.    I hugged the Doll.
  1930.    "Thank you." I whispered.
  1932.    She blinked, before returning the hug.
  1934.    "Always, Good Hunter." she replied with a gentle smile.
  1936.    We stayed like that for a long, glorious moment where I simply enjoyed her warmth, all thoughts of Beasts, Blood, Death and Eldritch horrors far and away from my mind.
  1938.    Then, with a deep sigh, I stepped back, breaking the hug, and then nodded.
  1940.    "As lovely as it always is to be by your side, I should return to the Hunt. As you said, I have a long, difficult path ahead of me- might as well get on with it, or I fear I might never find it in me to leave the warmth of your embrace." I joked.
  1942.    The Doll giggled, then nodded.
  1944.    "Then may you find your worth in the Waking World, Good Hunter. I... look forward to your return." she replied, a small smile on her face.
  1946.    I smiled back, nodding in farewell, before walking towards the tombstone which will bring me back to Yharnam.
  1948.    I also waved away the message informing me that I gained (+10) reputation/affection with the Doll, meaning I was now at (35+??/100)- I had no need to check the Gamer system to know that she cared.
  1950.    Time to go back to the Hunt, I thought with a grin.
  1952.    ********************************************************
  1954.    Blinking at my return to Yharnam, I quickly prepared myself for the fights ahead.
  1956.    First, I once again took care of the crows and brick troll on the bridge, followed by cleaning out the house on the right of it of the madmen within, then I returned on the bridge to kill the two beasts close to the stairs to said house, before going up to the opposite side of the bridge.
  1958.    Some loot later, I went in some small passages to eventually begin my descent...
  1960.    Into the sewers.
  1962.    I grimaced- I was in local civilians clothes, and there was nothing to block the horrible smell of said sewers from reaching my nose.
  1964.    Killing the beasts on my path- jumped attacks from behind works great with Hunter's Axe extended- I went further down... right in the sewer water itself.
  1966.     When I noticeably was NOT wearing boots.
  1968.     Truly, no one become a Hunter out of desire for glorious missions, fame or rewards, I couldn't help but think drily, as I performed sweep attack after sweep attack against the literal giants rats trying to kill me.
  1970.    Finally, I came closer to where I remembered an actual set of Hunter clothes were hidden in, sighing in relief at the idea of being able to put on some proper boots.
  1972.    Naturally, that is when a very angry, very fast beast jumped out of a corner to brutally kill me.
  1974.    At least it was a fast death, considering the steel pipe it was holding crushed my head to a bloody pulp...
  1976.    **********************************************
  1978.    I woke up.
  1980.    Stared at the sky of the Hunter's Dream.
  1982.     Then let out a long sigh.
  1984.     "And I was so very close to finally getting those damn boots..." I grumbled.
  1986.     ************************************************
  1988.     I went back.
  1990.     Killed the same beasts.
  1992.     Endured the smell of the sewers.
  1994.     Endured the waters of said sewers.
  1996.     Killed the beast that had so impolitely crushed my skull so close to getting THOSE GLORIOUS BOOTS.
  1998.     Walked towards where I saw those wonderful clothes resting on the ground-
  2000.     And then a giant rat jumped on my back and bit my head off.
  2002.     I was, to say the least, rather unamused.
  2004.     *************************************************
  2006.     After butchering my way back to those GLORIOUS BOOTS, and making sure, VERY sure that nothing would jump on me THIS TIME (and getting my blood echoes back), I finally stood before the Hunter's set of clothes.
  2008.    Why the hell there was a perfectly clean set of hunter's clothes in the sewers I had no bloody clue, but I certainly wasn't going to complain.
  2010.    Finders keepers and all that.
  2012.    I stood before the clothes, and a gamer's window opened, asking me if I wanted to wear the (Hunter set).
  2014.     Naturally, I smashed the "yes" button.
  2016.     And the next moment I was now standing, garbed with the proper clothes of a Hunter.
  2018.     With my feet finally no longer soaked in sewers water. And with my nose now covered from the smell of said waters.
  2020.     I let out a very happy sigh.
  2022.     Then I looked at myself approvingly.
  2024.     At least now I look like I mean business, I thought with a smile.
  2026.     And then I did a video games classic- I backtracked.
  2028.     ****************************************************
  2030.     After returning to the bridge, I went left instead of right, killing some more madmen, mutated dogs (seriously, I'll never be able to look at a dog without suspicion ever again after Yharnam) and a brick troll, getting some loot (I picked up the Torch. Not sure why that one would be any different from any other torchs, but it's there like in the game, so whatever), some more loot (Oil Urn!) and basically killed everything further along the way.
  2032.     Then I went through twists and turns and the crazy, insane excuse for architecture Yharnam possess to eventually meet one of the best character in the game!
  2034.     Eileen the Crow, Hoonter of Hoonters!
  2036.     She turned to look at me, arms crossed over her chest, and I could feel the weight of her gaze through her mask.
  2038.     Eileen The Crow, Hunter of Hunters
  2039.     Level ??
  2041.     Well, that was somewhat helpful, in the sense that my (Insight) made it clear she was much stronger than me.
  2043.     Not really a surprise, but good to confirm nonetheless.
  2045.     "Oh, a Hunter, are ya? And... hmm... by your scent, an Outsider?" she questionned. "What a mess you've been caught up in. And tonight, of all nights." She chuckled grimly, her feathered outfit shaking slighty as she shook her head, before she sighed.
  2047.     She took a few papers out of a pocket and gestured for me to take them.
  2049.     "Here, to welcome the new hunter."
  2051.     I took the papers, a message from the Game informing me that I had gained four (Bold Hunter's Marks).
  2053.    I wasn't sure if I was going to need them, but in a place like Yharnam, the old adage "It's Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it" could literally save your life.
  2055.     "Thanks."
  2057.     She nodded. "Prepare yourself for the worst. There are no humans left. They're all flesh-hungry beasts, now."
  2059.     I shook my head.
  2061.     "It's not quite that bad. I've met a few Yharnamites that were still sane. A fellow outsider was even kind, which is obviously a commodity in short supply around these parts nowadays, I fear." I joked.
  2063.     She snorted. "That's certainly one way to put it. Yharnarmites aren't exactly happy people on the best of days; it's even worse with outsiders." She sighed. "Though it's good to know at least some people are still sane. I was starting to wonder, honestly- it's been some time since I've seen a friendly face."
  2065.     I looked at her for a moment. "It's a wonder you haven't tried to stab me, then."
  2067.     "I've heard you fighting and watched for a while. Trust me; I would've known if you were... Lost. From what I've seen, you haven't been around here much, have you?"
  2069.     I blinked in suprise. "How do you know?"
  2071.     She scoffed. "You aren't bad, certainly better than those poor madmen patrolling the streets, but you aren't really that good yet. A bit too much hesitation, a surprising lack of bloodlust... It's all too obvious to an old crow like me."
  2073.     I mused that in silence. That she managed to watch me without my knowing wasn't unexpected considering what I knew of her (It certainly was a good reminder of how deadly Yharnam is, that someone could quite literally have gone Assassin's Creed on my ass out of nowhere) but that she was capable of noticing how good a hunter I was in... whatever amount of time she watched over me certainly spoke well of her own experience.
  2075.     Or how bad a hunter I was, in this case.
  2077.     Well. Friendly and humbling reminder of how far I still needed to go to reach the top was friendly and humbling, as expected.
  2079.     She gave me a glance.
  2081.     "Still lingering about? What's wrong? A hunter, unnerved by a few beasts?" she snickered. "No matter. Without fear in our hearts, we're little different from the beasts themselves."
  2083.     She shook her cape.
  2085.     Ding!
  2087.     Yes, thank you Game. I now knew how to dust off any potential cape I might wear while looking cool. Truly, to be a Hunter is a pathway to many abilities some might consider to be... unnatural.
  2089.     Apparently, I took a bit too long being amused by my own joke, because I could feel the frown Eileen threw my way after I remained silent for too long.
  2091.     "What are you still doing here? Enough trembling in yer boots. A hoonter must Hoont." She said, her accent thickening at the end, and while her voice was harsh I could feel the slightest hint of concern for me underneath.
  2093.     I looked at the papers still in my left hand.
  2095.     "That rune... You know of the Dream?"
  2097.     She stayed silent for a moment.
  2099.     "Yes. I Dreamed, once, though that was a long time ago. It appears it's your turn now, Moon-scented Hunter."
  2101.     I nodded.
  2103.     "Then I'll make sure to mention you to the Doll...?" I trailed off.
  2105.     I could almost see the smile on her face.
  2107.     "Eileen. And please do give my regards to the little Doll- it has been far too long since I last saw her."
  2109.     "I shall." I promised.
  2111.     "Good. Then go. Don't you have a few beasts to hunt?" she asked, the dismissal obvious as she turned away.
  2113.     "Aeon." I said.
  2115.     She turned back to me.
  2117.     "You gave me your name, so it's only fair I do the same. I'm Aeon."
  2119.     She chuckled. "Then good hunting, Aeon." She turned her back to me, returning her gaze to the city beyond us.
  2121.     I did the same, turning back from where I came from, quickly putting the papers in my Inventory.
  2123.     I then took a few steps forward, before pausing.
  2125.     do I really smell of the Moon? I wondered. I mean, I knew it was a thing in the game, but...
  2127.     I took a few sniff off myself, before blinking.
  2129.     Huh. So I do... And what a strange scent it is... not bad, though. Not bad at all...
  2131.     Now informed I effectively had an all-time Moon-scent perfume, I kept walking away.
  2133.     Though I could have sworn I heard someone snickering for some reason...
  2135.     ********************************************************
  2137.     And back in the sewers I returned.
  2139.     More uglies with steel pipes, more madmen shooting at me, more giants rats being literally sweeped away thanks to my Hunter's Axe, more bloodthirsty crows...
  2141.    More loot!
  2143.    I even got my hands on the (Saw Spear)!
  2145.    Yay!
  2147.    Then after killing more rats I got close to a body, and clicked "yes" in gaining Madman knowledge.
  2149.    More [Insights], here I come-
  2151.    -I felt something flow in my mind-
  2153.    -Whispers in my brain-
  2155.    I blinked.
  2157.    Blinked again.
  2159.    I turned around, stared at the brutalized corpses of the rats and one Madman several meters away from me, and frowned.
  2161.    "I could have sworn I was just standing over that guy..." I muttered.
  2163.    Then I looked at the message of the Game, informing me that I gained (1) Insight.
  2165.    I looked back at the bodies.
  2167.    "So... Apparently Madman's Knowledge leads to short-term memory loss. That's... a bit concerning."
  2169.    I tried to remember what happened, but the only thing I got was... Dark?
  2171.    I hissed, a sharp headache blossoming in my skull.
  2173.    "Note to self: Either Madmen's Knowledge sucks compared to other ways of gaining [Insight], or it's trying to give me knowledge my currently puny brain can't comprehend. Handle with caution."
  2175.    Shaking off the Headache, I walked away, feeling midly disturbed.
  2177.    ************************************************************
  2179.    I stayed in the sewers a bit longer, finding more loots and some throwing knives, before finally going up a ladder and back in Yharnam streets.
  2181.    Killed a few crows, got another Madman Knowledge- this time, whatever happened was about the Cosmos- and I was left with a feeling of deep grief and loss that took me some time to recover from. In any case, I was now at [Insight]: (8)
  2183.    Which was nice, even if the fact that (Madman's Knowledge) was something I was now mildly weirded out by.
  2185.    I mean, I should have expected something called MADMAN'S KNOWLEDGE to have some side-effects, but short-term memory loss and headaches-inducing random words that I didn't understand (though I had my theories) were still a bit freaky to deal with.
