what is a pastebin
  1. A pastebin or text storage site is a type of online content hosting service where users can store plain text, e.g. to source code snippets for code review via Internet Relay Chat (IRC). The first pastebin was the eponymous Other sites with the same functionality have appeared, and several open-source pastebin scripts are available. Pastebins may allow commenting where readers can post feedback directly on the page. GitHub Gists are a type of pastebin with version control.
  2. You might assume that all paste sites are the same, but that’s not the case, as we’ve seen. PrivateBin stands out as a privacy-focused place to create pastes. Use the Format dropdown at the top to choose Plain Text, Source Code, or Markdown. Then you can enter your text in the editor.
  4. PrivateBin includes a Preview tab to let you see what your output will look like before sharing. Click the Send button to get a shareable URL for your paste. The service also includes a QR code option if you prefer to share that way. No matter what you choose, there are no ads to worry about.
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