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  1. I force him to push himself up on his elbows to look down at me as I shuffle back to lay between his legs, putting my face right next to his cock. It’s not quite as large as it would be in a few years, but five inches of shota dick isn’t anything to scoff at, either.
  3. Shikamaru flushes as I stare up at him with my light blue eyes and gently grab his dick, and I continue staring up at him as I lean over to lick the shaft from bottom to top, drinking in the smell of his musk. I kiss the tip, then look up and speak. “You’re so lazy, Shika. if you let me, I’ll take over your physical conditioning. With your brilliant mind, if you condition your body more, you’ll become an S-class ninja in no time.”
  5. I gently begin stroking him as I suck on the glans of his dick, and he sucks in a breath at the sensation of my soft lips.
  7. “W-What’s your plan?” He asks, his brilliant mind still looking for angles.
  9. I giggle with my lips wrapped around his cock, causing his breath to hitch again, then suck as I pull back with a pop. “I don’t really have one. The closest thing is making our team the best ninjas ever, and having sex. Lots and lots of sex. You have nooo idea how bad it is to go through puberty again.”
  11. I bring my other hand up, coated in chakra, to play with Shikamaru’s balls. He can’t help but moan as my energy invades his body and forces his body to begin over-producing semen. I want his loads to be so thick that I choke on them, after all.
  13. “I’m going to teach you so many things.” I wet my mouth and begin going down on him, until his cock goes into my throat and I push my nose into his crotch. I pull back, and continue speaking as I go. “I’ll teach you how to-” I nibble on the tip with my lips, slowly stroking. “-do crazy things with Yin manipulation...” I pause to work my tongue around the underside of his glans, and he has to bite his lip. “How to create amazing fuinjutsu…” I suck on him, bobbing a few times. “Which you always end up amazing at…”
  15. As Shikamaru fights to hold himself back, I ease off for a moment, and stop fondling his balls to begin undressing my lower clothing. “We’re going to have so much fun, Shika. I’ll tell you what’s going to happen for the next few weeks, and then you’ll believe me. Or at least consider it plausible enough to just go along with me.”
  17. I stand up, then finish undressing, baring my dripping wet and hairless pussy to the lust-struck genius as I toss aside my panties and skirt.
  19. “But for now, just enjoy, huh? How troublesome.” He murmurs, closing his eyes for a moment. He must be distinctly aware about how the way he invited me out here resulted in outmaneuvering himself into no possible escape from this predicament. After a short moment, he looks at me again. “Well… alright.”
  21. I kneel down and reach down to grab his cock as I present myself over it. It takes me a moment to rub it between my lower lips, sending shivers up my spine, and then I sink down, forcing his dick into my impossibly tight virgin pussy.
  23. The electric sensations of pain and pleasure hit me together as his shaft enters me, and I moan as he immediately tenses up. The poor boy, already brought to the edge by my expert blowjob technique, can’t help himself, and he grunts quietly as he cums, shooting spurt after spurt of thick jizz into my love passage.
  25. I had long ago mastered many arts to prevent pregnancy, and I grin at his sudden look of panic as he comes back to his senses. “Don’t worry, Shika. I’m a doctor, too. No risk of sudden pregnancy.”
  27. I bring my hands up, then bring them down onto his chest, glowing, and the boy’s stamina is reinforced. His dick doesn’t even soften in the slightest as I begin moving, scraping my insides with his cock. I quickly finish applying my technique and reach up to maul my tits before his eyes as I continue. "Aaahh, yeess!"
  29. My pussy rhythmically squeezes down on him with untold eons of experience and Shikamaru’s eyes roll up in his head at the sensation as I fuck him. I go faster and faster, until I’m riding him for all he’s worth, and my hair bounces around as I enjoy my first time. Having sex with an impossibly experienced virgin is too much for Shikamaru and he can’t help but cum again, filling me with more of his warmth. My technique is still active and restores him as I continue to fuck him into the grass below. I lean forward and put my weight fully on him, and give in to the feeling of his rigid cock entering my depths again and again.
  31. Shikamaru takes that as a cue to attempt an escape and attempts to use Kai Release, but it fails, because my binding technique doesn’t need any concentration to maintain. I grin down at him as my own orgasm builds, and keep going, driving his dick into that one spot that sends lightning straight into my head with each thrust.
  33. “Ha, ha, ha, ha, Yes, yesss!” I finally cum, and my pussy clamps down on his dick, trying to milk more baby batter out of the boy. He can’t help it either, and as I begin to relax, he pulses more jets of warm jizz into my womb.
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