  2187.    A big troll- and yet another spiteful civilian who refused to talk to me- later, and I opened a closed gate that will grant me a shortcut to the sewers.
  2189.    Then I turned, took a deep breath for strength- and went to talk to Gascoigne's Daughter.
  2191.    A daughter that, unknown to her, I was going to help turn into an orphan.
  2193.    ... Damnit. I felt like shit already, and I didn't even kill her father yet...
  2195.    "Hello there! Are you doing alright?" I asked.
  2197.    I heard some shuffling followed by the sound of a chair moving, and then-
  2199.    "Who are you? I don't know your voice, but I know that smell... Are you a Hunter?" she questionned.
  2201.    "I am." I replied.
  2203.    "Then, please, will you look for my mum? Daddy never came back from the Hunt, and she went to find him, but now she's gone, too..."
  2205.    There was a pause, then-
  2207.    "I'm all alone... and scared..." she said softly, and I could hear her voice trembling.
  2209.    I grimaced, holding back a sigh of sadness at this whole situation.
  2211.    "I'll go look for her, then. I promise." I swore.
  2213.    And I would find her. Her body, that is.
  2215.    Damnit.
  2217.    "Really? Oh, thank you!" She cried out, relief thick in her voice.
  2219.    Damnit. Damn it all...
  2221.    "My m-mum wears a red jewelled brooch. It's so big and... and beautiful. You won't miss it... Oh, I mustn't forget. If you find my mum, give her this music box."
  2223.    She passed me said music box through an opened window, and I could see wide blue eyes framed by golden hairs peering up at me with hope shining bright in them.
  2225.    I swallowed, gently taking the box in my left hand.
  2227.    "It plays one of daddy's favourite songs. And when Daddy forget us we play it for him so he remembers. Mum's so silly, running off without it!" she explained, giggling at the end, her voice filled with both hope and fear.
  2229.    "Understood." I said softly, looking down at the music box in my left hand- my right still holding my Axe.
  2231.    I looked up at her, taking in again the beautiful little girl, around twelve to thirteen, whose face I would soon be responsible for twisting with grief and loss.
  2233.    Thank goodness for (Gamer's Mind) and my Hunter outfit hiding most of my face. I wasn't sure what I would, could say if she took notice of how much this conversation was tearing me up on the inside.
  2235.    "Can you tell me your name and that of your family before I go?"
  2237.    She blinked, before blushing.
  2239.    "Ah, right. Sorry about that, Mister Hunter. Well, I'm Violetta, and my mum is Viola, and my daddy's last name is Gascoigne. Oh, and there's my older sister too, Vanessa!"
  2241.    I nodded.
  2243.    "Well, my name is Aeon. And it seems your family has something of a naming tradition, what with all these V-starting names." I joked.
  2245.    She grinned.
  2247.    "Yup! Apparently it's been that way for a long time on my mum's side of the family."
  2249.    "Well then, Violetta, if you'll excuse me it appears I have work to do. Stay safe within your home, alright? You have enough incense to ward off the beasts, yes?" I asked.
  2251.    She nodded, smilling brightly, that painful hope in her blue eyes strong as she stared at me.
  2253.    "I do, good Hunter Aeon. Thanks for asking, but for now I'll be alright."
  2255.    I smiled, though she couldn't see it through my outfit.
  2257.    "Good. In that case, I really should get going. The Hunt will be a long, hard one tonight, I fear..."
  2259.    She frowned, looking at me in concern now. "Are you going to be alright, then? I..." she hesitated, before grinning. "Mum and Daddy try to hide how bad things can get at times, but I still hear stories sometime. Some are really scary! And there were some loud roars from the bridge not that long ago..." she trailed off, looking scared.
  2261.    I chuckled.
  2263.    "Don't worry about those roars. I can guarantee you that the beast who made them is VERY dead."
  2265.    She stared at me with wide eyes. "Really?"
  2267.    I grinned. "Considering I'm the one who killed it, yes I am!"
  2269.    There was awe in her gaze now.
  2271.    "Woah! Really?! You killed a beast who could roar so loudly?!" She exclaimed, before she smiled brightly.
  2273.    "That's incredible! You must be a really good Hunter then!"
  2275.    I laughed. "I'm not quite that good yet, I think. Beside, overconfidence can get you killed in the Hunt. But..." I grinned. "I like to think I'll become the best Hunter ever, one day. Such that nothing, not even the strongest of Beasts can escape me. Who knows, maybe one day I'll become so strong all the beasts will run away from me!"
  2277.    She giggled, looking up at me with bright blue eyes. "I don't think I've ever heard of someone who could make the beasts run away in fear, mister Hunter, but that certainly sounds nice. Still, I'm sure if you train hard enough you'll become very strong! Just like Daddy!"
  2279.    I smiled "Indeed! Speaking of, I really should get going. Take care and stay safe, alright?"
  2281.    "Alright! Good hunting!" She exclaimed, waving goodbye before closing the window.
  2283.    I looked down at the box in my hand for a long moment, before finally allowing myself to express the feelings raging within me.
  2285.    I sighed deeply.
  2287.    Fucking Yharnam... I cursed in my mind, not looking forward at all to my next conversation with Violetta.
  2289.    Then I put the music box in my Inventory and made my way to more.fucking.sewers.
  2291.    Except those were filled with jumping, crawling undead abominations and more crazy crows falling from down high on me.
  2293.    I came VERY close to dying, and actually had to use a few blood vials rather than let my natural healing do it's thing in order to not get killed, but knowing what to expect- and using my (insight) skill to confirm all the corpses in the water had, indeed, all been killed and there weren't any sneaky survivors (there were. For a time) managed to ensure my survival.
  2295.    Oh, and there was more loot too. Yay!
  2297.    Then I got up a ladder (I didn't kill the big pig yet. Though I looked forward to doing it later), went to the left, took the elevator, got out, then turned around to take it back up (shortcut unlocked!) started to walked up the brigde... and then stopped.
  2299.    Because I could see the several madmen before me... and more importantly, the massive boulder, ON FIRE behind them.
  2301.    Thank you, superhuman vision!
  2303.    The madmen charged me, but I was already running like hell back to the other side of the bridge, before I all but threw myself on the side-
  2305.    And mere seconds after, the cut-off screams of the madmen were followed by the boulder rolling up and beyond the bridge.
  2307.    After that rather terrifying experience, I rushed up the bridge and brutally murdered the bastard troll who almost got me crushed AND burned to death.
  2309.    True, I probably wouldn't have had the time to feel the fire from, you know, being crushed to death, but I still distinctively remembered what burning to death was like.
  2311.    For all the levels in (Fire Resistance) that had granted me, it was NOT worth the pain and memories, thank you very much.
  2313.    Then I took the ladder down and-
  2315.    I grinned.
  2317.    In the game, that damned giant boar could hear you if you came at it from behind.
  2319.    But this wasn't the game, I had the (Stealth) skill, and I slowly, but surely got behind that monstrous asshole.
  2321.    ... Pun not intended.
  2323.    Then I visceral attack'ed that asshole and made it squeal like a pig!
  2325.    .. Puns still very much not intended.
  2327.    A few blows from my Axe later, and I was standing before it's corpse radiating with smugness.
  2329.    Try and kill Violetta, why don't you?! Well, not on my watch! And just you wait! When you'll return to life, I'll have the pleasure of brutally killing a motherfucker not once, but twice!
  2331.    Sometime, it was good to be a Hunter of the Dream.
  2333.    That thought was then, of course, followed by looting everything around me.
  2335.    I was pretty happy, in particular, at getting the [Saw Hunter Badge].
  2337.    That'll come in handy, and that made it now the second Badge I got my hands on.
  2339.    Then I went back up through the ladder, took the passage on the left from up there, sneaked up on the two beasts who had their back turned from me, killed the first with my axe, shot the second before it could react and followed that up by cutting it's head off afterwards for good measure.
  2341.    I paused, gave a good, long look at what awaited me further up... and then turned on my heels and made my way to the nearest Lamp to return to the Dream.
  2343.    I had 7500 blood echoes on me, like hell was I going to fight Gascoigne with that still not spent!
  2345.    ******************************************
  2347.    The instant I was back in the Hunter's Dream, my eyes went straight to the Doll.
  2349.    Who reacted to my sudden appareance with a blink and a wide smile.
  2351.    "Good Hunter. I see you have found yourself clothes befitting of a Hunter like yourself." she said. She looked me up and down, a look of obvious approval on her face. "They suit you well. Why, you look like the perfect picture representative of a Gentleman Hunter!" she declared with a small grin.
  2353.    I blushed, shuffling a bit where I stood, before grinning back, making sure the part of my new outfit that covered my mouth was lowered.
  2355.    "Indeed! I found this rather fetching outfit out while on the Hunt, and not only does it look good and proved itself surprisingly comfortable, but it is quite tough as well! It certainly does a much better job at protecting me from claws and more than my former clothes."
  2357.    Which were effectively the same clothes you had starting in the game. I honestly didn't want to think too hard about that, for various reasons.
  2359.    I scretched a bit, showing off my new outfit, before blushing again.
  2361.    "So... You like it, then?" I asked, happiness in my voice at her approval.
  2363.    "I do, Good Hunter. As I said... it does look good on you." she agreed, her small smile still very much present as her eyes stared up and down at me.
  2365.    I blushed again, feeling rather happy about myself just now, before the reason for my return to the Dream came back to me.
  2367.    My grin and blush faded away, and I looked at the Doll with a mix of determination and sadness.
  2369.    "I am afraid I require your help to strengthen me once more, dear Doll... the fight I am about to enter will be no easy one." I sighed sadly. "for several reasons..."
  2371.    The Doll was curious, so I ended telling her about Violetta, about what she asked me to do... and my own "concerns" that Gascoigne had lost himself to the Hunt and the Blood.
  2373.    To say nothing of Violetta's mother fate, which I made no attempt to hide as anything but... "very likely" grim.
  2375.    The Doll listened patiently, before sighing in sadness when I was done.
  2377.    "Oh, Good Hunter... What dreadful burdens that the Hunt require you to shoulder so soon... I know that you have already chosen to bear them of your own free will, but still... Nonetheless, there is hope yet, yes? You have the music Box, surely if it worked before, it will work again?" she asked, and I smiled sadly.
  2379.    "I can only hope so... but if Viola confronted her husband without it, I fear I may be too late already. I will do what I can... but I can't help but fear the worst." I answered.
  2381.    For a moment, the two of us remained silent, before the Doll stepped forward and hugged me.
  2383.    I froze. "Doll...?"
  2385.    She smiled sadly. "Did I not promise, Good Hunter, not long ago now that I would always be there to soothe your spirit? It is obvious that this situation pains you, and while I admire your compassion... The Hunt has turned what should have been a strength into a weakness. I am no hunter, but even I know that your mind must be at ease and focused if you wish to be able to claim victory against the beasts of Yharnam. So, if for but a moment... forget the Hunt. Forget your duties. Forget what is required of you- for now... simply rest, and take as much time as you need before your return to the Waking World."
  2387.    I remained frozen for a long, long moment... before relaxing in her embrace, a deep sigh leaving me.
  2389.    "Thank you." I said softly.
  2391.    "Always." the Doll replied, equally softly but firmly.
  2393.    How long I remained there, resting my head on her left shoulder, silently enjoying the hug and the feeling of her fingers running through my dark hair I do not know, but eventually I let out a shuddering breath and stepped back.
