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string user roles access
  2. <string name=”device_ynb_name”>Nest Audio</string>
  3. <string name=”haw_phone_location_subtitle”>”%1$sYour phone will tell Google when it comes home and when it leaves. This helps automate your devices and personalize your home experience, like turning off lights when you leave. It also helps improve Nest services.\n\nYou control whether Nest can use your phone’s location, and you can turn this off in the Home app’s settings. Nest will keep a recent history of every time your phone comes home or leaves. Go to your home’s history to review it or to settings to delete your data.\n\nTo use this feature, you’ll need to allow the Home app to have always-on access to your phone’s location.\n\nDon’t use this feature if your home won’t use it to automate devices.”</string>
  4. <string name=”haw_phone_location_not_set_up_properly_subtitle”>”To allow the app to automatically switch between Home and Away without opening the app, you’ll need to change your settings.”</string>
  6. <string name=”user_roles_access_summary_fragment_title”>Access summary</string>
  8. <string name=”user_roles_access_summary_fragment_description”>This person will have access to the selected devices during the following schedule. Carefully review and edit before inviting</string>
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