  2395.    The Doll looked at me with concern, but I shook my head firmly and she left it at that.
  2397.    "On happier news, I met an old Huntress of the Dream by the name of Eileen."
  2399.    The Doll blinked in surprise before a warm smile appeared on her face.
  2401.    "Eileen? Yes, she was a Hunter of this Dream, long ago now. Is she doing well?" she asked, concern mixed with joy on her face.
  2403.    I smiled back. "She is. She told me to pass her greetings to you. Obviously, she remembers you fondly to this day."
  2405.    The Doll's smile at my words could have outshined the sun, so bright it was.
  2407.     "Truly? I am so very happy to hear that! I always prays that the Hunters who left the Dream have found joy in the Waking World, but it's good to have proof that at least one did find her worth outside this Dream."
  2409.     I chuckled, before nodding.
  2411.     "Indeed. And speaking of worth..."
  2413.     The Doll nodded. "You wish to strengthen yourself before confronting Gascoigne, I understand. Then close your eyes..."
  2415.     I did as requested, and once more I focused on my skills- this time, back to my (Axe Wielding Mastery).
  2417.     Killing my way through more beasts had helped me levels it up to level (38). With 7500 Blood Echoes...
  2419.     My skill with an Axe was now at level (53).
  2421.     I grinned. I was officially better than most people! Sure, I was by no means a veteran or a master, but at least I wasn't a noob anymore!
  2423.    Go me!
  2425.    I stepped back from the Doll, feeling quite satisfied with my growth in skill and overall deadliness, before taking a deep breath-
  2427.    Then I froze, blinking as something occured to me.
  2429.    I frowned, took my hat in my hand, and looked at it curiously.
  2431.    Now that I thought about it, how the hell did it never fell off? I certainly had to rolls and jumps around enough that it should have fallen off my head, but nope, here it was, not even a speck of blood or anything on it.
  2433.    I put it on my head, staring with a thoughful frown at the dirt path before me... before I rolled forward.
  2435.    And noticed that yes, against all logic and laws of gravity, my hat was still very much on my head afterwards.
  2437.    I made some side rolls and even a backward roll, but nope, my hat stubbornly refused to leave my head so long as I didn't take it in my hands.
  2439.     ... Huh. Gamer's logic at work is a hell of a drug for Reality, apparently.
  2441.    Experiments over to my satisfaction, I turned around-
  2443.    And froze, staring with wide-eyes at the Doll, her head adorably tilted to the side in obvious confusion as she stared at me with incomprehension.
  2445.    Ow... my heart, too cute!
  2447.    "Good Hunter... Is everything alright?" She asked innocently, and my willpower broke faster than my body did when I got crushed by the Cleric Beast.
  2449.    I hugged her tightly.
  2451.    "You... are far too cute for words." I grumbled half-heartedly, while mentally shouting stuff like Too cute! or Must Protect!
  2453.    The Doll blinked.
  2455.    "... Thank you?"
  2457.    I looked up, and she graced me with a small smile, obviously confused but happy by the compliment.
  2459.    I sighed. I never stood a chance, I couldn't help but think in amusement at just how adorable the Doll was.
  2461.     Then I stepped back, looked at the tombstone which would send me back to Yharnam... and sighed again.
  2463.     "Wish me luck, Doll- I've got a bad feeling about this one."
  2465.     The Doll smiled. "Good luck, Good Hunter. I can only hope your fears will not come to pass."
  2467.     I nodded grimly. "You and me both, dear Doll. You and me both..."
  2469.     I stepped up to the tombstone. To Yharnam and the Hunt I returned...
  2471.     And this time, there was no anticipation of a good hunt, no joy at knowing I will keep growing stronger still.
  2473.     There was only the weight of Duty and the expectations of a Hunter on the Hunt.
  2475.     And heavy indeed was their weight on my shoulders.
  2477.     *******************************************
  2479.     I stared at the courtyard before me, the tall form of Father Gascoigne in the distance.
  2481.     Father Gascoigne- Church Hunter.
  2482.     Level 60
  2484.     I was already grimacing- I could see his axe rising and falling over and over again on a corpse, blood and gore spreading around him like a horrific parody of a puddle, bloodstains covering much of his body.
  2486.     That did not speak well of his sanity... Or what was left of it.
  2488.     for a long moment, I remained there, trying to gather the willpower to start walking.
  2490.     With a trembling hand, I reached into my Inventory, taking out for the first time the Flower within.
  2492.     Watching it shine brilliantly for a time, I then took a long whiff of it, my eyes never leaving it's white radiance.
  2494.    "Give me strength, dear Doll." I wispered softly.
  2496.    Then I put it back in my Inventory, taking out the music box instead.
  2498.    With one last sigh, I began to walk forward.
  2500.    Father Gascoigne's Axe fell one last time on the corpse of the mutilated beast at his feet, before he slowly began to turn around, his bloodstained hands tightly gripping his weapons.
  2502.     "Beasts all over the shop... You'll be one of them, sooner or later..."
  2504.     He snarled in my direction, looking more like a flesh-hungry beast than a holy man, and my heart sank.
  2506.     The message that I had gained (1) Insight at the sight of him did not help.
  2507.     BOSS BATTLE
  2510.     Neither did this.
  2512.     "Gascoigne! Stop! Think of your daughters! Think of Violetta and Vanessa!" I shouted, quickly using the music box, hoping that both the names of his daughters and the music would bring something, anything out of the madman before me.
  2514.     He stopped running towards me, recoiling hard and away from me, one hand going to his head, and I could see him whispering something.
  2516.     for a moment, I dared to hope... and then he snarled, looking back at me with animalistic rage.
  2518.     My blood seemingly turned to ice, my heart sinking in my chest. true, it had been a long shot, but damn it I owed it to his daughters to try!
  2520.     I snarled back, focusing on running and dodging his attacks rather than trying to fight back, tightly clutching the music box in my left hand.
  2522.     "Damn it Gascoigne! Think of your daughters! You have two adorable little girls waiting for you back home! They are waiting, praying for their Daddy to come home and back to them! Please!" I screamed, quickly turning the music box back on.
  2524.     Again, he staggered backwards, his face twisting with pain, his hands trembling.
  2526.     Then a few seconds later he violently shook his head and howled in rage, returning to his madness and trying even harder to kill me.
  2528.     I grimaced, it was taking everything I had to keep dodging the blows of his axe or, worst, his gunshots.
  2530.     Again, I turned the music box back on, pleading for him to see reason.
  2532.     "Are you really going to abandon your daughters?! They need their father! In this city full of beasts and madmen, will you really leave them all alone, at the mercy of monsters?! Please, Gascoigne! Please remember who you are! For their sake, I beg of you!" I shouted, my voice breaking at the end.
  2534.     Yet again, he recoiled, his hands going to his head, agony twisting his features.
  2536.     "Shut up Shut up SHUT UP! DIE, FOUL BEAST!" he screamed, howling like a mad beast himself, before charging at me with even greater fury than ever before.
  2538.     Again, I tried to use the music box... but this time, he didn't even slow down, running towards me with animalistic rage and bloodlust in his every step.
  2540.    Surprised by the lack of reaction to the music, I dodged too late- and his axe finally slammed down on me, the majority of my HP leaving me in one blow, leaving me gasping in pain.
  2542.    Gascoigne's Axe rose and fell again, and this time it sank in my torso, my warm blood bathing us both in red.
  2544.     And as I fell to my knees, gazing up at Gascoigne with tears-filled eyes and blood falling from my wounds and mouth, I saw him smile in gleeful satisfaction.
  2546.     "The sweet Blood, oh, it sings to me..."
  2548.     The music box fell from my limp fingers.
  2550.     Gascoigne's Axe fell on my skull soon after.
  2552.    **********************************************
  2554.    I woke up.
  2556.    Tightly clutched in my left hand, the music box remained, silent and useless.
  2558.    For a long moment, I gazed silently at the sky of the Hunter's Dream, my mind numb.
  2560.     Then, with a deep, heaving sigh, I rose to my feet, silently staring at the music box in my hand.
  2562.     Silently staring at the representation of a broken family, of shattered hopes and dreams of good, loving people who only desired to lived happy, peaceful lives.
  2564.     I gently put it in my Inventory, before closing my eyes, my shoulders droping in grief- both for the sake of a family who deserved better... and for mine, who now needed to do my Duty as a Hunter.
  2566.     I walked up to the tombstone, my steps heavy, the Doll perking up at seeing me... before wilting, her own shoulders dropping in sadness as I shook my head in sorrow.
  2568.     My already broken heart shattered further at the sight, the price of my own failure at pulling off a miracle already staring back at me... and I had yet to kill Gascoigne and tell his daughters of their parents death.
  2570.     I focused on the Tombstone, and a second later I was back in Yharnam.
  2572.     Trying desperately to not focus on the wetness of my cheeks and the blurriness of my vision.
  2574.     *************************************************
  2576.     Once again, I stood before Gascoigne.
  2578.     This time, I had (Gamer's Mind) up and working at full blast, allowing me to stare at him with naught but the cold stare of a killer sizing his prey.
  2580.    If nothing else, having focused on dodging as much as I had had allowed me to build up a good understanding of his fighting style, attacks patterns and more.
  2582.    The moment he saw me, he charged, lips curled into a bloodthirsty snarl, his form trembling with dark glee at one more foe to kill standing before him.
  2584.    I dodged his gunshot, using the second of time where he focused on reloading his gun to fire my own.
  2586.    He still avoided most of it, but his snarl turned slighty pained as his left shoulder took a glancing hit.
  2588.    Running towards me, he raised his axe, and I just barely dodged out of the way, my own axe flashing and scoring a deep cut on his already injured shoulder.
  2590.    He screamed in pain and rage, whirling towards me with surprising speed, his axe scoring a harsh blow across my torso.
  2592.    I stumbled but reacted quickly, my gun going up and successfully firing straight at his center mass.
  2594.    This time, it was he who stumbled, and I ran, swiftly puting my gun in Inventory before I grinned grimly as I successfully performed a visceral attack on him.
  2596.    To his credit, he quickly got back to his feet after that, sniffling the air and licking his lips in delight.
  2598.    "The sweet Blood, oh, it sings to me... It's enough to make a man sick."
  2600.    I grimaced. The last time he said that was about my blood, but now it was about his own, but it didn't even seem to matter to him.
  2602.    I charged again, and for a few, confusing moments the two of us were locked in a brutal melee, but my inexperience finally showed itself when, with a complex twist of his axe, he successfully managed to throw mine across the courtyard.
  2604.    I barely had enough time to start cursing before I had the distinct (dis)pleasure of learning what dying to a visceral attack felt like.
  2606.    Needless to say, it ranked firmly amongst the highest "Worst, most painful deaths" list I had begun to put together since my arrival at Yharnam.
  2608.    Whoever came up with the saying that "Turnabout is fair-play" quite obviously never died feeling and watching their internal organs being violently rearranged to the outside of one's body before their helpless eyes.
  2610.    Ow.
  2612.    ***************************************************
  2614.    I woke up.
  2616.    Shuddered at my last death's memories.
  2618.    Then grimly returned to the courtyard where Gascoigne awaited.
  2620.    This time, I played things differently, making use of the various tombstones around us to better dodge and avoid his blows, before returning fire with my gun and throwing molotov cocktails at him.
  2622.    Eventually, I got lucky and made him stagger, and while I was behind a tombstone and thus in no position to visceral attack Gascoigne, I most definitely enjoyed throwing a molotov cocktail straight at him.
  2624.    Too staggered to dodge, Gascoigne could not evade this one, and he screamed in agony as the bottle smashed on his torso and he caught fire.
  2626.    What happened next however... even (Gamer's Mind) couldn't fully stop my shock and horror as Gascoigne, in an orgy of blood and gore, exploded into an horrific beast, whose maddened howl chilled my blood like ice in my veins.
  2628.    Worse still, was that I could see the remnant of the Man's [Humanity] falling, screaming in horror, into the hungry maw of his inner [Beast], before that monstrous Abomination turned to stare at me with endless, all-consuming [Hunger] for more [Blood] in it's eyes.
  2630.    The True Sight of Gascoigne's Damnation would forever haunt me, I knew, and for a long, seemingly eternal moment I could only stare with wide, shell-shocked eyes at the Beast before me.
  2632.    And then I snarled, pure [Fury] radiating off me like fire, my skill (Calm Hatred) kicking in as I glared at the... the... the Monstrous BEAST before me who Damned a good man and his family to grief and loss with absolute rage.
  2634.    "Die!" I hissed, before charging the Beast, my hands clenching my weapons so hard they almost started to break the wood on them.
  2636.    What followed was hardly a contest of skill, but truly one of sheer brutality and rage, where I relied on [Rally] to carry me through each and every blows from that Beast.
  2638.    But I barely felt them. Even as my (Physical Resistance) and (Pain Resistance) skills kept leveling up, even as blows after blows decreased my health, I kept slashing, kept firing, kept on fighting and kicking and punching and even smashed my gun in the Abomination's face to gain me a few more seconds.
  2640.    And eventually, eventually I stood, exhausted but in triumph over the broken corpse of the Beast, my body covered head to toe with his blood and organs, before it, like the Cleric Beast before it, exploded in Sliver Light and Mist, it's Blood Echoes flowing into me.
  2642.    Staring at the message, I just... I did not know how to feel.
  2644.    Was I supposed to be proud for making two girls orphans this day? Sad for giving mercy to a man who could have only found peace in death?
  2646.    In the end, without the comforting fire of my [Hatred of Beast] burning in my veins, I felt only... hollow.
  2648.    I had triumphed. Done my duty as a Hunter. Put down the Beast.
  2650.    But at what cost?
  2652.    I sighed, closing my eyes in exhaustion- both physical and emotional.
  2654.    Finally, I opened them again, looking at the various messages from the Game.
  2656.    I had gained (3200) Blood Echoes from Gascoigne's death, and my [Insight] was now at (12).
  2658.    I further obtained "Oedon's Tomb" key, and a (50) Stats points disk for Vit.
  2660.    Oh, and I was now level (38), which meant I had enough points for the all (100) stats perk... though I was going to worry about that later.
  2662.    For now, I activated the Lamp which had appeared in the middle of the courtyard, went up the stairs on my right... and walked up to where I knew the corpse of Violetta's mother would be.
  2664.     And I as feared, here it was, the Red Jewelled Brooch still shining brightly on her.
  2666.     I let out a deep sigh, taking it my right hand, before gently putting it in my Inventory.
  2668.     Then I carefully took Viola's mother body, walked down the stairs, took a shovel that was nearby, and dug two graves in the cold, hard ground of the courtyard.
  2670.    One I filled with Gascoigne's Axe and gun, the other with Viola's body. Considering the number of graves around me, it was hardly like it couldn't take two more- and this was supposed to be a chapel anyway.
  2672.     Beside, I refused to let Violetta's mother body just rotting on the ground, so digging up two graves it was.
  2674.    Finding some wood nearby, I carved in the names of the deceased on them, before putting them at the top of the graves.
  2676.    Nodding in grim satisfaction at my work, I then walked up the stairs again, this time to open up the Gates to Oedon's chapel.
  2678.     A few minutes later, I finished going up a ladder and was finally within the safe haven that was Oedon chapel.
  2680.     I found a note about the Byrgenwerth spider, followed by a chest that held the (Blood Gems Workshop Tool), which I put with a small smile in my Inventory.
  2682.     Then I went up more stairs, opened the doors in my way... And took in the sight of Oedon Chapel from the inside with a wide, satisfied smile.
  2684.     My gaze then fell on the chapel dweller, who was looking up at me with wide eyes.
  2686.     "... Hmm? Oh... You must be... a Hunter." he exclaimed. "Very sorry, the incense must have masked your scent. Good, good. I've been waiting for one of your ilk. These Hunts have everyone all locked up inside. Waiting for it to end... It always does, always has, y'know. Since forever. But it won't end very nicely, not this time. Even some folk hiding inside are goin' bad. The screams of wimminfolk, the stench of blood, the snarls of beasts... None of em's too uncommon now. Yharnam's done fer, I tell ya!" he exclaimed.
  2688.     "But if you spot anyone with their wits about 'em, tell 'em about this here Oedon Chapel. They'll be safe here. The incense wards off the beasts. Spread the words... Tell 'em to come on over. If you wouldn't mind... Hee hee..." And then he began laughing creepily.
  2690.     I held back a sigh. I swear, this city...
  2692.     "Alright. Speaking of which..." I looked further ahead, staring somewhat bemusedly at the old lady in her chair. I mean, I was the one who sent her here, and I knew that there were more entrances to the Chapel than the one I took, but how...?
  2694.     "Oh, this old woman came not too long ago now, grumbling about useless Hunters and damned beasts..." the dweller explained, before his eyes went wide. "Not that there's anything wrong with being a hunter! I'm sure you are doing everything to protect this city... Yes, everything... Hee hee..."
  2696.     I shook my head, deciding to follow Gherman's advice- don't think too hard about all of this.
  2698.     Then I walked up the Lamp in the middle of the Chapel, activated it, and seconds later I was back in the Hunter's Dream.
  2700.    Upon which I made a beeline for the Doll, embracing her so quickly she didn't even have the time to say her usual greetings.
  2702.     She returned the hug, sighing sadly.
  2704.     "Welcome home, Good Hunter." she said softly. "I take it things didn't go well with Violetta's parents?"
  2706.     I shook my head silently, finally letting go of (Gamer's Mind) and letting the storm within me break out at last.
  2708.    I promptly started sobbing, feeling thoroughly unclean in a way far deeper than merely physically at the knowledge that I played a part in robbing Violetta and her sister of their father.
  2710.    I knew, logically, that I tried, that there was nothing more that I could have done once the music box stopped working... but emotions aren't based on logic, and it felt horrible to have murdered the father of two young girls, one of which had specifically entrusted me with bringing her parents back to her.
  2712.     And so, for a long, long time I cried, here in the safety of the Doll's arms- for the sake of the two orphans I created, for my own for my part in this tragic tale, and for Gascoigne's own as the memories of his screams of horror as his inner beast feasted upon his very Humanity from the inside out refused to leave my mind.
  2714.     As for the Doll, she held me in her arms... and, softly, began singing.
  2716.     Eventually, as my tears stopped and my eyes began to close, I heard her softly speak.
  2718.     "Oh, Good Hunter... My brave, strong Hunter... O Flora, of the moon, of the dream... O Little Ones, O fleeting will of the ancients... Let the Hunter be safe, let him find comfort. And let this dream, his captor, foretell a pleasant awakening... Be one day, a fond, distant memory..."
  2720.     My eyes closed.
  2722.     ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/
  2723.     A.N: Alright! Here was the next chapter, this one about everything up to the Gascoigne fight.
  2724.     A lot of things happened this time, but needless to say, the Gascoigne fight will very likely be one of the worst part of Aeon's journey, since while he may have started getting used to his own deaths... that of others still hit hard.
  2725.    Despite his perks and Gamer status, he is still so very human, after all... And who wouldn't react with horror at killing the father of a family, no matter how justified the kill may be? Killing regular madmen is one thing, but killing a man whose daughter you met... who tasked you to bring back her parents...
  2726.     Yeah. Poor Aeon got hit hard in the feels, and since he isn't a caricatural, emotionless jedi or anything, there was only so long he could suppress his feelings through Gamer's mind before they broke out.
  2727.     And hey, it also allows me to have a few more Aeon x the Doll moments, so cruel writer that I am I'm not going to complain! :p
  2728.    Honestly though, most of the future of this fic isn't so tragic by any means... but this is Bloodborne. Even with all his advantages, Aeon isn't omnipotent. That'll come later.
  2729.     And for the Doll's song, I honestly would have prefered using Lullaby for Mergo, but it really isn't something that even the Doll could sing. As for why that song? Well, Spoilers! :p
  2730.     Oh, and I'm likely going to post an informational about Aeon. There won't be everything- I'm not going to write in details all his skills or anything- but It'll help us all keep his growth clear and understood.
  2731.     In any case, I hope you all enjoyed this update! Next time, Aeon pass some time in the Dream to rest from his latest ordeal, but eventually the call of the Hunt can't be denied...
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  2746.    Here is the Fifth chapter! Finally!
  2747.    My apologies for taking so long- QQ ended up losing me several thousands words of progress, and that put me in a foul mood for a few days. Still, lesson learned: keep back-ups, just in case...
  2748.    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2750.    I woke up.
  2752.    The quiet peace of the Dream welcomed me, as calm and comforting as ever.
  2754.    For a moment, I stared blankly at the sky, the memories of what happened before my return to the Dream crashing on me with all the added guilt and horror I felt over what my duty as a Hunter required of me.
  2756.    And then I froze, blinking rapidly.
  2758.    "Doll." I said, with rather wide eyes.
  2760.    The Doll, whose lap my head currently was resting in and whose fingers gently passed through my short black hair, looked down at me with a small, caring smile.
  2762.    "Hello, Good Hunter. I hope your rest was peaceful?" She asked kindly, gentle concern in her voice.
  2764.    I swallowed, before sighing and closing my eyes, focusing on the rather soothing feeling of her fingers passing through my hair. I certainly wasn't going to say no to a lap-pillow from the Doll.
  2766.     No way in Hell was I ever going to be that foolish.
  2768.     So with all that being said... "Yes, it was." I opened an eye, my black pupil shining with both amusement and gratitude directed at the woman whose lap my head was in. "No doubt partially thank to yourself, dear Doll- a more comfortable place to rest in, I cannot imagine in all the world."
  2770.     She giggled quietly, her smile turning relieved and happy.
  2772.     "Thank you, Good Hunter. But it is only natural for me to try to help you in any way that I can- I am here, in this Dream, to look after Hunters like yourself, remember?" She paused.
  2774.     "Besides... I wanted to, Good Hunter." she declared softly, her gaze gentle but firm. "Seeing you so sad... It felt wrong. You, who faced all that Yharnam has thrown your way so far with naught but ever rising determination towards all who would stand in your way... I did not have the pleasure to know you for long yet, Good Hunter, but the fact that it is the pain and death of your fellow Man which finally managed to go through the armor around your heart, which finally brought you true pain... It says much about you, Good Hunter. All of them good. And I..."
  2776.     She paused again, before her gaze turned even more gentle.
  2778.     "Many a Hunters have passed through this Dream. All, like you, eventually break down from the horrors of the Hunt. But while many succumb to despair over their own fates, fewer do so over the fates of those they fight. Far too many..." Her voice turned sad. "Far too many comes to enjoy it, in time. The deaths, the Blood... They kill and kill, until they desire nothing more than to kill some more, as if they were beasts themselves, losing sight of who they were before they joined the Hunt." Her voice turned into a whisper, her eyes lost in thoughts and memories.
  2780.     "Forgetting all about why they joined the Hunt in the first place. Many a tale did I hear over time, many a dream did I listen to..." She shook her head. "For too many, all that was left by the end were nightmares. Nightmares, which they would not, could not break themselves free from."
  2782.     She smiled at me, then, a small, hopeful thing, all the more beautiful for it fragility.
  2784.     "I can only hope and pray, Good Hunter, that no matter the horrors you shall face throughout the Hunt... No matter what your Duty requires of you... Someone as kind as you does not lose that very kindness that defines you so beautifully."
  2786.     I stared at her smilling face for a long moment, taking in the painful past and memories so obvious in her words... before I smiled back, my eyes firm and determined.
  2788.     "Then I promise you that I shall forever remains your Good Hunter, Dear Doll- and one worthy of the Name." I declared, not a shred of hesitation in my voice.
  2790.     The Doll's eyes widened, and somehow a blush came to her cheeks.
  2792.    "Good Hunter..." she said softly, her eyes fixed on me.
  2794.    My right hand came to rest on the right side of her face, and I smiled a little as she leaned against it slightly.
  2796.    "As you said before... Putting an end to the Hunt is a great burden. But..." My smile turned into a grin. "As long as I have you by my side, I promise that I shall always return to you- and always remain true to myself, too. Through all the Blood, the Death and Madness of the Hunt... In the end, none of it can even come close to your beautiful, gentle light, dear Doll..."
  2798.    The blush on her face is much greater now, but it is entirely eclipsed by the brilliant smile on her face.
  2800.    "Oh, Good Hunter... I am but a Doll, here in this Dream to look after you..."
  2802.    "Perhaps. But to me, you are the sole island of sanity and genuine kindness in this mad world. So..." I took a deep breath, before making sure to look straight into her eyes.
  2804.    "Thank you, Doll, for being there for me. Thank you for your kindness and concerns. Thank you... for everything." I said firmly.
  2806.    She stared at me for a moment, before yet another brilliant smile spread across her face.
  2808.    "It is my pleasure... Aeon."
  2810.    And for a time, I decided to follow one of her previous advice- I stayed there with her, the two of us hugging one another, as I told her of my fight with Father Gascoigne, of his horrific transformation, of his death, of finding Viola's corpse... All that and more, with the Doll kind words and boundless understanding allowing me to keep going until finally I feel silent, both of us silently enjoying the peaceful beauty of the Hunter's Dream, while the Gamer's powers allowed me to do so with the Dream's music theme in the background.
  2812.    For a blissful moment, there were no thoughts of Beasts, Blood or Duty on my mind- only those of the gentle, warm embrace of the beautiful woman by my side, soothing the wounds on my heart and soul by her mere presence.
  2814.    And I swore to myself once more...
  2816.    That such moments would exist for the rest of Eternity.
  2818.    No matter the cost.
  2820.    *************************************************
  2822.    Eventually however, no matter how enjoyable staying with the Doll was, I needed to get up and do things.
  2824.    The first thing I did was take the Stat Points Disk out of my Inventory and use it, which allowed my Vit Stat to reach (150).
  2826.    Then I put my other stat points to good use, finally reaching the All (100) Perk.
  2827.    *Ding!*
  2828.    Your Charisma is now (100)!
  2829.    For having charisma of (100), you gain a new Trait!​
  2831.    Cha (100): People are naturally drawn to you, and trust you faster. You now have a gift for simply listening to people, your very presence soothing them such that they more easily talk about their problems and find comfort doing so. They also are more likely to think the best of you, unwilling to condamn you for anything unless a good amount of proofs exist to confirm any crime that you may have committed. Oh, and people naturally attracted to your current gender now consider you "Handsome/Beautiful" without fail.
  2832.    ​
  2833.    *Ding!*
  2834.    Your Luck is now (100)!
  2835.    For having Luck of (100), you gain a new Trait!
  2836.    ​
  2837.    Luck (100): You are incredibly lucky. It is very rare for you to lose to any game of chance, and you will even more easily find a greater quantity of Loot in your travels. Furthermore, once per battle you will be able to avoid a killing blow and turn it into a glancing strike, whether it is through you dodging at the last minute, you enemy tripping over himself or something else.
  2838.    ​
  2839.    *Ding!*
  2840.    Your Stats have reached All (100)!
  2841.    For having Stats at All (100), you gain a new Trait!
  2842.    ​
  2843.    All (100): Second Step To Glory. You are the better, in all ways, of any Yharnamites civilians. 20% increased learning speed for All skills. 20% increase in all exp/Blood Echoes gain.
  2845.    I smiled, quite satisfied at my Stats. Sure, I was apparently still just somewhere above a regular Yharnamite now, but considering the short time that I was at it this was incredible progress.
  2847.    I smiled even harder at the message informing me that I had gained (+10) reputation with the Doll for my words to her.
  2849.    True, the circumstances behind that talk were... Well, the guilt and horror were still very much there, but I just could never be unhappy at having a better relationship with her.
  2851.    Speaking of the Doll...
  2853.    I got up from where I had been in Meditation before taking care of my Stats, having decided that passing some time doing so after the recent... events could only be for my benefit.
  2855.    In the end, the conclusion I came to did not change- There truly wasn't more that I could think of that could have helped save Father Gascoigne. Thus, granting him peace through death was the sole remaining form of mercy that I could grant him.
  2857.     The difference with before was that I actually understood and accepted this emotionally much better than before my... breakdown. The guilt, horror and general sense of failure on my part would always remain... But at least it would now strengthen my resolve for when I find myself facing similar situations in the future.
  2859.     At least, I could take some grim pride in having stopped Gascoigne from killing anyone else but his wife and myself in his madness.
  2861.     Though I still did not look forward to having to go and talk to his daughters about what happened...
  2863.     Coming close to the Doll, I smiled softly at her, a smile she returned immediately.
  2865.     "Good Hunter. May I help you?"
  2867.     I nodded. "I have... some Blood Echoes from my last fight that I wish to use." I declared, my voice carrying the slightest hint of sadness within it.
  2869.     She nodded back, a solemn aura around her. "Understood. Then close your eyes, Good Hunter, and focus on the Echoes of Blood..."
  2871.     I did as requested, my thoughts focusing on a single thing-
  2873.     (Axe Wielding Mastery), I thought.
  2875.     Considering that those were Gascoigne's Blood Echoes... there were no other choice for them, I felt.
  2877.    True, (3200) Blood Echoes only allowed me to go to Level (63)... But there was more at play here than cold pragmatism in my decision making.
  2879.    Father Gascoigne used an Axe to defend those he loved. Thus, where else could I use his Blood Echoes for to honor him, however slightly?
  2881.    Once done, I bowed in thanks to the Doll, who returned my bow, before I made my way to the Hunter's Workshop, where Gherman awaited me.
  2883.     He stared at me for a time when I entered, before the look in his eyes softened.
  2885.     "So you understand, now." He declared, voice soft but carying easily across the building.
  2887.     I nodded solemnly back. "I do, yes." I replied, voice equaly soft but strong. Unfliching.
  2889.     Sad, but merciless.
  2891.     He sighed, closing his eyes for a moment, looking even older than he usually did, before opening them again, a measure of compassion in his gaze as he stared at me.
  2893.     "To be a Hunter is to walk with Death and Madness." He proclaimed solemnly. "Always, a Hunter must confront two foes, each as deadly and cunning, who assail him or her their entire life: The Beast Without... and Within." He nodded grimly. "All Hunters, even the best, must struggle with this Truth. It is one that we can never escape from; only learn to fight with, day after day. And all it takes for us to fall, whether to the enemy from without or within..." He sighed deeply "Is but a single moment of weakness. That is all that stand between a Hunter and Death and Damnation..."
  2895.     "A single moment." He declared, his eyes grim and features hard.
  2897.     I nodded silently, the look on my face equally grim. true, I had (Gamer's Mind)... But what about everybody else?
  2899.    In a world gone mad, was the ability to remain the only sane man a Blessing... or a Curse?
  2901.    Needless to say, the sooner I left this Hellhole behind the better... though not before I try my best to makes things right.
  2903.    And grab Godhood along the way, of course. For all my good intentions, I certainly was in this for myself, too.
  2905.    The First Hunter's eyes grew unfocused for a moment, before focusing again on me.
  2907.     "Once, a wise man spoke those words: 'Man was born of the Blood, made men by the Blood, undone by the Blood;'" he paused. "'Fear the Old Blood.'" He solemnly declared.
  2909.     "Remember those words, Good Hunter- they will serve you well, if you but only heed their wisdom."
  2911.     I nodded, not really surprised that Gherman would throw that quote at me- if I remembered well, he and Willem knew each other.
  2913.     Gherman sighed, before inviting me to make myself comfortable while I began telling him everything that happened since the last time we spoke.
  2915.     By the end of it, Gherman nodded, throwing me a look of approval.
  2917.     "You did well. As much as you could and then some, really. Trying to save him at the start was perhaps rather foolish-" I gave him a look, but he didn't even blink "-but understable considering the circumstances. And killing him once it was clear that he was lost was indeed needed- an experienced Hunter like him would make for a challenging beast for the people of Yharnam." He paused, giving me a once-over and nodding in satisfaction.
  2919.    "And I see you have found yourself some proper clothes befitting a Hunter. Good. They fit you much better that those civilians clothes you had." He grinned. "Proved themselves much more useful too, I imagine?"
  2921.    I nodded, making a show of stretching in my new outfit. "They do. They are actually capable of protecting me from beasts claws and bites, while being surprisingly comfortable too."
  2923.    Gherman chuckled, some pride showing in his eyes. "Aye. At the very beginning, long before things had gotten so bad, some Hunters tried to use armors... It didn't work out well. Beasts are too fast and strong, after all. What we Hunters needed was not more protection, but greater speed and agility." His grin grew. "The better way to survive an attack is by not getting hit in the first place, don't you agree?"
  2925.    I grinned back. "Indeed. The first lesson of any Hunter is not to *Hit Hard*, as it turns out, but to *Dodge Good*."
  2927.    The First Hunter laughed at that. "Very true!" He exclaimed. Then he began grumbling under his breath. "Now if only those lunatics of the Powder Kegs Workshop had learned that..."
  2929.    I gave him a look but said nothing- I was more likely than not going to use at least some of their weapons at some points, after all.
  2931.    Speaking of Workshop...
  2933.    I turned to mine, taking my Axe out of Inventory.
  2935.    Gherman hummed in approval. "You are going to keep strengthening your weapons, I take it?"
  2937.    I nodded.
  2939.    He smiled. "Good. Do so, I'll watch over your work."
  2941.    I got to work, first repairing my weapon and only then going through the process of strengthening it.
  2943.    By the end of it, I was proudly holding my Hunter's Axe (+3), a satisfied look on my face, one equally shared by Gherman.
  2945.    "Good work, Good Hunter. It will serve you even better now. Though do remember-"
  2947.    "A Hunter's tools are only as useful as the Hunter himself is skilled with using those tools. Yes, I understand." I finished.
  2949.    I paused, before grinning. "Speaking of tools..." I drew out the Blood Gem Workshop Tool, putting it the the table before us.
  2951.    Gherman took one look at it before smilling at the sight of it.
  2953.    "Ah, so you found one of this Workshop's old tool in your Hunt already, I see. Good. I shall teach you all about it later- we shall require Blood Gems, and I do not believe you have many of those-" He gave me a look, but I shook my head. "-so it is not something to worry about for now. Still, well done- this old Hunter's Workshop is one step closer to regaining it's former glory."
  2955.    "Don't worry. I'll keep an eye out for any of the others too." I declared.
  2957.    Gherman nodded, before looking thoughtful.
  2959.    "There is one other thing." He paused, before continuing softly "The Moon is close." he declared, throwing me a look, and I nodded grimly- in Bloodborne, the Moon was kind of a Big Deal, as we both knew all too well.
  2961.    "It will be a long Hunt tonight. if the beasts loom large, and theaten to crush your spirits, seek a Holy Chalice." he declared, voice unnusually full of reverence. "As every Hunter before you has. A Holy Chalice will reveal the Tomb of the Gods... Where Hunters partake in communion."
  2963.    He grimaced slightly. "Most of the Holy Chalices lie deep within the Tomb of the Gods, And the few who found their way to the surface... Were lost again in the hands of men." He leaned forward. "But if the old Hunter tales remain true... One of the Holy Chalices is worshipped in the Valley hamlet. Yet the Town is in disarray..." He warned. "It was burned and abandonned, for fear of the scourge, home now only to beasts." He chuckled.
  2965.    "The perfect place for a Hunter, wouldn't you say?" He finished, smirking.
  2967.    I nodded slowly.
  2969.    "Then I shall find it eventually." I declared.
  2971.    He grinned. "We shall see."
  2973.    With that over with, I left the Workshop, heading to the Tombstone which would sent me back to Yharnam.
  2975.    I did take note that I had gained (20) Reputation with Gherman- (5) for wearing Hunter clothes, (10) for the whole thing with Father Gascoigne, and (5) for finding the Workshop tool.
  2977.    Either way, I couldn't help but look at the tombstone with a certain apprehension. The incoming talk with Violetta will NOT be fun.
  2979.     "Good Hunter?" The Doll asked, concern in her voice as she saw me stare at the Tombstone silently.
  2981.     I sighed. "It's nothing, dear Doll. I just..." I trailed off, sighing again.
  2983.     "I just can't help but feel the heavy Weight of Duty on my shoulders, that is all." I declared.
  2985.     Then I stepped forward, and Yharnam welcomed me once again, in all it's unholy Glory.
  2987.    ***************************************************
  2989.    I found myself in Oedon Chappel, the smell of incense heavy in the air.
  2991.    Giving a quick nod at the Dweller, I began making my way to Violetta, killing every beasts in my path- including the Boar, who if nothing else helped raise my spirit slightly.
  2993.    Mostly because killing the would-be killer of Violetta felt, without a doubt, like satisfying work that I could be proud of.
  2995.    All too swiftly I arrived to her house, and knocked on the window.
  2997.    It immediately opened, revealing Violetta's hopeful face, her bright blue eyes cutting into my heart even more painfully than her Father's Axe did.
  2999.    "Hello, Mister Hunter! Did you find my mum?" She asked, voice full of hope.
  3001.    I stayed silent for a moment, making sure that (Gamer's Mind) was running at full blast, before replying.
  3003.     "I... did." I took out the Red Jewelled Brooch out of a pocket, having made sure to put it there after my return to Yharnam.
  3005.     At the very least, I made sure to clean up all the blood from it, too.
  3007.     Violetta's blue eyes went wide at the sight of it, before glancing up at me with fear. It wasn't hard to imagine WHY I came back with just the Jewelled Brooch.
  3009.     I nodded grimly. I didn't want her to know the full truth of events, however, so I decided to take a page out of Obi-Wan Kenobi's book and use a... creative version of the Truth.
  3011.     "I'm sorry to say, but I found both of your parents dead by Oedon Chappel. An horrible beast had apparently managed to kill them both, though not before your father sucessfully killed it before succumbing to his own wounds. I found both of their bodies side by side and holding hands, so I know it's little comfort, but... I can at least promise you that they died together and as peacefully as circumstances allowed."
  3012.     ​
  3013.     I gently gave her the Brooch, her shaking hands holding it tightly.
  3015.     She looked at it with tears-filled eyes. "They... both of my parents are...? Oh, gods no..." She started sobbing, tightly clutching the brooch in her hands and holding it close to her chest.
  3017.     I looked at her with sympathy, though I honestly wasn't sure what I could say in a case like this. I couldn't even give her a hug, not with the metals bars around the window.
  3019.     I at least put my right hand on her right shoulder, my arm going between the bars to try and give her what comfort I could.
  3021.     She sobbed harder, but the way she leaned into my hand reassured me that it was helping... a little.
  3023.     I don't know how long I stayed there, though I honestly didn't care. Time in Bloodborne was weird anyway, and I sure as hell wasn't going to leave her alone, especially after my own part in all this.
  3025.    Eventually though, her tears dried up, for there was only so much of them the human body could give.
  3027.    She looked up at me, her face honestly a mess of tears and snot- not that I blamed her. She tried to dry her eyes, though it was obvious that wasn't going to really work.
  3029.     "I... I'm sorry, Mister Hunter. It's just..." She sobbed again, but I shook my head gently.
  3031.     "Don't worry about it." I told her, smilling sadly. "I understand. Considering the circumstances..." I sighed. "Trust me. There is nothing wrong with crying, and anybody who tells you otherwise is an idiot." Considering I did it myself not long ago, I really did understand- doubly so, since I was quite literally an universe away from my own family.
  3033.     She nodded, still very much looking devastated though, which as I said was only natural- she did just learn that she was now an orphan.
  3035.     "If you want, I do know of a safe place in which you can stay for the duration of the Night and the Hunt. Would you like me to accompany you there?" I asked softly.
  3037.     She thought about it for a moment, before nodding, small sniffles still coming out every now and then.
  3039.     I smiled. "Alright. Then get yourself in some comfortable and warm clothes, grab anything that you want take with you, and I'll lead you there."
  3041.     She nodded again, before disappearing within her house for a few minutes.
  3043.     I waited patiently, and eventually she unlocked the front door and came out, her outfit now appropriate for going in outside.
  3045.     I noticed that she didn't take anything besides the brooch otherwise, which she was still clutching tightly in her right hand, but said nothing- honestly, besides some warm clothes I wasn't sure what would be good to take with her.
  3047.     I would normally say food and water, but considering that it was Yharnam...
  3049.     Well.
  3051.     In any case, I took her left hand in my own and smiled kindly.
  3053.     "Ready to go?"
  3055.     She nodded sadly, throwing one last look at her home, before I proceeded to escort her to Oedon Chappel.
  3057.     "Where are we going?" she asked softly.
  3059.     "To Oedon Chappel. It's safe inside, and... I thought you'd like to be able to go see your parents and pay your respects, too."
  3061.     She nodded jerkily, more tears falling silently down her face, even as we went through street after street.
  3063.     It said something that, beside a few wide-eye looks at the dead beasts across our paths- I had been throughout while making my way to her- she didn't really react.
  3065.    Too much in shock and grief, I assumed. I would have prefered not having her see any of the corpses, but the path was full of left and right and ups and downs, so there was no way to make the entire trip with me holding her in my arms.
  3067.    Especially when there was always the risk of being attacked out of nowhere.
  3069.    Thankfully my new level (100) Luck held, and eventually we both stepped into the courtyard of the Chappel.
  3071.    I took us to two very specific graves first, and Violetta's eyes widened when she saw the names on both.
  3073.     Trembling, she finally let go of my left hand, which she had been clutching all this time with a death grip, as if it was a lifeline that would see her lost forever if she let go, before walking forward and in front of the graves.
  3075.     She stared at both graves for a long, silent moment, before, with a scream of anguish, she collapsed on her knees, sobbing hard once again.
  3077.     This time I could hug her, and promptly did, kneeling behind her and holding her tight.
  3079.     She twisted around, burying her face in my chest and holding me with all the strength she had (which as an Yharnamite was actually much higher than one might think), and for yet another unknown period of time I simply stayed there, rubbing soothing circles in her back and whispering kind, soft words in her ears as she cried whatever tears she had left in her body.
  3081.     Eventually it was all too much, and she fell asleep in my arms, her face twisted with grief even now.
  3083.     I sighed, getting up and taking her in my arms, before looking at the two graves before me.
  3085.     "I'll make sure she survives this night. I promise." I vowed firmly. "It's... the least I can do." I finished softly.
  3087.     Then I walked into the Chappel, the Dweller's eyes widening at the sight of me and the young teenage girl in my arms.
  3089.    "Orphan as of tonight." I explained softly, and he grimaced in sadness before nodding.
  3091.    It was a grim truth of this city that such things were more and more common, I had no doubt.
  3093.    That is, when there were still orphans alive to keep the family name going in the first place...
  3095.    I sat with my back to the wall, Violetta still asleep in my arms.
  3097.    With a sigh, I gently shook her awake, softly calling her name out.
  3099.    She blinked awake, her eyes taking a moment to adjust to our surroundings before they went wide, staring up at my softly smiling face for a time before darting to take in the rather impressive sight of the inside of Oedon Chappel.
  3101.    Her blue eyes took the sight in with some wonder, and I grinned at her.
  3103.    "I take it you haven't been here much before?"
  3105.    She shook her head. "Never during the night, at least." She stared at the rows upon rows of urns with incense, before her eyes fell on the Dweller.
  3107.    She froze, whimpering slightly, squirming closer to me and gripping the front of my outfit tightly, but I merely chuckled kindly.
  3109.    "Don't worry about the Dweller. He may look a bit strange, but he is very nice and kind. He is the one who offered me to let people in here tonight to better protect them from the beasts outside, you know?"
  3111.    She nodded shyly, and the Dweller waved at her.
  3113.    She gulped, but waved back, an uncertain smile on her face, obviously rather fearful of the Dweller's apparence but not wanting to be rude.
  3115.     The Dweller smile widely back, before nodding at me.
  3117.     I nodded back, understanding that he was telling me that he would look out for her, before looking back down at Violetta, who still looked rather scared and obviously sad, but at least she wasn't crying.
  3119.    For now.
  3121.    I sighed, not having missed the fact she was still clutching my clothes with a death grip, nor the fact that she currently was as physically close to me as she could get, having tried to make herself as small as possible while on my lap, her blue eyes bouncing everywhere but always finding their ways back to the Dweller- and me especially.
  3123.    I pursed my lips, before sighing deeply.
  3125.    Violetta naturally turned her gaze to me immediately, concern shining bright in her eyes, and I couldn't help but smile sadly.
  3127.     "Violetta..." I began, before trailing off.
  3129.     How was I supposed to let her know that I needed to go back to the Hunt and couldn't simply stay here with her all night long?
  3131.    When she quite obviously was this terrified?
  3133.    As it turned out though, I didn't have to.
  3135.     "You are going to leave, go back to the Hunt, aren't you Mister Aeon?" she asked softly, her voice trembling, and I grimaced.
  3137.     She swallowed hard, the sound of it loud to my superhuman senses, before nodding.
  3139.     "I... I know you need to go, that you are a Hunter, but I just..." She choked slightly, tears falling from her eyes.
  3141.     "I just don't want to lose you too, Mister Aeon!" She cried, burying her head in my chest and sobbing.
  3143.     I hugged her as she cried, once again doing my best to comfort her.
  3145.     I wasn't really surprised- she did grow to care about the Good Hunter a great deal and very quickly in the game, and with my own Charisma Stat at play to boot...
  3147.    Well. As I said, I did see this coming.
  3149.    Didn't make it any less hard on me, though.
  3151.     "I'm sorry, Violetta. But someone needs to go kill the Beasts, and I'm afraid that said someone has to be me. There are... very few hunters left as far as I can tell, and quite a few beasts remaining that needs to die, so I am needed outside and fighting the good fight. Besides," I smiled "remember what I said? About me becoming the greatest Hunter ever? So good that all the Beasts will run away from me in fear? I can't really do that if I don't go and fight said beasts, you know."
  3153.     I sighed.
  3155.     "If it is at all possible to stop the scourge of beasts... Then I'll find that way. That solution. That's what I am, after all. That's who I am. I am Aeon, The Good Hunter... and one way or another, I'll put an end to the scourge of beasts. I'll save Humanity. Against Beasts, Madmen and Gods alike... I'll keep fighting, until all the monsters are dead, and all the Nightmares of Man slain."
  3157.     I fell silent after that, simply hugging Violetta to my chest, before I felt her moving.
  3159.     She got up, me following after her, before looking up at me for a long moment... before she nodded.
  3161.     "Okay." She whispered. There were still tears in her eyes, but- "Then I'll pray for you."
  3163.     I stared at her, and her lips quirked up slightly.
  3165.     "Well, I am in a Chappel, after all. And..." She trailed off, her gaze lowering for a moment before finding mine again.
  3167.     "I don't know if there is any gods who listen to us humans, I can't help but think they don't, because if they did why are things so bad? But..." she looked away, swallowing hard, before she strengthened. "But I don't want you to get hurt or... or die." she choked, tears in her eyes again, her fists clenching at her side.
  3169.     "You've been nothing but kind to me." She said softly. "I can tell that you are an Outsider, but even then, you are still fighting, still willing to risk getting hurt or worse for our sake, still refusing to abandon us to the Beasts. Still willing to go out of your way for someone you've never met before simply because it's the right thing to do."
  3171.     She shook her head, staring up at me with a complicated mix of emotions in her wide blue eyes.
  3173.     "Do you know how rare that is? Most people in Yharnam... They care only about themselves. Maybe their friends and family, and even then..." she trailed off.
  3175.     "But you..." She stared at me, looking awed and confused both. "You've been nothing but kind. Patient. Helpful. I know, I know that most Hunters don't really care about people. Maybe they did, once, my Father..." she choked, but kept going "My father told me stories, and I heard in the streets too, of Hunters who cared and wanted to make things better once, but that was a long time ago. Now, it's only about killing, about their next Hunt, about the Blood... but almost never about people."
  3177.     She took a deep breath, her eyes never leaving mine.
  3179.     "But you, you are different. You don't talk about the Blood, or about killing, not really- you just want things to be better. You want to MAKE things better. And the sheer conviction in your voice..." She trailed off, her wide blue eyes staring at me with awe.
  3181.     "I don't think I've ever heard of anyone talking like that. Not even the people of the Church. They preach, about the Gods, about the Blood, about all kinds of things... But people don't believe. Not really. They're scared, and they don't have anything else to turn to, so they say they do, they clung to the Church and it's words of Salvation and Greatness for Man... But in the end, even the people of the Church are desperate. Everyone knows it, even if no one will ever say it aloud."
  3183.     She paused, before continuing softly.
  3185.     "But you? You aren't scared. You are sad, and angry, but you don't fear like everybody else. Even my parents..." she swallowed. "Even my parents were afraid. They tried their best to hide it, but me and my sister knew- they were afraid, and it was worse and worse as time went by. But you, you aren't afraid. I can see it. There is no despair, no terror in your eyes when you speak of the Hunt. Neither is there the desire for Blood that even my father had. No, you are just determined- determined to ending the Hunt, ALL Hunts, forever. You want to save people, Mister Aeon, you want to save us all, not out of fear or despair, but because you care- and because you genuinely believe that you can do it. And that..."
  3187.     She trailed off, tears in her eyes.
  3189.     "It's beautiful, Mister Aeon. It truly is, like few things I have ever seen. And so I will pray, to all the Gods that might listen, even when I can't help but doubt that any does, because you deserve it. Because you deserve better... And if it might help you, even a little, then It'll be worth it"
  3191.     I stared at her determined face for a long moment, taking in all that she said, before replying softly.
  3193.     "I'm not a hero, you know. I do not, will never consider myself one. Not truly. I have already done things that I refuse to believe is truly worthy of a hero. I will do many more, I know that much too. In the end, I am only a man, caught up in a situation far beyond anything he could have ever imagined, and desesperatly trying to live the best he can despite that. And I have my own, selfish reasons to be a Hunter. Make no mistake... I am no knight in shining armor. I am a Hunter, Born in Blood, Made by the Blood... and potentially Undone by it, if ever I lose sight of the path I wish to walk upon."
  3195.     She looked at me for a time, before softly declaring
  3197.     "Maybe. But I've long since stopped believing in knight in shining armor like in the old tales myself, Mister Aeon. Everyone in Yharnam does, sooner or later. So I won't put my trust in a man straight out of legends, because they obviously don't exist. But putting my trust in the man who's been nothing but kind and helpful to me? The man who keep going out of his way to help, for no rewards and no other reason than because he can? Because he wants to? That man, Mister Aeon... He may be no hero, he may not be perfect-" she choked, clutching the brooch harder "-but at least he tries. At least he is there, doing his best. And that man... Knowing that he is only a man... Still decided to try and help, try and save us all. And for that..."
  3199.     She sniffled, before staring hard at me.
  3201.     "For that, that man deserve to be happy. Deserve to have at least one soul praying for him. So I will."
  3203.     I said nothing for a moment, before nodding gently.
  3205.     "Very well then." I declared softly.
  3207.     I took the music box she once gave me out of my Inventory, the supernatural sight of it making her eyes widen in shock, before handling it to her.
  3209.     "Here. It belongs to your family- I have no right to keep it. Take it- it's yours, after all."
  3211.     She gently took the music box, her hand trembling as she did.
  3213.     I turned, walking away and towards the exit.
  3215.     I stopped before leaving the room, and said: "If I meet your sister, I'll bring her here safe. I promise."
  3217.     Then I kept walking.
  3219.     while behind me, a young girl smiled softly, looking at the back of the man who dare Dream of Paradise while in Hell itself, the music that her father loved so much soon filling the air of the Chappel they were in.
  3221.     Softly-spoken but heartfelt prayers soon followed.
  3223.     **********************************************
  3225.     I stepped out of the chappel, making my way out to Gilbert's house, my thoughts heavy on the words that Violetta spoke with such passion.
  3227.    With a thought, I brought up my relationship tracker... and boggled at what it showed me.
  3229.    (85/100). I had almost maxed my reputation with Violetta already.
  3231.    That was...
  3233.    I shook my head. I knew that this was a post-apocalypse world, what with the literal monsters in the streets, the collapse of civilization and everything else...
  3235.    But I was finally starting to understand the effects it had on the people here.
  3237.    It suddenly made sense why, in the game, depending on your choices, you could have Violetta tell you that she loved you almost as much as her family members, even when you barely passed five minutes with her, all told.
  3239.    Because she really was that shocked at someone going out of their way for someone else. Especially without rewards involved.
  3241.    Apparently... People here just didn't care anymore. The world was ending, they all knew it, so why bother? Why be kind to someone who might die tomorrow? Why be helpful when the next day the person that you helped might turn into a beast?
  3243.     Why bother with friendship... if only pain, or worse betrayal, were all that awaited?
  3245.     Violetta's words... She made no mention of having friends, did she? Neither in the game or here.
  3247.    Was there even schools left? Probably not, huh.
  3249.    People really were just... going through the motions. Living, day after day, in fear- both of what they could turn into, or what their neighbour might become.
  3251.    That was...
  3253.    Wrong.
  3255.    So, so utterly WRONG!
  3257.    Earth had problems, but damnit it was still better than THIS!
  3259.    Humanity could still look forwards to a brighter tomorrow! People could still have Hope! Dreams!
  3261.    They still could live without fear gripping their hearts every day that went by!
  3263.    This was... WRONG.
  3265.    Mankind should be able to look forward to the future. Humanity should be free to Dream of a bright destiny!
  3267.    Free to Dream of Paradise! Of everyone they knew and loved living happy, properous lives!
  3269.    But here, there was only Despair. Terror.
  3271.    Madness.
  3273.    I knew it, of course, knew it was bad, but still... To see things through the eyes of a child, a child that looked me in the eyes and told me she's lived in fear, potentially her whole life...
  3275.     I hated it. Hated it utterly and completely.
  3277.     ... So I would change things. I would bring Salvation to this world.
  3279.     I was to be a god, after all. A God of Humanity. And no God of Humanity should ever become it's tyrants. No gods that Humans worshipped should ever bring only pain and misery.
  3281.    I did not hate the Great Ones, mind you- they literally did not know better. And wasn't it the Greed of Man that brought their attentions to Yharnam and it's people? The leadership of the Healing Church...
  3283.    If anybody should be blamed, it should be them- them, and their greed for power.
  3285.    Ironic, perhaps, for a man who desired godhood himself to hold them in such contempt... But I desired to claim godhood through being a warrior. A protector. Perhaps not a hero, certainly not a comic-books version of such, but at least a man who could look back on his own rise to Greatness and be PROUD of himself.
  3287.    If anyone were ever to know of my story, then I wanted it to be one that inspired awe and respect- not disgust and rage at the sins commited within.
  3289.    Heh. I guessed I found where my pride laid- I would become a god worthy of Faith, worthy of worship by mortal kind.
  3291.    I would become an Incarnation of Judgment over Evil.
  3293.    And if anyone ever decide to worship me, out of their own Free Will... then It will be a faith earned. One that I can be proud of.
  3295.    I am Aeon, the Good Hunter... and I will Save this broken world.
  3297.    No matter who or what stand in my way.
  3299.    Don't worry, Violetta. if there is no god worthy of Mankind in this world... then I shall simply have to become one myself!
  3301.     if Mankind cannot Dream of Pardise anymore... Then I shall simply build one for all with my own two hands!
  3303.     *****************************************************
  3305.     Gilbert's house stood before me, and I called out to him.
  3307.    I couldn't help but grimace at the harsh cough I heard coming from the house- Yeah, I died from sickness myself, I could sympathize.
  3309.     "You alright in there, Gilbert?"
  3311.     "Ah, you needn't concern yourself for me. I'm afraid I'm of little help now." He replied, his voive weak, before I heard him shuffle around. "But before I... Take this..." He extended the Flamesprayers, and I gently took it, giving him a concerned look at his sickly palor.
  3313.     "I made no use of it, but perhaps you..." He coughed hard, leaning against the wall, before looking up at me with a sad smile.
  3315.     "What afflicted me was incurable, but this town gave me hope... Their strange Blood gave me time." He explained. "I was most fortunate. Unharmed by the plague of beasts"
  3317.     He smiled.
  3319.     "I can even die human..." he trailed off, before falling into yet another harsh cough.
  3321.     I gave him a long look, before my shoulders dropped.
  3323.     "I see... You don't have much time, do you? You are already weaker than you were when we last spoke..." I pointed out.
  3325.     He nodded. "Indeed. I can feel the end coming..." he gave me look. "Don't worry. I got more time than I thought on this world. And I'll die as myself. All things considered, I'm as happy as a man can get at the end. I can even go, feeling that I have helped in some small way..." he waved at the Flamesprayers.
  3327.     I smiled. "You have my thanks, Gilbert. Fear not- I promise to take good care of it... and to put it to good use."
  3329.     He smiled back. "Good. In that case, you should get going. You have a long night ahead of you, don't you?"
  3331.     I stared at him for a moment before giving him a Hunter's bow in thanks. He chuckled as I strengthened, bowing of the head himself.
  3333.    "This is goodbye, then." I said softly.
  3335.    "Yes, it is." He replied, smile sad but kind.
  3337.    He gently closed the windows.
  3339.    I remained where I was for a moment, before gently putting the Flamesprayer in my Inventory.
  3341.    Then I walked away. I had beasts to kill...
  3343.    And no reason to return here anymore.
  3345.    *******************************************************
  3347.    Five thousand Blood Echoes heavier, I returned to the Chappel- it was time to go into some new areas.
  3349.    And for that, I needed to go through the Chappel.
  3351.    Of course, the moment I showed up Violetta's eyes went wide, jumping to her feet and hugged me tightly, shouting "Good hunter! You're back!"
  3353.     I chuckled, messing up her hair and gently hugging her back.
  3355.     "Come now, it hasn't been that long! I've barely had the time to kill a few beasts!" I teased.
  3357.     She blushed, stepping back slightly, though she remained noticeably close.
  3359.     "Maybe, but I still..." she looked away. "I still worry, you know? After everything..." she trailed off, voice barely above a whisper..
  3361.     I sighed, nodding.
  3363.     "It's alright. I understand. Still, you know I won't be able to stay here. As it is, I needs to go towards the Cathedral ward."
  3365.     She nodded softly, looking up at me with slightly teary blue eyes.
  3367.     "Just stay safe, alright? I... There's just so many howls of beasts tonight... It's never been so bad before..." She hugged herself, looking down.
  3369.     "I'm scared." she finished softly.
  3371.     I sighed again. Truth be told, she was right- even here, I could still hear the howls of countless distant- and not-so-distant beasts, the screams of madmen and more.
  3373.     Honestly, it all became background noise to me now- I was surprised by how quickly I got used to it, but I suppose that, when you are the Hunter, such things doesn't affect you the same as if I was a civilian.
  3375.    I knelt, offering a hug that she all but leapt into.
  3377.    I held back a grimace- I was no expert, but the way her blue eyes had looked at me when I returned... I was pretty sure there had been genuine surprise that I returned at all.
  3379.    Sure, it swiftly turned into relief and joy, but I felt pretty confident in saying that she likely had some issues from the sudden death of her parents.
  3381.    That would also partially explain why she clung to me like this- I was someone she considered "safe" in a thoroughly unsafe world.
  3383.    Eventually breaking the hug and standing up, I messed up her hair again and this time, she let out an adorable pout and squawk of protest.
  3385.    I grinned- the slight glare she was now sending me while she held her head protectively was a much better look for her than the fear she had before.
  3387.    "In any case, no problems so far?" I asked.
  3389.    She shook her head.
  3391.    I sent a quick look at the Dweller, who nodded back- Good. I wasn't overly worried, but just in case...
  3393.     "Did you find my sister?"
  3395.     I shook my head at Violetta's question.
  3397.    "Sorry. I did pass by your house, but there wasn't anyone there yet. Don't worry, I'll go there from time to time to check, alright?"
  3399.    She nodded. "Thank you." She softly said.
  3401.    I smiled. "Of course. Now, if you'll excuse me, the Hunt calls, and I must answer. Take care, alright?"
  3403.    She nodded again. "You too."
  3405.    "I'll do my best." I replied.
  3407.    I could see that she wasn't exactly pleased with that answer, but she let it slide, and I...
  3409.    Actually, I should talk to the old woman, shouldn't I?
  3411.    Might as well check up on her, too.
  3413.    Said old woman was still sitting in her chair, and she threw me a suspicious look when I came closer.
  3415.    "Hey there. Everything's alright? This place is safe from the beasts. The incense makes sure of that."
  3417.    Her eyes narrowed.
  3419.    "Oh yes, I haven't forgotten you're the one telling me about this place. Do you think I owe you or something?" She scoffed. "Well that a fine's lark, I'd say." She sneered. "This whole mess that Yharnam's in, it's all your fault, you fidgety Outsiders!" She pointed accusingly at me. "Our Blood's ruined, tainted by your ilk!" she shouted. "Don't come near me! I know your type!" she hissed.
  3421.    I blinked in shock.
  3423.    Ooookay then.
  3425.    I mean, I knew that your usual Yharnamites weren't exactly kind to outsiders, but still!
  3427.     I gave her a quick look with (Insight), and barely held back the look of shock on my face at what I saw.
  3429.     Minus FIFTY of Reputation for being an Outsider?!
  3431.     What the Hell?!
  3433.     No wonder my perks and Stats did jack shit against her!
  3435.     ... Damn. Gilbert did warm me, but still...
  3437.     That was just insane!
  3439.     I shook my head, and I noticed Violetta glaring daggers at the old lady from the corner of my eyes.
  3441.     Obviously, she did not take kindly to her words.
  3443.     I gave her a quick look and a shake of the head, and she grimaced before reluctantly nodding.
  3445.     Peace inside the chappel now hesitantly brought back, I sighed and then stepped forward to the center entrance of the building.
  3447.     if I remembered well, there was a Wooden Shield to find that way...
  3449.     **************************************************
  3451.     Stepping out of the Chappel, I officialy killed my first Church servant seconds later.
  3453.     To be fair, he was facing away from me, and Hunter's Axe (+3) was no joke when combined with sneak attack.
  3455.    A few crows later, and I smiled slightly at the fact that I was about to gain one more [Insight] from Madman's Knowledge.
  3457.     I clicked "yes" and-
  3459.     -I felt something flow in my mind-
  3461.     -Whispers in my brain-
  3463.     -Seek the Echoes of Blood-
  3465.     I blinked.
  3467.     Massaged my suddenly dry throat.
  3469.     Hmm... How strange. I was... thirsty.
  3471.     I haven't been thirsty since I became a Gamer, nor hungry for that matter, and yet here I was.
  3473.    I also felt... warm? Peaceful? I don't know, but I had a faint feeling of familiarity and comfort which wouldn't leave me be for some reason...
  3475.    I shrugged. And hey, I was now at [Insight:13]!
  3477.    Two more and, if I wasn't wrong, new stuff would happen!
  3479.     ... Wait, was that good or bad...?
  3481.     Well, either way- progress!
  3483.     With that done and over with, I got up the stairs, killed the church servants in my way, and there it was!
  3485.     The Wooden Shield!
  3487.     Which I promptly put into my Inventory, where it would most likely remain in forever!
  3489.     Ah well. What Kind of Hunter uses a shield anyway? Dodging was and would forever remain the best choice.
  3491.     You just had to survive long enough to "Git Gud" at it.
  3493.     Either way, since the gates before me are closed, for now, I backtracked to the Chappel, throwing a quick thumb-up Violetta's way for good measure, before going through the left entrance.
  3495.    Two dead church servants later, I looked very suspiciously at the set of Hunter clothes on the floor, hidden behind some graves.
  3497.    I had some good memories of what, exactly, was hiding beyond my current [Insight] to see just above those clothes, and just because I couldn't see it did NOT mean he couldn't see ME.
  3499.    Taking a deep breath, I proceed to run like hell towards the clothes, quickly taking them in my arms, and then I ran back where I was standing before as a rather terrifying sucking sound apeared behind me.
  3501.    Turning around, I stared with wide-eyes while hugging the nearly dearly paid for clothes tightly to my chest at the literal FUCKING BLACK HOLE hovering above the ground where I previously was.
  3503.    Great Ones are bullshit, and nobody will convince me otherwise.
  3505.    The Black Hole disappeared, and I sighed in relief.
  3507.    A quick look, and I felt the urge to facepalm- the outfit in my arms was actually worse than the one I was wearing.
  3509.    Because of course it was.
  3511.    I swear, being a completionist was far more gray-hairs inducing when you were in a real-life horror setting than when you were safe in the safety of your home, playing video games...
  3513.    Putting the clothes in my Inventory, I got up the stairs- And then very quickly went to hide when I saw a church giant passing by.
  3515.    Now, church servants? Thet were tall. Around two to three metters tall.
  3517.    This guy? Holy shit, but he had to be three times as tall as I am!
  3519.    And I'm a respectable 1,75m tall!
  3521.     Also, he had a Big.Fucking.Axe.
  3523.     That too.
  3525.     So, having by now learned well the lesson that attacking someone stronger than myself by sneaking up on them was really fucking useful in order to NOT DIE, I proceeded to do just that.
  3527.     Good news! My unexpected blow to his right knee almost broke it!
  3529.     Bad news! The giant now knew where I was, and he was PISSED.
  3531.     I barely dodged a strike of his Axe, scoring a quick blow on his injured leg that made him bellow in pain, and then he went for an overhead strike.
  3533.     Trough sheer dumb luck I wasn't killed, and I started slashing and slashing some more while he recovered his breath-
  3535.    He stumbled.
  3537.    I stared in shock for a second.
  3539.    I can make giants stumble?! Wait, really?!
  3541.    Well then!
  3543.    I grinned, and then visceral attack'ed the bastard.
  3545.     He fell on his back, dead before hitting the ground, and I proceeded to use the "Triumph" gesture over his corpse.
  3547.     Damn was I proud of myself!
  3549.     ... Naturally, I died to a thrown rock at my back while fighting two stone trolls not five minutes later.
  3551.     ... Still proud though.
  3553.     ***************************************************
  3555.     I woke up.
  3557.     Gave a wave to the Doll.
  3559.     Went back to the Chappel.
  3561.     Used my (Stealth) skill to not disturb Violetta from her prayers. Trying to explain how I appearedd out of nowhere would be... complicated.
  3563.     Killed the same monsters (And once again "Triumph'ed" over the giant, because why not).
  3565.     Proceeded to BRUTALLY murder the fuck of those two trolls.
  3567.     Took a moment to bask in my awesomeness and the glory of revenge.
  3569.     Took another moment to have a small existential breakdown over whether I was becoming a sadist or not.
  3571.     And if that was a good or bad thing as a Hunter.
  3573.     Eventually deciding that Qué será será, and following Gherman's advice, I then proceeded to get my Blood Echoes back and to find the Monocle.
  3575.    For a moment enjoying the sight of Yharnam from up the broken bridge that I was on like a filthy tourist, I then went back to my murder-hobo ways (since, after all, I didn't have a home anymore, and the Hunter's Dream wasn't mine... for now).
  3577.     And made my way to... my second treasure chest so far!
  3579.     Tempering Blood Gemstone get!
  3581.     Followed by more backtracking.
  3583.     Turning left rather than right from where the courtyard of the entrance of the Chappel is, I killed some more madmen and a dog, got some loot, entered a building...
  3585.     And then stopped, staring blankly at the living insult to all true followers of the Ways of Stealth whose sword was sticking out of the stone pillar the moron was hiding behind.
  3587.     After showing that idiot how to do it RIGHT (by way of unexpected Axe to the brain from behind), I smiled at the opportunity of gaining one more [Insight] from Madmen's knowledge.
  3589.    Clicking "yes", I-
  3591.    -Felt something flow in my mind-
  3593.    -Whispers in my brain-
  3595.    ...
  3597.    ...
  3599.    ...
  3601.    ... Ow, my head...
  3603.    Multi-dimensional awaraness of Reality is really fucking trippy to experience...
  3605.    ...
  3607.    ...
  3609.    ...
  3611.    I held my aching head. What the hell just happened?
  3613.    I had no idea. And just thinking of it gave me an even harder headache.
  3615.    Alright, then- Obviously, I just got a facefull of Knowledge my currently puny brain couldn't comprehend.
  3617.     Now if only this headache could go away...
  3619.     ... Huh. I got (10) int for good deduction. Well, that's almost made the pain worth it!
  3621.    And I'm now at [Insight: 14]. Yay me!
  3623.     Going out of the building, I went to the left, staring at the madman up the stairs who was already readying himself to shoot at me.
  3625.     And the two dogs running at me.
  3627.     Giving the madman the middle finger, I went to hide behind the wall to my left.